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LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning System

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8 Reviews

Brand: LeapFrog / Age: 4 Years+ / Type: Reading / Writing / Electronic Learning

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    8 Reviews
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      07.09.2011 15:56
      Very helpful



      Your children will have hours of fun!

      Last Christmas my son had a wish list and on his list was a Leapster 2. I have to say we were very reluctant to buy him one as he tends to play games on his PC plus the games are very expensive but I spotted this Toy Story Leapster in Toys R Us for £40 and as my son is a big Toy Story fan we knew he would love it!

      A Leapster2 is a hand-held games console aimed at children aged 4 - 8 and is made by Leapfrog.

      **What's in the Box?**

      USB cable
      Leapster Connect software disc

      **The Console**

      Usually a Leapster is green or pink but as my son has got the Toy Story one his is mostly white and blue whilst the buttons are yellow, there are three Toy Story stickers on the console plus the Leapfrog logo. On top of the console is a slot for the game cartridges that you can purchase separately, all your child has to do is to push the cartridge into the slot which my son finds very easy to do.

      The console is very chunky, some little ones might find it tricky holding onto the console and playing a game at the same time but my son has never had any problems.

      The Leapster2 has a 3 inch Lcd touch screen, the console comes with a red stylus pen which is attached to console with a strong red cord, there is a round hole on the console so you can put the stylus away when not in use. You can use your finger instead of the stylus but I find that you have to really press the screen quite firmly and it is not as accurate as the stylus.

      The console requires 4 x AA batteries and you place these inside the compartment that is at the back of the console. We decided to purchase a rechargeable unit which I have to say has been well worth the money, we had to remove the battery compartment and the rechargeable unit then screws into place.

      Underneath the console are various buttons so that you can adjust the contrast, brightness, volume control and it even comes with a ear socket jack though my son is not allowed to use headphones.

      I like that when you press the volume button, an icon appears on the screen so that you can see how loud the volume is.

      My son has dropped this console a few times but it has survived with no problems!

      **Four Ways To Play**

      When you first switch the Leapster on you will see 4 pictures for Cartridge Games, Game Downloads, Connect and Creativity Castle.

      **Cartridge Game** - The Leapster does not come with any cartridges and so you have to purchase them separately, you can buy various games like UP, Cars and Toy Story 3. The average price is £14 - £17 per game which is quite expensive but I think they are worth it as they are fun and very educational and I know with the Toy Story 3 game my son is learning to spell and do simple maths.

      **Download** - When my son first started using his Leapster he was able to download a mini game onto his console, of course he opted for Toy Story. He was also able to install a full game called Dragons to the Rescue. Whilst your child is playing with the Leapster they are able to unlock rewards such as colouring pages and certificates and they can also earn additional bonus downloadable games though my son has not achieved this yet.

      **Dragons To the Rescue**

      In this game you first of all choose whether you want to be a green or pink dragon, you then pick a number or alphabet game and then choose a level 1 - 4. Using the cursor pad you have to find letters, spell words, or do simple maths depending on the game and the level you have chosen. You also have to avoid storm clouds,whirlwinds and other obstacles.

      The music for this game is very annoying but of course my son loves it!

      **Connect** - The first thing you have to do is to install the cd that comes with the console or go to leapfrogs website and look for Connect and you can download it from there.

      It takes around 2 minutes to download the program from Leapfrog, once it has installed you need to use the usb lead that comes with the console to connect the console to the computer, the Leapster needs to be on for it to work..
      Once I am connected I just click on my sons name and then I go to Learning Path to find out how well he has done on his games. There are various things you can or your child can do via Connect like collect rewards, print certificates and watch game reviews.
      **Creativity Castle Art Studio** - My son uses this quite a lot and he can draw, paint, select a background such a cottage or castle, use animated stamps and if he logs onto the Connect program he can even edit his art work.


      I was worried that my son would not play with his Leapster as he has got a computer, but since last Christmas he has been playing it regularly especially out in the car, at his grandparents house or if he can sneak it in his bag he will play it in Sunday School with the volume off!

      I was very surprised as to how quickly my son picked up on how to use the Leapster and really he has not needed much help from us.

      Connect is a must for all parents as it shows you that your child is not just playing a console game, but they are also learning to do things like subtraction, addition, numbers, reading and spelling. I have been completely amazed at what my little boy has learnt over the last 9 months, his confidence with numbers and spelling is growing every week with help from the Toy Story3 and UP games!

