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Leapfrog LeapPad Storage System

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Manufacturer: Leapfrog

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2012 14:41
      Very helpful



      A great storage area for the leapPad system

      **The case**

      This storage case is designed for the Leapfrog LeapPad reading system. My children all have a leapPad reading system, so with three of them using them regularly we found we accumulated a number of books for each child. As of course you need both the books, and cartridges it was becoming a chaotic mess in the cupboard we reserved for their systems, and that is the reason I decided to purchase a storage system for them.

      It is a simple case that has storage inside for anything leapPad related. It is a large bag, and rather chunky but it has a carry handle on the outside so if little one chooses to transport their books they can. Even my two year old son finds it easy to carry while full, although it does look a little large in his hand. It has a zip fastening to open and close the case. We found at first it was easy for my children to do independently, but as time has gone on this case has gone slightly out of shape. This means sometimes the zip can become caught in the material so sometimes my two youngest children have problems doing it up themselves. The age recommendation is four years plus so it is because they are slightly under the age recommendation.

      **In use**

      On opening the case you are greeted with three sections. The first is where you store the cartridges for the books, and as they are made from netted pockets little ones can see which game they are looking for without having to pull them all out. There are three rows of four pockets meaning it can hold twelve cartridges in total. However there are two at the back of the book to increase the capacity to fourteen in total. The netted pockets are a little tight, and it took my children a little while to master putting the cartridges in and out. Now they are all able to do this without any problems.

      Next in the middle of the storage system is the storage area for the books. There are two pieces of material, which resemble pages from a book. Each has three slots front and back, so again this means it can hold twelve books, but at the back of the book is space for another two books extending it to fourteen in total. The books are very easy to get in and out of the slots, and as they leave the title of the book showing again it is easy to choose the book little one wants without emptying the whole case. Finally at the back of the book there are the extra storage places for the cartridges, books and the all important compartment for the leap pad itself. This slots in sideways into the back compartments of the case with plenty of room to spare. Then there is a Velcro fastening to de done up which secures the leap Pad in place so it does not fall about inside the case.

      The case is very effective, as not only does it store all the pieces in the same place it actually encourages children to tidy up after themselves. It means that books and cartridges are kept in the same place without any problems with losing one or the other. It is easy for little one to put everything away themselves each time they are finished with the book they are currently ready, and being able to see which cartridge and book is placed where saves us from having to sort through all the books we own. Even though the case is a little large everything is stored in one place, and if my children want to take them out with them while we go visiting family they can as it makes it easy to transport with the carry handle.


      I would highly recommend this storage case to anyone. We have found it to be a very useful case especially if you have a lot of the books for this system. It can hold up to fourteen books and cartridges in one place, but it can be used just as easily even if you only have a few of the available books. We did find that sometimes if my children swing the bag around a little while they are carrying it books and the leapPad itself can become loose inside the case. To be honest because of the padded outside of the carry case they are still protected and there is no way they can fall out once zipped up. We also have the microphone for the leapPad and we find this can sit in the middle of the case easily, and although there is not an exact spot for it the case still protects it from any damage.

      We purchased ours from Amazon last Christmas, but having a look now they are only available from marketplace sellers for around £5 for a second hand one. You can also find them on eBay for between £5- £20 depending on the seller. If you have a number of books for the leapPad system, and are looking for a storage area for them I would highly recommend this case. It has lasted well, and comes up clean with a wipe from a wet sponge. It is designed for small hands meaning that the leapPad system can still be used independently if they wish. I'm not sure what we would do without ours now.


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    • Product Details

      This Storage Organizer from Leapfrog is a great way to keep your LeapPad, and all of the books that go with it, safe and sound and neatly organized. The 13-inch by 13-inch organizer is sturdy and well-designed, and has 12 pockets for storing 12 different LeapPad books, along with mesh pouches inside that will hold up to 12 cartridges. A sturdy handle makes it easy to grab and go, for LeapPad fun in the car, at school, or at a friend's house. Age 4 +

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