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Horrible Science Blood, Bones & Body Bits

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Brand: Horrible Science

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2013 17:33
      Very helpful



      Ok if bought at massive reduction. Not worth anywhere near retail price.

      As mentioned in my previous review, I'm usually not to fussed with this type of science kit. For the most part, I feel you get better value for money with a good science experiments book and buying the materials yourself. However - I am always tempted by a bargain and I believe I paid £2.24 for this, new and delivered from Amazon Warehouse deals. At that price I feel that I did get my money's worth - but I would not have been at all happy with this if I had paid full retail of £11.97. Of the three kits I have recently bought, this one has been the least useful.

      Very small plastic brain mold
      plaster of Paris ( enough for two brains)
      plastic heart model with two valves
      green and red food colour pots
      zip lock sandwich bag
      plastic tube
      3 beads
      cardboard stereoscope
      ice cream stick
      small disgusting digestion poster
      32 page instructions book

      baking Soda
      paint for brain model
      cooking oil
      mashed potatoes
      blue cheese
      chicken bone

      This product has been repackaged since dooyoo originally entered this subject. It now displays a picture of a jar with all sorts of body parts spilling out, severed fingers, a heart, eyeballs a few bones and a length of intestine oozing green bile. In other words - it looks very appealing for little boys who enjoy disgusting things and lets face it - most of them do as do many girls as well. Sadly - it isn't nearly as disgusting as it looks.

      The first thing my sons wanted to try was the heart. This is a small soft plastic model, which you attach two valves to. Then you fill it with water and food colour and it sprays out all over the place. It does say in the instructions that this will be messy, and it is fairly obvious that pumping dye all over the house will make a big mess, so we did this over the sink. There really isn't much to it, you pour in the water and dyd squeeze a few times and it all splatters out. Please note that while food colour diluted into things like frosting usually will not stain, enough food colour to look blood will. Expect anything the children are wearing to be stained, possible stains on skin that will only last a few days, and be prepared to mop up the mess immediately. Needless to say, I was not terribly impressed, but the boys were. In the future we will use this as bath toy. On the plus side though - it does blow balloons up nicely as well.

      Next we mixed up the plaster and made a tiny brain. It is only about 3" long but we just laughed and said it could be Daddy's brain. Then we tried the baking soda in vinegar in the balloon. We had done this before - it's in nearly every science book, but since we had the idea of adding bread and food colour from the Galt science set, we went ahead and did it that way.

      The next experiment calls for you to pour cooking oil down the plastic tube, then stuff three beads in and try to squeeze them through the stomach to mimic digestion. Sadly none of us were strong enough to do this. The balls got stuck and I ended up soaking the hose in boiling water to loosen them.

      We hadn't realised what the stereoscope was. It just looked like a tint bit of card, and we binned it so we didn't make that experiment. I really didn't see the point of buying blue cheese and mixing it up with mashed potatoes and sand to pretend it was brains either - so we skipped that one as well. If you want to try it - you wouldn't need the kit anyway. The only thing the kit supplies is a sandwich bag and sand.

      We didn't bother with the final two experiments either. one was simply to find your pulse and count how many times your heart beats per minute - again one hardly needs the kit for this. The other was to soak a bone in vinegar to see how the acid dissolves the calcium. This is another old standby of science books and one we have done so many times it isn't much fun anymore, and once again - there is nothing in the kit for this it just seems to have been added to bring the number of experiments up.

      For the price I paid, I'm happy enough with this kit. The little plastic heart is worth £2.24, even if it is only used to inflate balloons , and the boys did think it was fun. I can always use more food colour too, but the pots were nearly impossible to open, ad when I finally did manage most of the contents splattered about the kitchen. Thankfully, the Galt kit had enough colour left over for this kit as well. But if I had paid the full price for this I would be very upset. Unless you can pick this up for under £3 I would strongly advise against purchase. I still feel experiment books offer the best value, but if you do want a kit, for a gift or a handy rainy day activity, I would suggest you choose another one. The Galt Kit is better value, and there are many more science activity kits available which offer better value for money.


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    • Product Details

      Ever wanted to cast a model of your brain or squirt blood through a heart? Do you sit in science class and wish it was a bit more gruesome and hands on?! With the horribly fantastic Blood, Bones and Body Bits you can create all kinds of mind-blowing experiments like a bulging bag of brains, bottom burp machine and loads more to make your stomach churn! A horribly brilliant gift for gruesome kids!

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