      **Special Edition?**

      This is a special edition Leapster and the only thing different about it is the colours, the Toy Story stickers and the mini game which you can download.

      Price - £30 - £40
      You Can only buy the Toy Story Leapster from Toys R Us


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        03.02.2011 15:28



        The best gift i got for my 4 year old, helped her learn so much new stuff

        For my daughter's 4th birthday i was struggling on ideas of what to buy for her, someone mentioned one of these, at first i thought that it was purely a 'games' console without any real learning properties...i was totally wrong!!
        I managed to snap one up from argos on special offer for £30. Upon opening,my daughter was facinated as to what it was, inserted batteries (which don't come) and went to begin, BUT YOU HAVE TO CONNECT TO A COMPUTER TO SET IT UP! so i connected it,had to imput names etc, and then you have a choice of a free game to download onto the console..she chose a shape game.
        Turned it on and it was so simple for her to follow using a touch screen and pen to navigate pages!
        I can honestly say that she uses this toy more than any of her other toys! The games selection for it are fantastic,ranging from favourite tv characters to precise learning ones ie phonics and drawing or writing! I bought her a game called takling words factory and i kid you not, it bought her letter skills on in leaps and bounds! Another fab thing about it is you can log into your leapster account and go into LEAPWORLD -an online gaming (safe and perfect for little ones) full of games and other learning properties! When you play these games you earn coins, when you have collected enough coins you can spend them on a game via the online store to download to your leapster! I would definately tell any parent that this is a worth while buy!
        The only downside to it is that the games are a little pricey, but worth it! aiT ALSO EATS THE BATTERIES ALIVE SO INVEST IN A BATTERY RECHARGER, SAVES SO MUCH MONEY IN THE LONG RUN :)


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        26.04.2010 12:42
        Very helpful



        Great idea, fab for young children - definitely worth a look

        With my son's 4th birthday coming up I had a big choice to make. He wanted a Nintendo DS which I felt was still a bit old for him, and some of the other things on the market didn't hold the same entertainment value as the DS, so when I came across the Leapster 2 I thought all my Christmases had come at once!

        I bought it on Amazon as part of a package deal which included a case and a battery pack and have not been disappointed. My son absolutely loves it!

        It is a hand held console which takes game cartridges which are sold separately. Most of the games are based around well known television or film characters which make them very appealing for young children, but the games are slightly different to normal game consoles - every one has a learning element to it. On some you have to complete quizes to get to the next level, or answer maths problems, or find letters etc.

        This system is aimed at children aged 4-8 and I think this is very appropriate. My son is 4 and able to play most games on it. He finds it very easy to use with the large buttons and very well designed unit, and the pen and touch screen is fab. The pen is attached so it can't be easily lost which is a brilliant idea as the parent of any 4 year old will know! The unit comes in two colours, but I purchased the blue and green for my son. It also comes in a pink version for girls.

        I will definitely be buying this for my other son when he is old enough (although at just under 2 he steals it from his brother and appears to be able to play it quite well!).

        Definitely good value for money and worth a look.


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        21.04.2010 23:23
        Very helpful



        Educational Treasure that will gets lots of use with youger ones

        I purchased my 4 yr old daughter the Pink model of the Handheld Leapster 2 about a month ago as she already had the leapster one which a friend had given her a long time ago and it had gone walkies.
        So when there was a special offer on at Marks and Spencers online of 50 % off leapfrog toys, I jumped at the chance as they normally retail at anything from £30 upwards.

        ---Why I like it --------------

        To start off with it is a smaller sized model than the first one , which makes this alot lighter and easy to carry for small hands like my daughters .

        Even though it is light to hold it is very durable and is produced for the usual drops & bangs that my 4yr old manages to do .

        My daughter has lots of fun with the toy as there is plenty of games you can purchase depending on what character and development level your child is at . She currently has Dora the explorer , Spongebob squarepants, learning with leap and Learn to draw and write with Leap games with the console. But there is plenty more you can buy in high street shops and online as she grows older and advances in her learning .
        I think The games bring fun to learning with this product as the list is endless of topics involved in the games which make children use their memory , problem solving , co ordination, counting , spelling , etc .A few examples are : Mixing colours , matching pairs , drawing , writing letters , recognising letters and numbers, learning about animals.

