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Hannah Montana Rockin Keyboard

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Brand: Hannah / Age: 5 Years+ / Type: Music

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2009 16:44
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      A fun addition to your childs toy collection, oh and its Hannah montana!

      As one of the hundreds of the Hannah Montana pieces of merchandise, this is one of my favourites giving me as much entertainment as it has for my daughter!

      The product I will now review is - "Hannah Montana, rockin' keyboard"

      This is a half size keyboard, compared to an adults that is. It is of course the obligatory deep purple colour that so much of the HM merchandise usually is!

      This keyboard literally has everything, from the standard keys for making your own music, through to drum pads and actual songs from the show, perfect for adding your own percussion to the afore mentioned songs.

      I will start with the most important part, how many batteries it takes! This particular unit takes only three AA batteries, which for the size of the unit is astonishing.

      To start playing with the keyboard you must first change the button on the underside of the unit from demo mode to play mode, if you try to play on demo mode there will only be a small selection of activities that will be working, I speak from experience actually getting as far as returning it to the shop it was purchased from, yes, I did feel a fool!

      Once this has been done there is a plethora of activities to be undertaken. There is the option of playing one of three songs pre recorded into the unit, this is achieved by simply pressing one of the huge coloured buttons running down one side of the unit, this is of course accompanied by a picture of Hannah, just incase you had forgotten whose merchandise it is!

      There is also the option to create your own music, this is done by playing the notes (obviously!), there is a far few alternative sounds that the keys can be played in, these are synthesizer, piano, flute or organ.

      There are four percussion buttons situated at the top of the unit these are cymbal, snare, bass and bell, these are quite good fun and sound real enough.

      There around twenty other various buttons these are for the background beats to play your music to and even some sound effect buttons, these feature sounds that are associated with the show.

      If all of that wasn't enough there is the icing on the cake so to speak, a record and play function that includes a karaoke microphone, this stands on a stand attached at the back of the unit.

      You can record any piece of music that you create, but only upto 36 notes, this includes any back beat you wish to add.

      For the little performer in your life, and trust me my little madam is definitely one of those, the keyboard can be used as a karaoke machine, albeit one that only has three songs to offer!
      The only thing I would say is that for optimum sound quality, the microphone should be positioned away from the keyboard slightly, this stops the whistling sound and also turn the volume down slightly this gives the child a better chance of hearing themselves sing.... Oh joy!

      This was purchased from Toys R Us for the sum of £19.99, but due to the fact that are sales everywhere at the moment if this item is ordered online you can get a saving of £5.00, bringing this down to a more than reasonable price of £14.99.

      This is a lovely item, perfect to encourage any musical talent your child may, or may think they have, in fact I started with one of these in my youth which in turn encouraged me to take lessons later on. Of course my talent was never as great as I assumed it was, so I gave up a year later but at least I can say I tried!
      There are so many different features on this unit that you would have a good few months play before the boredom sets in, even then the lure of making your own music is something that you will really struggle to grow tired of!

      For more information on this visit - www.toysrus.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      The keyboard features echo effects, different sound effects and a record and play feature

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