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ELC Voice Changing Microphone

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Brand: ELC / Type: Music / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      24.05.2009 12:28
      Very helpful



      Good but could have been better.

      I was browsing the shelves in the Early Learning Centre when I came across the voice changing microphone.

      My three main reasons for buying it were my little girl had taken a liking to her cousins voice changer, shes quite the entertainer and the microphone looked really cute.

      The microphone is packaged in a transparent plastic packaging and there was no way of trying it out before buying it. It requires 3 x AA batteries which annoying aren't included. The age recommendation is 3-8 years, although my girl is 2 and it's fine for her. I doubt that 8 year olds would be too impressed with this though. There are no small parts and it all seems pretty safe (the battery compartment needs to be screwed open and shut).

      It is about 6 inches tall and the handle is quite chunky and easy for little hands to hold. It is made from plastic and is mainly light pink in colour with some colourful flowers for decoration. There is a switch on one side of the microphone with four settings to choose from - normal, robot, voice changer and off. There are two buttons on the other side of the microphone to change the pitch. On top of the microphone are a few little holes which you sing into and which pick up your voice.

      The normal mode sounds just like your normal voice but obviously louder. The only big downside is that you have to get really close to the microphone otherwise it doesn't pick up your voice and you have to be quite loud too. It's a good setting for the little ones to put on performances but a little on the boring side.

      The robot setting is a big disappointment and doesn't sound very good at all. No matter what you do into the microphone, it all sounds exactly the same. I even blew into the microphone and it made the same noice is does as if I were talking or singing into it! You can't understand what's being said on this setting either, it's just noise over your voice. It doesn't even sound like a robot, it just sounds rubbish.

      The voice changing setting is the best setting as it really distorts your voice but you can still hear what you are saying. When using the voice changing setting you can change the pitch - there is an up button to make the pitch higher and squeaky and a down button to make the pitch lower and deep. It sounds really funny when my little girl talks and sings in really high pitch!

      The off button obviously turns the microphone off and saves battery life.

      There is a circle around the top of the microphone. When noise is made into the microphone (on any setting) it lights up with pink flashing lights, which makes it look really good.

      The microphone seems quite durable. It's been dropped and battered a number of times and still looks and works fine.

      The microphone costs £12.50 which in my opinion is just silly, especially since it's not very good. Half of that price would be more realistic.

      The microphone is designed to instil confidence, stimulate senses and help with social skills which I actually feel it does.

      Overall I would say this toy is a big step up from the old school echo microphone (you know the one!) and could have been a great toy but there are too many flaws. The fact that you have to get so close to the microphone and speak loudly would be a big put off for a lot of children. The robot setting also needs a lot of work. On the upside the voice changing setting and the flashing lights are quite good and my little girl does seem to enjoy the microphone so maybe I am just over analysing?


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    • Product Details

      Comes with voice-changing mode, pitch adjustment and robot sound effects. Great for singing funny songs or telling stories with realistic effects.

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