        -----HOW TO PLAY -----

        Insert 4 AA batteries { not included in box } with a coin to open the back or you can purchase an adapter to plug in for constant play

        To play the games you first insert the games into the top of the console firmly , yet is easy to do for little ones . Then you have a pen stylus a bigger version of something similar to and Iphone pen , but is easy to hold for adults and children that is attached with a strong rope to the console and using this .

        You then type the names of all the people who will be using the leapster using the pen {again helps her to spell her name and recognise letters } .
        Then choose an option of which game you want to play.Each game has around 4 different game plays on each cartridge with different difficulty levels to choose from .

        To continue playing the games depending on which one is in play you have a soft finger cursor button on one side and an A & B button on the other . With other button features for sound { always good when you want it to be quiet } and screen settings for brightness and power.

        -----Added extras I like ------

        In the pack you get a free cd for your computer which can be used
        on most everyday pc's and laptops {see below} . It is best if you have internet connection as after a quick and easy installation process children can plug the console in and gain rewards for their encouragement and see how well they are doing on the games .

        There is also a parents sector where I can view how well my daughter is doing and this also enables me to see where she needs more improvement . I can honestly say this is a major help for me as I have quickly realised that she is doing alot better than I expected and has started learning how to add sums up through this toy and also which colours added together make another colour .So this feature enables me to help her along her learning path whilst keeping it simple and fun for her and me together .

        Also when I used the disk supplied when I registered online with the leapster site I had an option of 6 games where I could choose one for free which I then downloaded onto hers which only took a few minutes to do.

        -------Where it is used ---------

        This little wonder has been great for us as I purchased the carry bag also where there is a pocket to store all the games in .So it goes most places with us . So far the biggest help was when I did a car boot recently this kept her entertained and when on long journeys , and this is going on our holiday with us .

        Mornings are the best sometimes as if she wakes up at the crack of dawn and she is cold , she snuggles up in bed while the radiators are warming up downstairs and gets her pink leapster out and plays games for half hour in bed . Allowing her to be cosy warm and entertained at the same time

        I try and use the charger when we are at home to save battery life , otherwise I use rechargeable batteries as it is used alot and they can be expensive when they run out after about 40 hours play on shop brand ones.

        ----Extras you can purchase ----

        Game cartridges can be purchased at most high street stores , Toysrus , ELC, Boots, Tescos, Asda, Marks and Spencers, Additions .
        Available is the carry bag and a normal adaptor .

        You can also purchase a re charger which is available at Amazon for £14.99 , but also sold on Ebay too.

        --------Computer requirements if you choose to connect to PC -------

        ****This is not a compulsory just an Extra if chosen **********

        Internet Connection Recommended
        PC Requirements (for connected play)
        Internet connection
        Windows® XP operating system
        Windows Vista" operating system supported
        Pentium® 111 500 MHz processor (700 MHz or higher recommended)
        Monitor resolution of at least 1024 X 76E
        Available USB port
        256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
        300 MB free disk space
        Microsoft© Internet Explorer* version 6 or higher
        CD reader

        MAC Requirements (for connected play)
        PPC G4 or any Intel® based Apple® Computer Mac OS® X 10.4+
        256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended)
        300MB free disk space
        Monitor Resolution of 1024 x 768
        Available USB port 300 MB free disk space
        Internet Connection
        Safari"" application
        CD Reader

        --------------What you get in the box -----------

        Leapster 2 Handheld Unit
        Leapfrog Connect CD - You can get a free game if you register
        USB Cable
        Parent Guide

        I have also a review on Ciao under the username jays4jewels

        ----------------Overall -----------

        My daughter loves telling other children that this is a PSP , but for me this is alot better for her learning at a fraction of the price . Personally I would say it is the size of a Ds but a chunkier version as the dimensions are 6.4 x 26.7 x 33 cm ; 454 g . I would say this is suitable for children from 3 years and upwards to around 9- 10 years old depending on the games you purchase., and there is plenty to choose from .


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          23.01.2010 04:22



          A fun way of learning for kids upto 8 years.

          This was one of the best buys I made or my 3 year old son. He is very alert and intelligent for his age and I found he gets bored of his toys very quick. I got this for him or his 3rd Birthday. I looked at a number of kids learning computer both hand held and the laptops. On many of then I found the screen was very small so it would cause strain on his eyes.

          The leapster however has a good size screen. Very attractive to look at and it is nice and chunky he could hold it with his little hands. He drops it all the time... you know what kids are like. But not a scratch as of yet. It come pre loaded with 3 games and you can buy other cartridges for it. They are however a little expensive but it keeps him addicted and busy for hours.

