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Inspiration Works Peppa Pig Little TV

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Brand: Inspiration Works

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2013 21:41
      Very helpful



      A decent toy


      I struggled for ideas at first on what to buy my youngest daughter was Christmas as she had loads of her older sister toys handed down and then I came across this on Amazon which I thought she would love as she was really into Peppa Pig at the time. The TV cost me £19.99 and came with free delivery so was about an average price for a child's character toy as far as I have seen however it is currently reduced to just under £13 which is brilliant value.


      The TV came packaged in an open fronted box so you could press a few buttons before purchase if you were buying it in a high street shop however you cannot have a proper go with the toy as to do so you need to be able to change the cards that come with it. The box was brightly coloured and covered with the usual Peppa Pig style scene with the top of the box being pale blue or the sky and then grass and characters on it too. It stated on the box that this toy is for ages 2 and up and my daughter was 2 years 3 months when she got it so her age was ideal. The TV was easy to get out of the box and was just held in place with a couple of cable ties which just needed simply untwisting.

      In the Box

      Inside the box you get a pale blue pretend TV set and a bright yellow remote control with a number of buttons on it, you also get 4 cards to slot into the TV for your child to interact with.

      The TV is pale blue in colour and has a pretend screen which has Peppa and George Pig, Danny Dog, Zoe Zebra, Pedro Pony and Emily Elephant pictures, they all have different objects they are playing with or holding which is what the questions surround for this scene. The TV has two plastic pieces which fit into the back to allow it to stand up and even thought these have been slotted in and out many times they still fit perfectly and are not loosening at all which is great. On the bottom of the TV you have a holder for the remote control and than a red light and a little yellow button. The battery pack is at the bottom on the back and is secured with a screw which of course prevents accidents with children and batteries, when you need to change the batteries it takes 2 x AAs.

      The remote control is quite curved in it's shape making it comfortable for little hands to hold onto, it is bright yellow in colour and has 6 big buttons and 2 small buttons. The big buttons have little stickers on them showing Peppa Pig, George Pig, Danny Dog, Zoe Zebra, Emily Elephant and Pedro Pony on them, Emily has managed to damage the remote as she has peeled back some of the stickers which is a shame as if she manages to pull the stickers all the way off then you won't know which button is for which character and then the toy would be pretty useless so I think this is a poor part of the design considering the toy is for a 2 year old. There are 2 small buttons on the bottom of the remote one of which is the repeat the question and one of which is to play some music.

      The 4 cards have a different scene on the front and the back of them, they are all brightly coloured and all the cards use the same 6 characters on them, each card is for a different scene, you get,

      At Grandmas Hen House,
      Winter Scene with Santa and Reindeers,
      At the Beach with Mummy and Mrs Rabbit,
      Throwing a Birthday Party,
      Playing Music with Daddy Pig,
      Playing in the School Playground,
      A Picnic with a Dinosaur and
      In Peppa and George's Bedroom.


      To play with the TV you have a slot one of the cards into the top of the TV, the cards slide in easily and have a different combination of squares cut out of the bottom of it which must be how the TV knows which card is inside. I again find this a poor idea as the strips between the cut outs are very thin and Emily has managed to tear one which is no surprise for a young child.

      The yellow button on the front of the TV is to turn it on and as soon as you do it launches straight into a question for your little one to answer with the remote control, if you haven't answered within 30 seconds it will repeat the question. If you get the answer right it tells your child the answer they have pressed and congratulates them but if they have it wrong it again tells them the name of the character they have picked but then tells them to try again. When you put a card in the TV plays a little tick tock tune however if you haven't clicked it in properly then it will still ask questions from the scene behinds it.

      The TV asks a great range of questions all asked in Peppa's voice which can get annoying, you get questions such as who is standing next to? who is wearing? and who is this? when a sound will be played to your child of a character. The toy seems to ask about 10 questions for each scene which means 90 questions in total so there are plenty of questions without your child getting bored.


      The toy is pretty easy to play with but Emily had to be shown how to work the remote the first few times although she is now able to work the remote out herself and I would say she can probably manage to answer about 50% of the questions although obviously this will improve with age, Emily seems to struggle with the questions that ask her about a sound that someone makes.

      The TV and remote are durable however the cards are not so much and all of ours are damaged at the bottom so Emily needs one of us to put the cards in and out for her each time which she does get a little annoyed with as she generally likes to play by herself with toys like this. The TV has a little slot on the bag of it for the cards to be kept in when they are not being played with which is a great idea and helps protect the cards whilst in the drawer.

      The TV is really educational and teaches listening and answering and of course encourages observational skills which we have found Emily is brilliant at. The cards are all brightly coloured and the characters are easily recognisable, the toy holds Emily's interest for quite a while until she wishes to change the card and then she gets distracted a little.

      I would give this 4 stars from 5 as I think the stickers on the remote is a silly idea and also feel that the cards are not durable enough for a toy that is for a young child.


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