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Leapfrog Tag Junior Book Jake And The Neverland Pirates

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Leapfrog

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2013 15:38
      Very helpful



      fun book with great activities to help with counting and numbers

      *****Why did we buy it*****
      My youngest was 2 on 14th nov so got the leapfrog tag junior and a bundle of books for his birthday. He has recently discovered jake and the neverland pirates thanks to his older brother. My son is quite delayed with his speech but loves books so thought the tag junior and books may help prompt him to say a few words.

      The jake and the neverland pirates book normally retails at around £9.99 at most places but amazon often drop the price by 1/3 so I got it for £6.66. The book comes packaged in a small bit of cardboard so its very easy to get into. (The tag junior needs to be purchased separatelym normally retailing at around 25.00, but does sometimes drop to hald price in argos and elc)

      *****The book*****
      It is just under 7x5 inches and is board book style with a laminated feel, 8 pages full of detail (15 sides)

      You will require internet connection for this book to work, as you have to download the software onto the tag junior for each book. The books works by placing the tag junior onto different pictures inside the book where the tag junior will ask you questions about the book. The tag junior book range is from 1-4years. I was worried it would be like the biff and chip books with single words meaning he would grow out of it before age 4 but it has full sentences.

      This book is set as a story about jake, cubby and izzie having a bingo party, captain hook cannot help but dance to the beat so tries to take them, monkey manages to get them and starts to play. Jake, cubby and izzie then follow monkey with the bongos on a little adventure before monkey falls of a ledge of a mountain where izzie tries to save the day. Once saved, they count their gold doubloons and have another party.

      *****Using the book*****
      The book is full of pictures from the hit programme including: jake, cubby, izsie, captain hook and smee. It clearly states 'tag junior' in the top right hand corner on the very front page so you can be sure to buy the correct books to work with the tag junior. The front is a beach scene and has beautiful illustrations of jake, cubby, izzie, captain hook and skully. It is set to aid with counting objects and number recognition. When turning certain pages in the book you collect doubloons by pressing the number in the corner of a page exactly like you would in the programme.

      Press the tag junior on different spots of the very front page to hear different sounds, placing it on any of the characters to hear the jake and the neverland pirates theme tune, putting it on skully to hear wings flapping and onto the sea to hear the sound of the waves.

      As an example of what sort of the things the jag junior and book can do, on the 1st page is Jake, with the sentence 'Its off to never land for a jolly pirate romp after jake and his pirate friends learn the skull and bones stomp!' Simply place the tag junior on that sentence to hear it being read to you. Place the tag junior onto Jakes face to hear him say various phrases including: 'I dont know how il ever be ready for the dance with marina the mermaid and her friends'. '1, 2, 3, 4, 5'. 'I have to learn this dance before the dance party tonight, but I cant keep the beat, all im doing is tripping over my feet'.

      Putting the tag junior somewhere else, for example 2 pink shells on the beach, you will hear '2 pink shells'. Placing the tag junior on 3 purple shells. When you hear a bleeping noise it will set you a challange. What i like about these challenges is that it mixes it up, so you never get the same question asked (like the disnery cars 2 book). Some of the questions are:

      *find 2 pink shells
      *find 3 coconuts
      *find 1 shell
      *find a picture of someone who took something that didnt belong to them
      *can you touch a picture of captain hook dancing
      *find the 5 pictures of captain hook dancing
      *find a pod with 3 peas in it

      The above is only a few of the activities, this book really is packed with fun things to actually do.

      *****What do we think*****
      The book is a massive hit in our house and has become a firm favourite. I have nothing but positives to say for this book, lots of bright pictures. packed full of fun activities, facts, lots of sentences so it actually has a story to read to your child instead of 1 word pages like the sesame book so will hold the childs interest for longer.

      My little boy only recently received it so we havent yet completed the activities but he still loves putting the tag junior on different parts of the book to hear Jake and the other characters talking, he loves 'reading' it, will have a few more years use out of it where my little boy will get the hang of the activities set.

      He hasn't completed any of the activities as of yet but as said above, he's quite delayed, but I do feel this book will help with the activities set, e.g when the tag junior asks him to find 2 pink shells, if my son puts the tag junior on 1 of the shells it will say "1" then putting it onto the 2nd shell it will say "2".

      This book is amazing with helping with numbers, the book will clearly say the number the tag junior is placed on so the child can help recognise each number.

      Highly reccomended.....huge amount of fun, yet still very educational. One of the best tag junior books in my opinion (and we own quite a few). As said above, we are yet to complete the activities but my son is still learning while using this book.


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      12.02.2013 10:40
      Very helpful



      Help Jake and his friends learn the pirate dance!

      My daughter loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We watch it an awful lot. My mum bought her this for Christmas as I had bought the Tag Junior reader which is needed to accompany the book. These books retail at around £9.99 and the Tag Junior reader is around £24.99. You need to download the software for the book to your reader so you will need a computer and an internet connection.

      The book is A5 size and as it is aimed at ages 1-4 it is a board book. This book is part of the get ready to read series of books so it's content is a little fuller than the other books in the range. The front of the book tells you it teaches counting and number recognition.

      Compared to other more simple books in the range this has longer sentences on each page. The sentences rhyme. On each page there is a lot going on. With this book the characters interact with each other so it's like they are having a conversation. On one of the pages there a seashells on the sand in differing amounts. When your child tags these the reader then asks thwm to find other things on the page. It is a lot more involved than the more simpler books.

      The book follows Jake and his friends as they learn the pirate dance, unlike the other books we have this is actually a story. On every page there are different items in different amounts which encourages your child to count. For instance there are pea pods and when these are tag it'll say 4 peas in a pod the count them one, two, three, four. You also get in the bottom corner of every secon page a big number and underneath the corresponding amount of gold doubloons. If you watch the programme as Jake and his friends complete tasks they get awarded gold doubloons which they count at the end and add to their treasure chest. As they are learning the pirate stomp dance on each page there are bongos which when tagged make a beating sound.

      My daughter likes this book, as she has just turned 2 though it is a little advances but we still enjoy reading it all the same. She particularly likes tagging Captain Hook as it plays the music like in the programme which she loves. With this book she doesn't bother tagging the sentences but this will come in time. My daughter has been counting for a while and she does count along with the book. She doesn't recognise the numbers yet but again this will come in time.

      I woukd recommend this book for older readers in the target age range of 1-4. It is still a lovely book with lifelike voices fun sounds and great pictures.


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    Manufacturer: Leapfrog

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