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Grafix Magnetic Calendar & Planner

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Brand: Grafix / Type: Memory

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2013 12:59
      Very helpful



      a nice product that is useful and fun to do together.

      The Grafix sixty plus pieces magnetic calendar and planner was a product I purchased for both my boys to share a few months back. I have always felt it is not only important what type of education the child gets at school but what effort a parent puts in with their child at home too. I don't have my children sat at tables with books all day but I feel it is important to help them with their knowledge and understanding of everyday life. One thing that is important to us is the knowledge of date. The days of the week, months, seasons and years so I thought this fun looking magnetic calendar would be perfect and good fun for my son's to learn with and begin to understand the art of planning!

      The magnetic calendar is a large flexible board measuring roughly 35cms wide and 40.5cms in height. It is quite a thin board but reasonable strong. It has a thick string at the top for hanging or carrying. Ours isn't currently hung up instead it is propped up against the wall on the worktop in the kitchen then we can easily move it about. The board is made up of a background colour of blue but it is covered in a shower of bright rainbow colours so would appeal to any child. It looks fun and entertaining. It also comes with a dry erase pen so you can write bits on the planner at the bottom. I have to say the pen is quite good and the rubber sponge on the lid rubs out the pen without smudging.

      So this calendar has the main part down the middle of the board with a space for the day, date, month, year, weather and season. All the surplus magnets are kept to either side of the main middle piece. When bought all the magnets were attached together and had to be painstakingly separated. This was a bit fiddly and did take a bit of time but it was managed and once it has been done it's done. The individual magnets are of a decent size. There are some quite small ones for the planner that is situated at the bottom of the board but the main ones are sized nicely for young children. I feel they all fit pretty well onto the board but if you feel it looks a bit cluttered you can stick them to the back of the board. I don't really need to explain what magnets you get for the days of the week, months, and season as I am sure you can figure that one out for yourself! The weather gives you child plenty of choice with eight magnets that have little cute faces within them there is cloudy, sunny, windy, foggy, stormy, raining, icy and snowing. The numbers you use for the date are one of each from 0 to 9 and an extra number 2. I was a bit disappointed there isn't enough numbers to do the year as well and have had to write it in with the pen but then I guess you only change it once a year! The planner runs the full width of the bottom of the board and is lined with numbers up to 31. As well as writing some events on you can also place the little icons you get there is a range of different icons ranging from birthday cakes to cars to a Christmas tree etc. There are a bit big to sit on the individual lines so we tend to only use one or two for the month. There is also a very tiny Today marker to place on the planner as were you are up to.

      From the moment I brought this home my boys loved it and were eagerly trying to get it out of its cardboard sleeve. Even after a few months the novelty of this item hasn't worn off and they like to do it every morning when they get up. As there daddy is away in the army they love to use the planner to count down to when daddy is back home again. Each morning they both take it in turns to change the day, date, weather and the moving the today icon on the planner. They both love looking out of the window in a morning to see what the weather is like and that often develops talking about what they might get up to that day. My eldest son who is five already knows his days of the week and months and finds it easy to count on the date but he still enjoys it. I tend to use the planner more with him as he understands and enjoys planning ahead. My youngest son is really coming along with his days of the week since we got this product and is always excited to move it on the next day. He gets a bit confused with where we are at on the planner but he will get there. As space is limited on the board the lines on the planner at the bottom are very thin so unfortunately my eldest can't write small enough for them which is a shame but you can't really complain with the price I paid. It has made me think about getting him a calendar for next year as he loves to plan ahead. I am really pleased with the product it is fun yet educational is really helping my youngest develop and understand the days of the week and hopefully the months and season's too. The overall quality of the product is what you would expect from the price you pay. It is currently available in The Works for £2.99 I managed to get ours from our local Fulton Foods for the same price. The magnets and board are quite thin and do need care but as the boys don't mess with this alone I can't see it wearing out any time soon. I am really happy with the product minus its couple of niggles.


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