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Vtech Lightning Mcqueen Learning Phone

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Brand: VTech / Type: Learning Phone / Numbers - Logic - Memory Skills - Left and Right

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2011 17:55
      Very helpful



      a really good little toy

      Last Christmas, as you can imagine, my house was overwhelmed by toys for my 3 year old twin boys. One of the many toys they received was the Lightning Mcqueen phone.

      Lightning Mcqueen is the main red car who features in the Disney film Cars, so a very popular character when it comes to childrens toys.

      The phone itself is a desktop style phone, meaning it's flat at the bottom and is quite large, to fit all it's educational buttons etc on.

      The design is fantastic, and features Lightning Mcqueen himself as the handset. The lightning mcqueen handset is attached to the phone by a thick yellow 'string' and surprisingly enough it hasn't been ripped off by my twins since Christmas! Although the handset looks very much like this popular red revving car, when you lift him underneath he has a typical 'phone' design with an ear part and mouth part. When you lift him he reveals also a typical phone section with 2 spaces for him to sit in neatly without moving or falling off and a yellow button which he presses when you put him down.

      The top of the phone is designed like a car headboard sort of thing with an ignition key which can be turned - this also acts as the switch to switch from the different games and activities this phone offers. It has a steering wheel, which can also be turned quite realisticly, which clearly says Vtech on it, a reputable toy brand. It then has a circle plastic 'book' , similar to a phonebook, where if you turn the page it shows you different characters from the Cars film.

      In the middle of the phone there is the button pad, large black outlined circle buttons, to make them look very much like car tyres. On the face of each button is a bright yellow number and a picture of a character from the Cars film. There are also 2 yellow buttons down the bottom, one which says Repeat and the most important one for us parents, On/Off.

      Next to the button pad there is a space between the edge of the phone and the button pad itself. This 'space' acts as a handle for the phone for your child to carry it around with ease, rather than holding the phone as a whole with 2 hands which could feel quite bulky for a child.

      The bright colours of the phone and the various car characters are all very appealing for a child. As well as the large tyre like buttons, even I just really want to press them lol! The car shaped handset also makes this more than just a toy phone.

      When turning the phone on your child is greeted by the sound of Cars characters, so if your child is familiar with this film it will engage your child immediately. A child could play with the phone at their own free will, pressing buttons, pretending to have phonecalls, carrying him round whilst roleplaying games, turning the pages of the mini phonebook, starting a car with the ignition key and even pretending to drive the phone with the mini steering wheel on top. All this may seem like nothing to us adults but for a young child this phone offers so much before you even get to the educational aspect of the phone. There are a few games for your child to play, and the ignition key acts as the switch to switch from activity to activity, your child can turn to 'call my friends', 'numbers' or 'follow me'. All three are encouraging and engaging activities where your child can interact with the phone, develop their memory skills and learn numbers and character names whilst being rewarded by the characters voices, buttons lighting up, car sound effects such as revving engines and tunes being played here and there, it is all very exciting and interesting for children, I've watched my boys have gret fun with theirs.

      The phone is suitable for children aged 3-6 years, which I'd say is just right, as a child that young can really interact and enjoy the games and what the phone offers as well as play independently. A child above the age of 6 would probably need a lot more to work with, a few more activities to play and do as this one wouldn't offer quite enough. For me it is a fantastic little toy, although a little pricey at just over £20, unless you can buy it on offer. You can purchase it from many stores including Toys R Us, Argos and even online on Play.com or Amazon.


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