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Leapfrog Fridge Wash Magnetic Vehicle Set

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Brand: Leapfrog

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2012 00:54
      Very helpful



      I would recommend

      I got this from the early learning centre as one of my boys' presents for his 2nd birthday, as he likes magnet toys and loves vehicles I thought it would go down well with him, and I was right.

      The toy contains one large magnetic base unit (which is supposed to be the 'bubble wash' - like a car wash type of space for the vehicles) with spaces to insert the smaller vehicle magnets. There are 10 of these magnets, each being either the front or back of a different kind of vehicle. It includes car, boat, train, plane and fire engine. The child can either match the correct pieces together, like a very simple 2 piece puzzle - which my 2 year old likes to do. Or they can mix and match into more silly combinations like a boat-train or a plane-fire engine by putting different pieces together, which my 3 year old always likes to do and he finds it quite funny.

      Each time the child puts a combination into the bubble wash the base unit sings some songs if they have made a funny combination, or tells them facts about the vehicle they have made if they matched it correctly. There seems to be a variety of quite a few different songs and facts, it is not the same things every time so this makes it more interesting and fun. My boys like dancing to the songs they are quite catchy.

      The sound quality of the songs is not too bad, I feel it is fairly clear and you can hear the words that are being said. With previous similar items I had found the sound a bit more muffled (eg the leap frog fridge phonics). It is supposed to help with colours, matching, motor skills for placing the magnets in the base, and learning some facts about vehicles.

      The magnets are all very chunky and pretty indestructable, they are not too small so I wouldn't worry about them too much with younger children. It is recommended as being suitable from 12 months and I would say that is fairly true, although a child would probably get more out of it from about 18 months. Overall the quality of the product seems good.

      We have a large magnet board in the children's playroom so that is ideal for this. However it could also be used on a fridge if you don't mind that. I wouldn't recommend it really for on radiators because the base unit is quite large and heavy-ish it might fall down due to the radiators not being a smooth surface. I would say really it is much better to have it on a magnet board if at all possible.

      The only slightly annoying thing about this, which is not really a fault of the product, but if you have a child who likes collecting small items and spreading them around the house, they may do that with these magnets. My 2 year old likes to put them in his Thomas bag and take them all over the place, so if I'm not looking they will get taken up in bedrooms and all over the house and I end up having to bring them back to the right place again but luckily they are not too small so you can easily find them and put them back, compared to some other magnets which he takes upstairs and are never seen again!

      When I got this it was half price in early learning centre, so only 7.50 which I feel was quite a bargain as it has been played with a lot and is still going strong. It is currently 9.99 on Amazon which I think is still an okay price.

      I would recommend this product, especially if you have a large magnet board and looking for something different than just the plain numbers and letters magnets. It is a fun toy, well made and should last a long time.


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  • Product Details

    Sing along to silly songs as you mix, match and learn with vehicle friends Learn colors, vehicle names and sounds as you mix and match truck, car and tractor pieces to create over 25 vehicle combinations. Every combination sings a song and all pieces attach securely to any magnetic surface. Learning Skills: Matching skills Fine motor skills. Requires 3 AA batteries, included

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