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Kids Cooking Company Betty the Bowl

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Kids Cooking Company

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    3 Reviews
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      27.08.2010 17:39
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      My daughter loves to bake cakes with me and is always ready to do a bit of mixing though our bowl always seems much too big for her so I set about looking for a child's mixing bowl for her.

      I came across the Kids Cooking Company website and found this bowl as part of a set on there for her. The set consisted of Betty the Bowl, Suzy Spoon, a silicone bun tray and a wipe clean receipe card. It all cost £14.99 and arrived altogether in a nice little box.

      The bowl is really nice and very girly. It has a resembalance to Hetty Hoover. The picture Doo Yoo has is slightly different to the bowl my daughter has - my daughter's bowl has a much nicer face!

      The bowl is pink in colour and is made of a very strong plastic to survive any manner of force a child can throw at it. My daughter has accidentally dropped this on the hard kitchen floor and it hasn't even made a mark on it. Around the top of the bowl there is a handle on one side and then a pouring spout on the other to make removing the mixture a bit easier for your child. The bowl has a capacity of 1.5 litres which I think is a fairly good size for a kids bowl.

      Better the Bowl is not suitable for the dishwasher as Betty's face can come off. I would not advise using an scourer on Betty either.

      The bowl can be purchased as part of the set like I purchased or it can be purchased alone for £5.49 on www.kidscookingco.co.uk . You can also purchase Suzy Spoon seperately and an apron to match. You can also purchase Bertie Bowl if you have a little boy.

      This isn't the world's most exciting toy but my daughter absolutely loves helping me in the kitchen and she feels really grown up now that she has her very own cooking set. I do think this toy has developmental aspects as it teaches kids about cooking and how to make stuff in a bowl.

      Definately worth the money.


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        01.08.2010 15:35
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        I couldn't think of anything better than these!

        Nikki Povey launched the 'Kids cooking company' in March 2008 that is now a very highly recognised name in chidrens cookware.
        She had the idea of these terrific products from her Grandma that put a face on her cooking spoon when she was a young girl and now she has two of her own she needed another and couldn't find anything like it.

        Although it took around two years to launch these products it is now a huge success and I love them! She appeared on 'Dragon's den' and I believe her products were used on 'Hollyoaks'.

        I work near this wonderful shop that sells beautiful gifts for young children and I always go in there for a browse and end up buying something for someone! This is when I came across these products.

        I bought my daughter the 'Betty bowl' which is £5.49 and 'Suzy spoon' which is £2.20 and she absoutley loves them. We are always cooking and my cooking bowls are far to heavy or large for her to use them easily.

        When shes first used these I have to say I was alittle gutted to hear her upset little voice as she was saying "I am licking her face off".

        I looked up the 'Kids cooking company' and found a phone number to contact them. I left a message on the answer phone. Nikki herself called me back and was extremley sorry for what had happened and I received another spoon within days!

        'Betty the bowl' is pink with a cute face (as you see above). They are plastic 1.5 litre bowl with a pouring spout and handle. All these products are dishwasher safe but I would always hand wash something like these.

        'Suzy the spoon' is pink and you also get 'Rocco the rabbit (yellow) and sammy who is blue. They are plastic and these I would only handwash.

        Nikki did explain that thousands have sold and only a few have this same problem and they are looking into it! They believe it could be the ink at the beginning of the process or the end of the ink. The ink is safe which I was relieved as my daughter pretty much consumed most of it!

        After all this I went and bought the 'Pink starter kit' for my daughters friend. These are such perfect presents and if something was to go wrong then I know it is easy to sort the problem out.

        In this starter kit which you can either choose pink (Aggie) or blue (Archie) and they come with a cooking bowl, spoon, silicone bun tray and a wipe clean recipe card at £14.99.

        Other products they do are:

        -Aprons & hats, 3 yrs and over, adjustable fastenings on apron & hat, pink or blue aprons and white hats with pink or blue trim £11.99.

        -Baby Aggie the bib or Baby Archie the bib, 0-3yrs, long sleeves, soft to touch and velcro fastening, £4.99.

        -Truly scrumptious wipe clean recipe book. Easy step by step guide with pictures at £8.99

        -Blue cutter set, rocket, car and a gingerbread man or the pink cutter set that includes a butterfly, rabbit and heart for £3.99.

        -Silicone bun trays again come in pink hearts or blue gingerbread men, no need to grease! Wait for it to go cold and they just pop out! Oven/freezer and dishwasher safe, £8.79.

        Shortly they will be launching cookie mixtures which is all cookie ingrediants in a jar. This is a nice idea for pressies and have seen them in my local deli so its not a unique idea.

        They have a website that you can easily buy your goods and free delivery on orders over £35. You can also see where there stockists are.

        The Kids Cooking Company
        Unit 10 Orchard Industrial estate
        Poplar Drive
        TQ7 1SF

        Telephone; 01548 853374
        Fax; 01548 857677

        Thank you for reading and I hope you found it of some interest :-)


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          02.07.2010 19:03
          Very helpful



          Great learning toy

          Sometimes it's the simple things that young children like the best - and with my one-year-old niece it's her 'Betty Bowl'. A Betty Bowl is a sturdy and brightly coloured mixing receptacle with a face printed on the front - it's basically a culinary and non-sucking version of Henry Hoover. Created by the Kids Cooking Company, the face on the plastic toy is slightly different to the one shown on dooyoo's picture - it isn't as wonky looking and also slightly less sinister!

          Pink in colour, the bowl is very strong and will survive all manner of rough treatment including hitting, chewing, throwing, and dropping - it's a good job really, as these are all the things that Betty Bowl has been subjected to in her short time in my niece's possession. Around the top rim of the bowl there is a handle at one side, and a pouring spout at the other - this ensures that the bowl can be actually be used to prepare food, perhaps as part of a child's practical introduction to cookery. The bowl has a capacity of 1.5 litres and weighs 200 grams, it's not dishwasher safe however, presumably as Betty's face may be washed off at high temperatures.

          Price & Availability
          - - - - - - - - - - - -
          The bowl can currently be purchased from www.kidscookingco.co.uk for £4.99, and there are also blue and yellow versions ('Bertie Bowl') to collect - these are basically Betties for boys. As well as bowls, the Kids Cooking Company also make children's cooking sets including spoons, aprons and cookery books.

          Final Word
          - - - - - - -
          In conclusion, although it may not appear to be the most exciting toy, Betty Bowl is a well made and brightly coloured product which is reasonably priced. Smaller kids may want to just bang it with a spoon (as in the case of my niece), but it also has potential development use and can teach a child about cooking - recommended.


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