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Interplay Wild Science Luxury Soap Science

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Interplay / Type: Science / Age: 10 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      13.06.2013 12:45
      Very helpful



      great fun for kids

      I bought this for my daughter for Christmas, I think I paid around £14.99 for it. The kit on the box does not have an age on, but the leaflet inside says it's for ages 10+. Even though its 10+ they still need an adult to help them, so this is great to buy if you want something to do with your child.

      What comes in the box

      Instruction manual
      2 Perfumes
      Clear soap base blocks 300g
      Titanium Dioxide pigment bar 40g
      1 deep bar mould
      1 theme shaped moulding tray
      4 stirring sticks
      1 big measuring beaker
      3 small beakers
      Cosmetic grade glitter
      Microwave proof carrying tray for beakers.

      How to use

      It does recommend firstly to wear oven gloves incase the beakers gets too hot, and also the lab gloves include, even though the components are non-toxic.

      To make the soap you first put 6 blocks of clear base into the big beaker, and put it into the carrying tray. Then put the tray into the microwave for 20 seconds, you need need to keep an eye on it to make sure it does not get too hot, this is where an adult needs to check it.

      Once removed from the microwave, you put the small beakers into the tray and por roughly 15ml of melted soap into each beaker. that will leave you with about 20ml of clear soap in the big beaker. You need to then add 2 drops of perfume into each beaker, which perfume you want in is your choice or you can mix them to get a different smell. Then add 2 drops of colour to each beaker again the choice is yours or you can mix different colours again. Then you need to stir them with the stirring sticks.

      Then pour the beakers into the templates to make the soaps patterns, and leave for a while to set. That's it the soap is now complete and ready to use. There are some more complicated patterns you can do shown in the book, but I have yet to try them.

      My opinion

      I found this really good to do with my daughter and she seemed to love doing it. I do not think it is something I would leave her to do herself as the soap does get very hot. But it was good to find this that we could do together.

      Making the soap was quite easy to do but they can get harder and I did not fancy trying the harder ones. The soap set does not last too long as you are limited to the blocks that you have, but it is not too expensive to buy anyway.

      The soap does look like just normal soap apart from its shaped and multi coloured, I have also had to use this soap to humour my daughter. The soap is not as good as your normal soap, but it is useable. I find it does not lather as much as other soaps, so if I use this I do tend to use a normal soap too. The only downside I found to this is that when the soap is left on a wet side it does leave colouring on the side, although this does wipe of so it is not too much of a downside.

      Overall I would recommend this to buy as my daughter really had fun doing this, even more so as I had to help her. It is cheap to buy and well worth the money.


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        21.06.2010 21:44
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a great creative kit with great results to amaze little girls

        I had been thinking of purchasing this item for my daughter for xmas but at the full price there was no way I was going to purchase something that might only have one use out of it. At full price this retails at about £12.99 which I think is hugely too expensive for what it is.

        So you can imagine my delight when looking through a charity shop and seeing this box with the label stuck on it saying NEW and a price label of just a whopping £1.99. My own angst was that my daughter was with me or else I would have bought it to put away for xmas!

        Anyway my daughter saw it before me and was jumping with joy at the possibility of owning it so we quickly snapped it up.

        On getting it home she wanted to do it straight away so we sat and read the instructions and made sure we had all the parts that we needed (thankfully they were all there)
        It does need adult supervision and an adult to use the microwave for about 20 seconds and although it states 10 years and over my daughter is only 8 and managed it really well.

        ------So we have in the set-------

        Clear soap blocks (looks a bit like jelly but harder)
        Titanium pigment bar (looks a bit like a dishwasher tablet)
        3 colouring jars - red, blue and yellow
        2 perfume jars - rose and lavender
        1 deep bar mould
        1 themed shaped mould - 2 hearts, fairy, cherub and a flower
        4 stirring sticks - ice lollipop sticks
        1 measuring jug
        3 small beakers
        Bag of glitter
        Microwaveable tray for the beakers
        Gloves - similar to what you get when in the hair dye kits

        To make the soaps is really simple and the instructions are easy to follow along with drawings. The first step is to put the clear soap blocks in the bigger jug and melt them in the microwave. This is really the only thing I had to do but once it is melted you do have to make sure that the soap is made quickly as it sets and goes hard. You can add any colour and perfume you want and then pour the liquid in the mould of your choice. You can mix the colours to make the colour you require and even mix the perfume to get the one you like. Once you have poured the mixture of coloured liquid soap into the moulds you then need to put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then it is properly set.

        ------The finished result------

        Once they were done and we had retrieved them from the freezer we were really impressed with the end result. We had mixed a few moulds with different colours so one of the hearts had yellow on half and then topped with red and this looked fab. We did the same with the flower and one of the hearts had a pattern in the mould and this had come out brilliantly. As we had added the perfume they also smelt wonderful too. The soap was a bit difficult to get out of the mould at first but a little tap on the table and they were out.

        The cleaning of the beakers and jug should be done straight away as the soap hardens and will be difficult to get off, a quick soak will sort that out though.

        In the box there are plastic trays to keep all the perfume and colour jars so the box kit can be kept tidy.

        Overall I was really impressed with this easy to do kit, there was no fussy thing about it and the results were great. There wasn't a lot of waiting around which can annoy some children who want instant results.

        I will definitely be doing this again with my daughter and in fact I think when she next has her friends over we can all do it together and she can impress her friends. We may experiment a bit more and make different creations. There is a bit at the back of the instructions about adding maybe sand or herbs/dried flowers etc.

        If you see this on offer then I recommend you buy this for something different to do or as a different present to give a young girl. As I said it does say aged 10 and over but my 8 year old did with no problems at all.

        It does state also that this is in line with the national science curriculum.

        It does not state where you can get can refills for this kit though as I am sure we will need some more soap blocks!


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          08.03.2010 21:46
          Very helpful



          A worthy gift for an older child

          Interplay Wild Science is an award winning group of science based kits for children to make, from crystals, bath bombs and perfumes as well as the kit I'm reviewing which is the make your own luxury soap kit. The kit retails at around £12.00.

          My 8 year old daughter was given this kit for her birthday which meant she was younger than the recommended age of 10+ but far from being put off, I was really pleased with the choice of an educational but fun gift that was different from the usual dolls, soft toys, make up and dvds that tend to be the norm. Thankfully she was equally impressed with the choice and couldn't wait to try it.

          The kit comes with everything you need to make soap including the base transparent casting soap, colourant and novalty moulds. Along with the essentials you get some fun extras like glitter and various perfumes to scent your soap.

          The instructions are clear but need to be followed by an adult, which is also recommended in the kit. Also the instructions state that parts of the process have to be adult supervised because the process involves microwaving and handling fairly hot liquid.

          I found I had to supervise the whole process as you need to make the soap fairly quickly before the base product sets. Also, it can be fairly fiddlely at times, particularly when pouring the finished coloured and perfumed liquid into the small moulds to set.

          Once the moulds are filled it's just a matter of freezing them for about 20 minutes to have the finished novalty shaped soaps. This was great for my impatient daughter who hates waiting for anything.

          There was enough product left to make a few more soaps with a couple of her friends at another time. Again I had to supervise as they were all younger than the recommended age and with three of them doing it, it got quite messy. It was worth it though as they loved their individually coloured and scented soaps.

          I think this kits is a great idea and I will be looking out for the other ones to get as presents. They can be quite fiddly and messy to do but that's part of the educational fun of it all.


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