          It's more reasonably priced now. You can get it for just over £35. I got it for £55 as it had just been released. You can buy the leapster in two colours - the pink or the green and blue as shown. The case is available to purchase separately for around £10. A very nice educational toy which keeps kids busy for hours. It is recommended for kids to the age of 8.


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          05.09.2009 16:06
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          buy one x

          Last Christmas my daughter who was 4 at the time got a Leapster 2 from her grandad. I Had not really seen much of then to be honest but I knew it was the kiddy version of the Nintendo Ds as the lay out is similar and you can also purchase different games to play on the Leapster. She had always mothered for the Nintendo Ds so I thought this was a perfect present.

          I know that My dad bought the Leapster from Argos and cost around £50. He decided to get the green and blue one rather than the pink one as he thought the pink one was far too girly. The Leapster 2 looks very strong and has dealt with a load of knocks and bumps from my daughter without any problems. She even dropped it down the stairs once and it was fine. Sometimes you can get the Leapster on offer if you have a good shop around. They are pretty popular now and you can buy the games from most stores too.

          The graphics on the Leapster 2 are great. Its very simple to use. When you first turn on the Leapset 2 it asks you to enter your name so your games can be saved. there are 4 different accounts where 4 different people can save their games. In my daughters case, somewhere that shows where she has spelt her name wrong on several occasions. The game will work with or without a game cartridge. You just simply select the mode you want to play on. There is a little animal that runs you through what to do anyway, making it simple to follow. I had no problems in my daughter understanding what to do and she quite happily played alone for hours.

          Each game for the Leapster 2 cost around £16 which is a bit expensive but considering all the different levels each game has, it is worth it. My daughter has about 8 games now and doesn't go anywhere without her game.

          The Leapster 2 has different functions like a Nintendo Ds. Like volume control and a headphone out put. Theses are all clearly marked so it is easy for your child to use.

          I found that the only problems with the Leapster 2 were..

          1. It eats batteries. I could not believe how many batteries I used. I do recommend Buying rechargeable ones as it costs a fortune otherwise.


          2. The screen scratches so easily. If you don't use the attached stylus and something else instead it will scratch. My daughter used a pencil and scratched the screen within hours of receiving her present. It still works well and you can only actually tell once the leapster2 is off.

          I would recommend this to all parents. It keeps my daughter happy and she hasn't asked me for a Ds since.


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            01.09.2009 23:54
            Very helpful



            Great idea for the younger siblings

            My elder neice has a Nintendo DS and when we visit her my four year old daughter tries to claim it as her own. Since christmas Ive had to put up with " Its not fair, why can't I have a DS".
            I have thought about it but at age 4 Im confident that she isn't ready for one. Most importantly I dont think that it would withstand my four year olds' tantrums.

            As her fourth birthday approached we took a visit to toys r us and on display to have a go on was the Leapfrog Leapster 2 system. Immediately my daughter called it a 'DS' and I couldnt drag her away!

            Needless to say my daughter won and received a Leapster 2 for her birthday! She was happy but so was I, as coming in at around £50 it is cheaper than the DS.

            The box included the handheld console, an instruction booklet, a CD to install on your computer and USB cable. It requires 4 x AA batteries which are not included. There is a big battery compartment on the back which is easily opened with a coin and easy to close securely.

            This handheld comes already with two pre-loaded games so once the batteries are inserted you truly are ready to go! You parents out there will know how invaluable that is when your children are all excited at their new gift!
            The first time you switch the leapster on you must choose your country and create a profile with your name. It is all instructed and easy to follow.

            I have yet to use ths feature but there is a CD which enables you to connect to your computer and play online or download games.

            Game cartridges can be bought for around £19.99 each and slot easily into the console for game play.
            As previously mentioned there are two games already loaded onto the leapster.These feature two colourful dragons 'Dragons to the Rescue'. Once you have picked which dragon you wish to be, Luna or Ash you must battle storm clouds to win crystals and rainbow pieces all the while whilst spelling out words or by answering mathematical questions. There are four levels to play, level 1 being the easiest and the level that my four year old uses.
            I think that this game is excellent in introducing the alphabet and teaching easy spelling or counting, recognising numbers and answering simple maths depending on wether you choose the number or letter game. Your little ones won't actually realise that they are learning as they will be having so much fun!

            The other pre-loaded game is 'Creativity Castle Art Studio'. Here your little ones are able to create their own pictures and colour them in or animate them. When they have finished their masterpieces they can be saved.

