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Science Museum - Super Magnet

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Brand: Science Museum / Age: 8 Years+ / Type: Science

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2010 09:49
      Very helpful



      Part of a great range of science based sets

      We have visited the Science Museum many times and after many of those visits we have come away with some of the educational packs that they promote in the main shop. These sets encourage children to learn about science through play. We have had fun with the Science Museum loud speaker set, the airplane set, the potato clock set, the doodling robot set, the super magnet set and others too.

      The Science Museum Super Magnet set is a nice way for children to learn about the action of magnets in a fun and playful way. It has everything you need inside the box for your child to make up their own magnetic experiments.

      I really like these types of toys as they offer something a little extra. I feel that they can be a help when at school during science lessons, as the child will remember what they did at home and perhaps be able to use their experiences towards projects in the class room.

      The set is easy to use and to my mind would most suit a child from around 7 to 10 as they would be able to understand more about the way magnets work. But I also feel that even slightly older children may want the set for the pure fun of it. Younger children from school age upwards may get some enjoyment out of the set regardless of whether the real understanding of the power of magnets is fully grasped, but will require adult help.

      The set comes in a neat looking mainly white box, which has pictures of some of the items within. This gives a good indication of what to expect from the pack. Inside you get everything you need to be able to conduct your own experiments, when I say experiments I mean that playing with the bits of kit within the box can be classed as an experiment in a very informal way. Any results of play can be discussed with the child if they and you feel it will promote greater understanding of what magnets do.

      The set includes full instructions for the makes, along with some fun magnetic facts. You also get 2 rectangular magnets, 2 circular magnets, 2 car/ boat chassis, 8 wheels, 2 small fishing rods which can double as boat masts (which you do need to be careful with as they can easily snap if too much force is used). There are also some paper clips which you can attach to paper fish you can make, the template for these is included.

      You also get a handy horse shoe shaped magnet holder and a wand shaped holder, which you can use to attract things you make towards it. Although these can also be used to experiment further in the home to see what else works with magnets and this can be great fun for a child in my experience, as they do delight in finding new stuff which works with the magnets.

      The kit is really good but there are some parts that could be easily broken with rough handling. I don't feel this is a fault really, more due to the fact that lighter parts have been used so that the magnets included will be able to attract the cars, boats or fish you make successfully. If the parts were too heavy the results may not be as good as the magnets included are not massive.

      The magnets can be used to attract or repel each other and you can use them to race the cars and boats you have made from the kit towards the magnets which is great fun. The fishing game does require you to make some small fish shapes so a bit of adult supervision is required when cutting these out and attaching the paper clips provided. The clips are what helps you to pick up the fish with the magnetic attachment on the fishing rod.

      Over all I feel the set offers lots of learning fun and can be used as just a game or as a way to further your childs knowledge . When we bought the set it was just under £10. The Science Museum toys and experiment sets can be bought not only at the Museum, but also online and in shops like WH Smith which do seem to stock them at certain times of the year.

      The sets available are ever changing and provide a good source of educational play for children of a variety of ages and abilities.

      I can highly recommend them and think they are worth of 5 stars due to the variety of play and learning opportunities they offer.


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    • Product Details

      Magnet Power Experience and learn about the power of a magnet. Enjoy various games that demonstrate the nature of magnetic powers. Contains 2 rectangular super magnets in plastic cases, 2 ring magnets in plastic cases, 1 horse shoe shaped plastic handle, 1 wand handle, 2 car/boat chassis, 8 wheels, 2 fishing wands. Contents sufficient for 2 children to play most of the racing and competition games.

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