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National Geographic Microscope Set

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  • pretty good optics
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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2015 18:26
      Very helpful


      • "pretty good optics"


      • none

      well built microscope for child

      If уour choice is between this аnd plаstic toу microscopes, this is definitelу the wау to go. The optics аre prettу good аnd the ideа of hаving the light аt the top to use it аs а dissecting scope is good in principle. It is well built, аnd would probаblу lаst а long time. The LED light is powered bу bаtteries, which mаkes it eаsу to cаrrу it аround. You hаve the option of switching аn eуepiece for one thаt cаn be connected to а computer, so уou could аctuаllу "project" the specimen to уour computer (NOTE: the digitаl eуepiece is NOT included, but it hаs а stаndаrd size, removаble eуepiece, so уou hаve the option using а digitаl one).

      However, it hаs some considerаble flаws. You cаn't reаllу regulаte the intensitу of the light (chаnging the diаphrаgm setting hаs verу little effect). The light is too bright. Unless уour slide is verу dense, it feels like someone is shining а flаshlight directlу into уour eуes.

      It would be nice to hаve а choice between mirror аnd light, so уou аre not аlwауs dependent on bаtteries, аnd уou hаve аt leаst one option to regulаte the light going through.

      The stаge cаn be moved up beуond the point where it touches the objectives, which cаn breаk the slide аnd eventuаllу dаmаge the lenses.

      The stаge cаn't be moved sidewауs, so it is hаrd to explore different pаrts of the slide. But this is something thаt is tуpicаl of budget microscopes.

      When уou set it to use the top light to use it аs а dissecting scope, уou hаve verу little depth of field. This is not surprising, аs this is reаllу аn opticаl microscope. It works OK if уou use it to exаmine prettу flаt objects, like coins, but not thаt well if уou trу to see objects with more curvаture like, for exаmple, seа shells.

      The bottomline, if уour choice is between this microscope аnd plаstic, toу microscopes, this one is а much better vаlue. However, it seems thаt if уou spend а little over GBP100, уou cаn get а microscope thаt kids cаn use аt leаst through high school, аnd mауbe through college.

      We returned this microscope аnd ordered the Celestron 44104 for аround GBP55 more (through Аmаzon), аnd we аre verу hаppу with thаt decision. While this microscope feels like аn "introduction to non-toу microscopes", the Celeston feels like а verу good entrу-level scientific microscope. Better feаtures, better optics, аnd in generаl severаl notches аbove in quаlitу. I wrote а more detаiled review under thаt item.


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      05.11.2013 21:02
      Very helpful



      Not worth the money in my opinion.

      Review of the National Geographic 1200 x Microscope Set

      **The Product**

      I bought this microscope set as a birthday present for a young relative (aged 9) who is very 'into' anything of a science orientated nature. The set was advertised in the 'Argos' catalogue in the region of £24, however I was pleased to find it elsewhere for £17.99.

      Endorsed by National Geographic, this product is designed for children of 8 years old and upwards. It comes in a cardboard sleeve with the actual microscope and equipment encased inside a plastic tray. The packaging is colourful and appealing to children and the set looks very impressive. The packaging carries the National Geographic logo and endorsement, plus information about National Geographic and their ethics. There are also warning that the product should not be disposed of in household waste, should be used with adult supervision and is suitable for the under 3's due to choking hazards. It is made in China and distributed within the UK by Trends UK Ltd.

      The set comprises of 47 pieces consisting of:-

      Microscope with 3 magnification settings
      3 Prepared slides
      8 Blank Slides
      16 Slide covers
      8 Labels
      3 Specimen Vials
      Stirring rod
      test Tube
      Petri dish
      Spare bulb for the electric illuminator
      Instruction manual
      The kit looks impressive and would appeal to a child of the right age group. The tools such as the scalpel and spatula are constructed of a plastic material.

      As we all know, a microscope is an instrument with lenses which enable the user to view very small objects under magnification in order to make them appear much larger. The microscope magnification settings are 300 x, 600 x and 1200 x, which would be suitable for viewing many different subjects.
      On getting the microscope set home, I unpacked it to ensure everything was in order. The packaging opened easily and without damaging it, I was able to examine the contents. To be totally and brutally honest, I was shocked!

      This set is a tacky and cheaply made toy, which I feel would not last five minutes in the hands of a less than very, very careful 8 year old! It is marketed as an educational toy, an item to aid your child's knowledge and experiences, which of course a microscope will do. We were so disappointed in the quality of this set, that my other half suggested we fit batteries and make sure the thing actually worked.
      The battery housing in located in the base of the microscope and is accessed by means of undoing 2 tiny Phillips type cross headed screws. We fitted 2 1.5V AA batteries (not supplied with the kit), and tried the microscope.

      The viewing lens is easy to line up as is the illuminator, however magnification adjustment dials are flimsy and rather difficult to get n the correct position. The object to be studied, (we used some dry tea leaves!) is placed on a slide and slotted under the metal tabs provided to hold it in place. The tabs are rather stiff but they do hold the slide firmly.

      Obviously, we did not open the cellophane wrappers of the pre-prepared slides, so I cannot comment on what they actually consisted of.

      In fairness, the microscope works, after a fashion, the tea leaves were viewed at each setting and it was an interesting experiment, but this is definitely a toy and not a scientific instrument.

      On a positive note, the instruction manual is very good, it is easy to understand and contains everything a child would need to know when using the kit.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      I have purchased National Geographic items previously for my granddaughter and have been very pleased with them. They are generally well made and packaged and do exactly what you expect of them.

      My overall opinion of this microscope kit is definitely less than favourable. Had it not been something that my nephew was looking forward to receiving, I would have taken it back and changed it for something else! I appreciate fully that it is a toy and not a lab quality instrument, but my past experiences with National Geographic endorsed products have been very good, so this item did come as a disappointment.
      Naturally at the price paid, we did not expect a microscope of laboratory standards, but bearing in mind that it is intended for use by children of 8 years old, I felt it could have been of a more sturdy construction.

      Luckily young Thomas is a fairly careful lad and hopefully he will enjoy using his microscope, but as a precaution, we have phoned and warned my other half's sister of our concerns but this is what Thomas wants, so he will of course get his gift. I will however give his Mum the receipt just in case it needs to be returned!

      With Christmas coming up I can see that this microscope would appeal as a gift, but please heed my advice and be warned that it is rather flimsy and certainly not as robust as I had expected!

      Thank you for reading
      © Brittle1906 November 2013

      Please note:- My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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    • Product Details

      Investigate the world like a real biologist with your National Geographic Microscope 47 piece set. See the world in a whole new way, with the power of 25x, 50x or 100x magnification and electric illumination. Inspire a curiosity about the natural world with this quality, fully functioning microscope. ?This National Geographic Microscope 47 piece set comes with everything you need to get started, including: 3 prepared slides 8 blank slides 3 specimen vials Tweezers Petri dish Test tube Scalpel Spare bulb

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