            The Leapster has a stylus included which is attached on a strong string so can't be lost or you can use the big chunky buttons to play. It has an excellent volume control button and can be played with or without background music.

            Our console has been part of our family for four weeks now. I have yet to have to change the batteries and am very pleased that they seem to last. The handheld is chunky and has survived knocks and drops. I love the design and its easy for smaller hands to grasp. It has been a lifesaver on long car journeys and on trips to the supermarket. I already cant imagine life without it!
            I am not worried about my little one using this 'video' game console as although she loves it she really doesnt have the attention span to be using it longer than 20 minutes at a time.
            I am extremely happy with my purchase and it is a good compromise on the DS !


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              06.01.2009 15:49
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A great first games Console!

              I bought my three year old son a leapster 2 for Christmas this year and it has been a real hit. The leapster 2 is a hand-held gaming console made for children by leapfrog. Before you question my judgement on letting a 3 year old play video games, I would like to mention that all the leapster games are really educational they help with hand eye co-ordination teach letter and number recognition and many other activities to keep your little ones brains active.

              The Console
              The leapster 2 is available in green and pink and costs around £50. It is made from tough durable plastic which can handle many knocks and drops and is chunky enough for a small child to handle with ease, it may be a little heavy for a really small child but its easy enough to sit it on the child's lap.
              The buttons are large and placed in just the right places for those chubby little fingers to reach. It has a touch screen which comes with a stylus to use (just like older siblings Nintendo ds!!)
              My son has some problems holding the stylus correctly but the touch screen responds well to finger touches so this isn't an issue.
              The screen is full colour and although the picture isn't fantastic it is a decent quality picture for a hand-held console at this price.
              The leapster games come in cartridge form so there is a cartridge slot in the top of the console and special hole to put the stylus in when not in use, you can control the volume and brightness of the screen using the buttons on the bottom of the console these are placed well so avoiding any problems with your child accidentally turning up the volume or changing settings.
              The console uses 4 AA size batteries which are inserted at the back of the console, there is also a slot underneath the battery cover to put an sd card so you can download games through leapster connect.

              What's in the box?
              Also included with the console are two built in games, a USB cable to allow you to connect the console to the internet and a a Leaper Connect software disc.

              The Games
              There are quite a few game titles available for leapster which are ranged at various different ages and stages and all the games have the choice of easy and harder levels as your child progresses. The only downfall is the games are quite expensive at around £19.99 but if you don't mind buying second-hand you can always pick up games far cheaper on ebay.
              There are two games pre installed on the console. The first is Dragons to the rescue which a letter and number recognition game where you have to guide your chosen Dragon through various levels avoiding storm clouds and picking letters and numbers along the way.It is a nice simple game that eases your child into using the leapster.
              The second game is an art suite which allows your little one to get creative, There are a range of different themed pictures to colour and customise using animated stamps, you can also change the weather and time in your pictures making it snow or rain, night or day. You also have the option of a blank canvas to create your own picture if you wish.

              Leapster Connect
              Earlier I mentioned you can connect your leapster to the internet, This is done through a software program called Leapster Connect which you can install on your pc and it enables you to gain extra rewards and activities to print, you can also download games and extra content for your children, best of all you can check your child's learning progress which reads data from the console to pc and lets you know how your little one is doing, this information comes in the form of your child's learning path and gives you details of what they are learning, how well they are doing, where they may need some extra help and how long they have been playing for.

              Overall View
              All in all I am very pleased with the leapster and so is my son, it is definitely aiding his learning and I am quite happy to sit with him and help him with the games. It has also stopped the arguments in our house as he is no longer trying to pinch my older son Nintendo ds!

              The only real downside to this product is the fact it takes batteries rather than having a rechargeable device this would have made it a lot cheaper than having to spend out on batteries, but I have solved that problem by buying rechargeable batteries instead.


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            • Product Details

              Following on the heels of the best-selling Leapster learning game system, the new Leapster2 handheld is the next generation of learn-everywhere gaming from LeapFrog. Like the Leapster learning game system, the Leapster2 handheld offers a robust learning experience through built-in tutorials and learning levels that adapt automatically to your child's pace. Its touch screen and stylus help develop motor skills used in writing, while its compact design makes it easy for kids to play on the go. It's also compatible with all 30+ Leapster learning games, so kids can practice a wide variety of skills for school as they play and learn with their favourite characters.

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