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Leapfrog Dora the Explorer- Wildlife Rescue

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2 Reviews

Brand: LeapFrog / Age: 4 Years+ / Type: Reading / Writing / Electronic Learning

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    2 Reviews
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      04.06.2008 09:23



      would buy again

      i bought my two children a leapster for Christmas with it i bought a bundle of games / cartridge's to go with the lepster. Included in the bundle of games i bought was the Dora game which both of my children love to watch on the TV.
      you can Play five different learning games that teach essential reading and math skills.
      My two are aged 4 and found the five different games interesting and did work out what to do on each game relatively easily it has clear and easy instruction as do all of the leapster game i would recommend this game for children aged between 4 - 6.
      The game are bright and colourful and the graphic are very impressive on all of the games.
      I would recommend this game ( in fact all of the leapster games) as being educational and a good way to keep the kids entertained especially on a long drive ( make sure you stock up on batteries though)


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      09.04.2006 23:37
      Very helpful
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      Great activity for if you have a Leapster and like Dora

      One of the Gifts Little Miss received at Christmas was a leapfrog Leapster. I had never seen one before and at first, presumed that it was going to be rather like a Game Boy. I was right and wrong in this. The Leapster is a small hand held Game, with controls, but the Leapster appears to be far more educational, following the needs of the National Curriculum, and at the same time, being fun.

      I recently decided that since she had learnt to use the Leapster and the activities already installed on the game, it was time to buy some further games. Dora The Explorer was an easy decision, since this is a programme she enjoys watching, and has already had experience of playing the online games.

      **THE GAME**

      The game comes in a brightly decorated box, and when I got through the packaging, I was surprised by how small it is. With the amount of packaging, I was expecting something bigger, but instead, it is about 6cm long and half that in height. The actual game has a label with the title and Dora pictures so even if children are unable to read, they will be able to find the specific game they are looking for.


      There are full instructions in the box, which gives details of how to play each game, as well as information of what is actually been taught, and why these specific skills are important.

      At the back of the instruction booklet is a table with reading, maths, science and other topics shown. These are then broken down further into specific skills, eg identify antonyms, letter sequencing, and it shows whether each game concentrates on this specific skill. This makes it very easy if you do actually want to concentrate on a particular concept, because you could suggest that game to help your child.

      There are also suggestions of activities to try at home to reinforce learning through the senses, literacy, numeracy and music and movement skills. These are actually quite handy because all of the suggested activities make use of things you would have in the house eg charades with opposite words, playing matching games with boxes and plastic containers, statues. Sometimes, games such as these make suggestions which require you to go out and buy things but this is all practical and inexpensive.

      **WHO IS IT FOR?**

      Little Miss has just had her 5th birthday and has no problems playing the games and working out the instructions. I would suggest that it is suitable for children between 4 and 7 years; after this, the activities could becaome a bit simple.



      Lots of information on the available products.


      The game costs £19.99 from Toys R Us, and sometimes there are promotional offers on the games- buy one get second half price. It's worth checking out e bay and amazon but watch out for postage costs.


      As expected, there are lots of things you can buy to add to your Leapster collection. Te Leapster Game system is around £60. Other games include Madagascar, Batman, Letters on the Loose, Bratz, Finding Nemo. In fact, there is a game for most tastes!

      **WHAT IS THIS?**

      This game allow children to join Dora, Diego and Boots on a wildlife rescue adventure (hence the name).

      Players chose one two paths, story or activity. With the story path, they have to try to help animals in danger and along the way, get to sing along with Dora and play games to help the animals. On the activity path, children chose a game and off they go.

      Each game has different levels from level 1 to 3, so that different skills can be taught, and there are tutorials so that skills can be broken down into small parts. To access a tutorial, children press the hint button and then there are ideas and suggestions for completing the activity. Although this facility is available, I have found that we haven't needed it yet because the vocal instructions seem to be enough.

      **THE GAMES**

      I am not going to describe each game because it's all in the instruction manual, but available activities are:
      • Animal Adventures which teaches narrative structure
      • Animal Match, which encourages children to discriminate between sounds
      • Stepping Stones is great for learning letters, as the different levels go from recognizing letters numbers and shapes through upper and lower case letters to phonemes
      • Troll Bridge is all about opposite meanings and using skills to solve riddles
      • Animal Rescue teaches patterns by using sequences of stones, starting with only shapes to fill holes and progressing onto deciding on the pattern based on a number of criteria
      • Celebration means that children can sing songs with Dora- get some ear plugs because they really do sing along with Dora! They are also encouraged to express themselves through a series of animal movements


      As I said, the game is extremely easy to use. All you do is put the cartridge into the top of the Leapster, switch it on, and it is ready for action. When first used, it asks for your name, and once recorded, that name stays there in the memory, and there is room for 3 names in total or you can play as a guest.

      A series of pictures shows children the available activities, so there is no need for them to be able to read. Once started, all instructions are given by Dora; yes, in Dora's voice. Be prepared for hours of Dora and her backpack telling you what to do. Some of the songs have words written down but it doesn't matter if your child can't read. We get round this because mum learns the words and sings along with little lady.

      The activities are very varied and because there are 6 of them with three levels on each, there is little chance of a young child getting easily bored. In fcat, it's more likely to be the adults who tire of the constant noise…the volume can be turned down, which is a good idea.

      We take this game and the other Leapster games when we are traveling, and they are great. Hours of amusement with a bit of education thrown in there. I think the reason it is popular is because of the character; children really don't feel that they are learning because they are on an adventure with one of their favourite characters.

      At the moment, I can't comment on her favourite game because she is enjoying them all and trying out the different levels, but my favourite is Celebration, especially because little miss will sing along with gusto- makes long car journeys great fun!

      A great game if your child enjoys Dora The Explorer on Nick Junior, and one which I would recommend if you have a Leapster and want an entertained child.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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    • Product Details

      For use with the Leapfrog Leapster. Includes 5 exciting games. Teaches letters, phonics and counting. Introduces children to Spanish.

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