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Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Vtech

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    3 Reviews
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      20.01.2014 11:27



      Great first kiddie tablet

      We brought this for my nearly 3 year old for christmas and he loves it!! (although not as much as the ipad)
      He loves the games it came with like the art studio etc but we also brought some extra games on the side (jake and the neverland pirates & Monsters university).

      When he first started playing with it i thought it was going to be a complete flop as he didnt understand it at all - but with just half an hour of sitting and showing him how to use it he's a complete professional!
      The navigation is very simple and the voice talks through the navigation making it much easier for a non reader (he's not quite 3 yet) - for example, it says "to play a game touch the icon".

      You have to plug the innotab into a computer to be able to download the extra apps that come with it like the art studio and ereader but its quick and simple and you can also browse the vtech app store for extra games - and you get a free download!!

      The only downside to this is that it takes batteries so you are always changing them as they go quite quickly but we have purchased the rechargable battery pack as an extra!

      If your looking for a child friendly, educational tablet this is definitely a must have and you can now get it at a great price!


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      25.11.2013 00:01
      Very helpful



      A good starter tablet

      This is the original Innotab and since it was introduced, 2 further models have been introduced with more advanced features. As they were available the original Innotab was on special offer for 25 euros so I got one for my son's third birthday.

      Although these types of tablets are marketed as suitable for up to age 9, in my opinion kids of that age are not interested in one - my six yr old takes no interest in this. I think they are really only suitable for smaller kids and for that age they are quite a good choice. My son is delighted with his. He got two games for it for his birthday - Minnie mouse and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Some of the games are for older kids so you need to check when buying them - it tells you on the front of the box.

      Once I took it out of the box I inserted the AA batteries and switched it on. Its chunky and solid so it feels very hard wearing, as you would expect of a tablet for young kids who are not usually gentle with their toys! There is a pen stylus included which is stored in the side although it may have been better to have this attached by a cord of some kind because my son has mislaid this. We are currently making do with the top of a pencil! The touch screen is quite responsive though. A separate memory card can be inserted into the SD slot to store videos etc.

      Its got an e-reader for stories, an art studio for colouring and drawing and photos and music can be stored and played. The additional games cartridges are easily slotted into the top of the tablet. In addition, you can connect it to a PC and browse the VTech Learning Lodge. You get two free downloads initially and can then purchase from a range of e-books and games and videos. One of the best features I think is that you can convert kids films to a suitable format and these can be watched on the tablet (you need to use the separate SD card for this).

      The batteries ran out fairly quickly so I purchased the plug for about 12 euros. This does not charge the tablet, but so long as its plugged in it can be used indefinitely. Its worth doing this and only using batteries for out and about because they don't last long.

      For the price I paid, I'm happy that there is enough on the Innotab to keep my 3 yr old engaged for some time to come.


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      31.12.2012 12:01
      Very helpful



      Suitable for Achilles that will show a lot of interest in it

      I bought this innotab in pink so the only difference between mine and the one pictured is that the lue bits are pink. I bought this back in September for my little girls second birthday. Although the recommended age for the innotab is aged between 4 and 9 I decided to buy this as my little girl had taken a liking to my iPad and was nfact much better on it that I was and i wasnt really getting a look in on it. So buying the innotab was my attempt at getting some time on mybipad without being wrestled by a 2 year old to get it off me.

      Price and where to buy the innotab:
      I paid £49.99 for the pink in tab and I bought it from Argos. It is also widely available in both colours at all toy stores and supermarkets selling toys as well as online. They also now have an innotab 2 which I think costs around £75. The innotab 2 does have the added feature of a amera but as I was buying this for my 2 year ols and hadnt really done much research it was more of an impulse buy as opposed to something I knew my little girl would like I decided to stick to the more basic and cheaper version.

      The innotab does not come with batteries which I discovered when buying it so I purchased some rechargeable AA batteries to go with it reay for my little girls birthday.
      When setting up the innotab you need to register it online to unlock its features as well as downloads the games for it so I would recommend doing this before giving it to your child as I have to fight mine away from my little girl to do this. Each innotab comes with a certain amount of games that you an choose your self and download. Mine came with 3 downloads and I think the innotab 2 comes with 2 free downloads. But u can also purchase additional games for a small price which goes up to about £4 so this is a right bargain.
      Each game has been designed to stimulate and teach your child in some way. With games ranging from developing counting skills, problem solving, basic math challenges and basic spelling challenges. So your child will not just be glued to aimless games like a lot of consols out there.
      My little girls favourite game is a penguin one where the aim often game is the help guid the penguin along the ice to find its fish and the finally it's home. Before finding each fish there are ice blocks to move and snow balls to smash to get through to the fish and the in the second level they also have holes to fill with ice blocks.
      There are also other built in features such as a calendar, clock and a calendar. But my little girl is too young to use hese features.

      The Innotab has a chunky colourful design that also has grip like features helping children keep a hold on the innotab.
      Because this has been designed for children it is very rebusk and mine has been thrown across the room in a temper and does not seem to of occurred a scratch.
      The innotab is a touc screen but it also has chunky buttons down the side for the power, volume, home screen, brightness and a help button.
      The innotab comes with a stylis pen.the innotab has a discreet slot a the back of it for the stylus pen to be stored in.

      With the innotab comes a massive a,punt of extras the can be bout seperatly. These extras include;

      A power ale the can be bought from toys r us foR around £14.99. The power cable allowes you to connect you innotab to the mains in your house so you do not have to worry about battery life.

      A protective back pak style carrying case. This comes in pink or blue. I have this in pink and bought t from toys r us for about £12.99. It can also be bought anywhere that you can buy the innotab.bthe back pack also fits the innotab 2 in it. The case is padded for protection and had backpack handles for you to carry it on your back. Inside the case you have space for your innotab, games and power cable so you can keep everything together.

      You an also buy a wide range of games. There is a big selection of games featuring your child's favourite television characters such as, sponge bob, Disney princesses and Dora. Each game has been designed to help teach your child in some way just as the download games on the Innotab have been. These games can be bought from most places that the innotab can be bought from and average at a price between £10 and £20 depending on the age of game and offers on at the time.

      The only disadvantage I have found with the innotab is that it only comes with one stylis pen which is pretty small so could be easily lost by a child. Have found that these stylus pens are nt so easy to come across so if I do find myself needing to replace it I will have difficulty doing so.
      I also think that the fact you have to bu so much separately to the innotab this could very quickly become and expensive purchase.

      I would recommend this to all parents although I'm not sure how interested a child would be in this product towards the age range of 9. Taking everything into consideration i am giving the innotab a 4 star rating


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    • Product Details

      "Learning has no limits with the InnoTab The Learning App Tablet by Vtech! This cutting-edge educational toy adapts the technology of mom and dad's favorite touchpad devices into a fun learning experience just for kids. Take learning to the next level with InnoTab The Learning App Tablet by Vtech! This multi-media tablet combines interactive reading, learning games, creative activities, and a rich collection of applications into a sleek and durable educational toy that kids will want to play with. Featuring a 5"" color touch screen and tilt-sensor, kids can tap, flick, drag, and pat their way to learning fun. The fun continues with many on-board applications such as an MP3 Player, Video Player, Art Studio, Interactive Globe, Friends List, Calculator, and Clock engaging kids for hours as they develop their skills with this electronic learning toy. Additional cartridges with favorite licensed characters are sold separately and teach essential skills in reading, logic, and creativity. Additional content such as e-books and learning games can easily be uploaded to the InnoTab through Vtech's Learning Lodge Navigator where parents can also see their child's progress on a variety of educational milestones and lessons. For Age Group 4-9 Years."

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