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VTech Dora TV Adventure Globe

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2 Reviews

Brand: VTech / Age: 3 Years+ / Type: Science

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    2 Reviews
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      28.04.2010 15:37
      Very helpful



      Bright, fun learning toy

      We bought this for my daughter when aged 2. She's now 4 and still plays with it regularly.
      The globe can be played with either on it's own, or by hooking it up to the tv. On it's own the globe is entertaining, asking your child questions, which to answer they must spin the globe and select the right continent. In this respect it's a great teaching aid.
      The globe takes 4AA batteries or you can use a standard vtech adaptor so that it's mains powered.
      The globe comes included with the AV leads so that it can easily be hooked up to the tv. This is when it becomes quite impressive as it becomes a computer game with the dora on the globe acting as the joystick. There are several games all based around animals and points of interest around the world. Once again, your child has to answer questions by either moving the joystick to the right continent or pressing the correct button on the globe.
      Sometimes I have found the joystick to be a bit sticky and difficult to operate, so we often just use the buttons, but this doesn't stop the game working fully.
      By the age of 3 my daughter had mastered operating the game although he still needed some help with some of the questions.
      My 2 daughters now play the games together, taking it in turns to answer the questions. It's a fun game which also helps kids learn about countries and animals without them even realising it.


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      22.12.2008 01:47
      Very helpful



      goog leaning toy

      My 4 yr old son got this toy for Christmas gift and he has liked it so far. He very quickly got to hang of the joystick. It's amazed to watch him pick out the countries and find the animals.
      Dora TV adventure globe is an interactive TV-connectable learning toy.

      PACKAGE - In the box you will find: the Dora TV adventure globe main unit, user's manual and one scart connector.
      On the toy you will find: continent key, Dora joystick, learn and explore key, adventure play key, explore and find key, answer key, repeat key, TV/off/play along switch, enter key and exit key.

      SET UP
      Here you got two choices:
      - Battery installation - you can insert batteries in the unit. Make sure that the unit is off and insert 4 "AA" batteries.
      - Ac adaptor - you can use a Vtech 9v---300mA / AC/DC adaptor. Make sure the unit is turn off and plug the power jack into the 9v DC socket at the back of the unit.

      - connecting to a television - connect the Dora globe to your TV or monitor by plugging the colored cables on the unit into the matching color video and audio input jacks on your TV set.
      - Connecting to a VCR - if there is no video in and audio in terminal on your TV set, you can connect the globe to a VCR.

      Turn on your Dora TV adventure globe by turning the main selector switch to the TV position or the play along position. Turn of the unit at any time by turning the switch to the off position.
      If there is no input to the globe for about 20 minutes, the unit will switch off to save the power.

      ADVENTURE PLAY KEY - press this key to go on a worldwide adventure with Dora and boots, to help them take pictures for Miami and papi's photo album. Here you will find 7 activities.
      * South America-Angel Falls - here you have to help Dora and boots get to angel falls in Venezuela, the tallest waterfall in the world! Listen closely, and move joystick to help Dora row the boat down the correct river path.
      * North America-the Grand Canyon - here Dora and boots need to get to the Grand Canyon in the United States, but the suspension bridge is up! Choose the bald eagle carrying the letter that comes next in alphabetical order to lower the bridge and cross to the Grand Canyon.
      * Europe-the Eiffel Tower - here you have to help Dora and boots find the way to the Eiffel tower, so they can take a picture of it. Follow the gargoyle's shape clue, and help Dora and boots choose the right path.
      * Africa-mt. Kilimanjaro - here Dora and boots need to find their way through the animal park, so they can take picture of mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Listen closely and help Dora to choose the right path based on animal hints.
      * Australia- Uluru - here to take a picture of Uluru in Australia, you have to help Dora and boots follow the kangaroo leader. Watch the dancing kangaroos; the one who does his move first, is the leader. You have to help Dora and boots find him to figure out their way to Uluru.
      * Antarctica- Penguin Feeding Grounds - here you have to help Dora and boots get across the icy river in Antarctica to take a picture of the penguin feeding grounds. You have to follow the numbers in order.
      * Asia-the Great Wall - here the way to the Great Wall of China is very dark! You have to help Dora and boots collect papers, candles and frames to make lanterns, so they can find their way through the dark tower and take picture of the great wall.
      LEARN & EXPLORE MODE - here you can explore the world, you can choose a continent and help Dora discover something new about that location.

      EXPLORE & FIND MODE - here you can help Dora and boots find the places all over the world.
      EXIT KEY - press this key to exit the current game.

      REPEAR KEY - press this key to hear the game question again, or hear the game instructions again.
      ANSWERS KEY - press this key to see or hear the correct answer to a game question.

      ENTER KEY - pres this key to enter a choice, and other users.
      DORA JOYSTIC - you can use joystick to make selection, control Dora's movement and much more.

      This toy is brilliant for kids; they can learn continents, oceans, animals and more...
      As well they can learn some letters, numbers and adventure learning games that teach places, animals and problem solving skills.

      I'm enjoying watching her count and learn letter progressions of the alphabet and I'm surprised to find out that she knows more that I thought she did! I'm glad I bought it and I'm sure we'll wear it out eventually!
      This toy not includes the adaptor what is very pity but any vetch adapter will fit- we are using adapter from v smile console.

      Suitable for 3-6 years.
      Price: £39.99


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  • Product Details

    Explore the world with Dora and Boots. Play in stand alone mode to learn continents, oceans, animals and more or hook-up to the TV to open up an endless world of interactive learning fun through a cartoon style environment. Lots of age-appropriate curriculum learning including letters, numbers and adventure learning games will teach places, animals and problem solving skills. All activities controlled by a fun Dora joystick for easy control. Features the real voices of Dora and Boots from the TV cartoon.

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