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Hamleys Puzzle Crash Car

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Brand: Hamleys

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2012 18:53
      Very helpful



      It may be pricey but it's worth the money.

      The Hamley's Bump and Crash car is in my eyes a car no young child can fail to love. My three year old son was bought this car for his birthday and has had a lot of enjoyment out of it over the past couple of months. It may be only a car but it is multipurpose as not only does it stand as a car your child will love to push around the home it is a puzzle too. This fine looking blue car shouts out good quality and by just holding it you can feel it has been made to a high standard, something many toys are lacking these days.

      The Hamley's car is a blue car that basically comes apart when it crashes into something, so be prepared to have your child ramming their car into your walls and doors! The car is a decent size measuring roughly 25cms in length and 15cms in width. The bottom of the car is made of one solid piece this holds all the electrical components for the puzzle and holds an off switch underneath it so your child can just push it around without noise and lights saving the batteries. The top of the car is made up of six pieces that ping off when the car bumps into something then your child is left to put them back in the correct places to make the car up again. They can either do this through shape as the pieces will only fit in one particular place or by numbers. Each piece is numbered on the top and each connector on the base of the car is numbered so it is just a case of matching the numbers up. Once all the pieces are in the correct place the car starts up with realistic sounds. The car also has a pullback mechanism. Your child can pull the car back and let go seeing it whizz along the floor. It works well on our wooden floor downstairs. As well as realistic car sounds when it starts up and when it crashes it also lights up too with its headlights.

      As a parent I think this car is great, it's simple yet fun helping your child to develop their problem solving skills and recognising numbers whilst matching them up. My youngest son has always been a little delayed with his skills so he does struggle a little with the concept of matching the numbers up but he is getting there with the help of his older brother who is four and a half. The car is recommended for children three years and above but personally I feel as long as a younger child is supervised with it they would love to push the car around and see it pop apart I know my 11 month old nephew does, obviously he has no concept of the actual puzzle but it sends him into fits of laughter when it breaks. And the earlier you buy it the more use you will find your child gets out of. I find my four and a half year old easily tires of toys as simple as this.

      This product does come with batteries but they seem to last all of two minutes. A toy like this is huge novelty when it is first bought everyone wants a go so they tend to not last very long. The car does take 3 AAA batteries and I would recommend using a decent brand rather than having to change them constantly.

      I am extremely pleased with this product and so is my son he gets a lot of enjoyment out of what is basically a car with a six piece simple puzzle. As with all things you pay for what you get. It is a Hamley's car and it is retailed at £25 I haven't been able to find it anywhere cheaper that isn't to say you can't. But for that price you get a beautiful looking car that is made of very good quality.


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