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Fisher Price Elmo Loves You

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Manufacturer: Fisher Price / Type: Child Development - Language Skills

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2012 18:17
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      Elmo loves you

      Elmo is the loveable red creature from Sesame Street. Elmo is quite a young monster, he is aged three and a half and talks in quite a baby voice and refers to himself in the third person so I think this is why children relate to him as he is on their level and they, like me probably think he is very cute too. I grew up watching Elmo on Sesame Street and then when my little girl was old enough I got her some Sesame Street DVD's to watch and Elmo has become one of her favourite characters too.

      I don't know why it is but Elmo toys are always very expensive, more so than other soft toys that do the same sort of thing and more so than other Sesame Street toys in my opinion. This is probably because he is the most loved and bought one of all the characters but still as this toy was in the £25 we waited for my daughters birthday until we bought it for her.

      This Elmo is very huggable and loveable. He is a soft toy that talks and sings and lights up. This Elmo has some really cute features on it that not all toys that light up do and I think its these differences that make this Elmo so cute. Firstly I think this Elmo looks very well made and soft and his fur is lovely and cuddly and red. My little girl loves giving her soft toys cuddles and so the fact that this Elmo teddy will actually react and respond when she cuddles him is great. Elmo has big bug eyes which are white and close together on the top of his head. The pupil of his eye actually lights up and you will see a heart shape inside the pupil which is really cute. My little girl loves giving him hugs just to see this heart in his eye. Its quite cute to watch actually because as he sings his eyes respond to the music so they fade in and out and are in tune in a way with the music which is really cute. 

      If however you do not like Elmo's voice and how he talks you will find this toy very annoying. Elmo talks quite a lot and comes with quite a few phrases in his repertoire which can become annoying when your little girl keeps hugging him and you can hear the same phrases over and over again. Having said that you could always just switch him off or take out the batteries. Elmo requires 3 AA batteries which fit in the back of him and are easy to take in and out.

      This Elmo is about regular teddy size, 14.5 inches tall, just perfect size for a hug from a two and a half year old, not too big, not too small. Elmo is fun, cute and cuddly and definitely a favourite in our house. 


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