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John Adams Plants with Attitude

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Brand: John Adams

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2013 18:35
      Very helpful



      Once again, John Adams has left two little boys very disappointed.

      A while back I purchased John Adams Swamp Science, which happened to be missing the best and most expensive component. I contacted the company, who could not send a replacement, because, despite the fact that their packaging clearly states the set included triops eggs - they had never had triops, and in fact didn't even know what they were. It seems most people buying this don't notice the difference. But I was promised they would send something of equal or greater value and I was initially over the moon to get two science sets, including this. Sadly, both replacement sets were faulty as well.

      Plants with Attitude looks like an absolutely brilliant item. If you see the picture on Amazon you can see two carnivorous plants, a rose of Jericho, and a carrot top and celery stalk all in a small plastic base. Of course you need to add your own carrot and celery, but the carnivorous plants will be the primary reason people purchase this set, and if these grew, they would be brilliant.

      A dried rose of Jericho
      Cobra Lily Seeds
      Perilite two tiny plastic pots with covers
      Plastic test tubes
      powdered food colour
      little sticks for signs

      My children love carnivorous plants, so were absolutely over the moon with this. We've done the carrot and celery experiments before, they are a basic of every science book so we didn't bother with these. If you want to try them though , they are pretty simple. If you cut the top off a carrot but give it water it will start to regrow.Plant it in soil and you can grow a whole new carrot. For the celery, you split the stem and dip each half in a test tube - or cup with food colour. You can see the food colour move up the stem. It works even better with a white carnation if you can get one - but you don't need the kit for this.

      Since we were not bothering with the carrot and celery - and didn't have the right vegetables at home anyway - we moved straight to carnivores plants. Now I do have experience with these, so I was less than hopeful when I saw we only has 4 seeds of each type. These are notoriously difficult to grow, and the odds of success with 15 are limited - with 4 it was pretty slim chance. Still, I did everything possible, A dark cool location first for the cobra Lily seeds, and once planted using only rain water, keeping the little pots warm, making sure they always had the right amount of moisture, etc.... I even made sure the rain water was raised to the same temperature as the room so as not to chill them. Had one ever sprouted I know all the work involved in keeping these little plants going, and feel we would have had a good chance. Sadly we never got a single sprout.

      On the plus side, the Rose Of Jericho, or resurrection plant, did open up, and this plant is kind of fun. We did already have one though, and you can buy one for far less on its own.

      Sadly, even though we got this free - I'd have been better off with nothing. The only thing this accomplished was to disappoint the children. They were so excited at the idea of having carnivorous plants, so all this did was build their hopes up and then dash them. I'd have really been upset had I paid for this, and in all honesty I can't say I particularly want anything else free from the same company. There doesn't seem much point in getting the children's hopes up again for yet another product that does not work - and I'm beginning to wonder if they have any that do. In the future I will avoid any science kit with the name John Adams on it.


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