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VTech Mobigo Console

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: VTech / Type: Reader

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    3 Reviews
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      21.01.2012 10:45
      Very helpful



      see review

      Father Christmas sends the fear of God up my daughter however when she opened her "DS" well she was over the moon!

      What is it ?
      The Mobigo is made by Vtech and is a hand held gaming system, it is a touch sensitive screen making it very easy for the little ones to use and also no stylus to loose! The Mobigo also has a Qwerty keyboard which allows typing practise as well as a cursur control for more traditional games. You also have a cable so that you can connect to the Vtech site which then allows to update your product with free downloads as well as being able to see your childs progress and have recomendations made to you a really great and useful addition.

      Cost and Stockist
      Depending on where you get the Mobigo from it will cost approx £49.99 at the moment if you order direct from Vtech you will get a free case which I think would be very useful and is something I will be getting in the future. You can also get the Mobigo from Argos and Amazon.

      The Mobigo comes in Blue and Pink and comes with one Game we had a blue one which came with Shrek I was very lucky to win this for £3 on the playgroup Tombola!

      Why Buy
      This is a really great toy both games we have had for this have kept the youngest amused and she has throughly enjoyed playing them, I also like that these games are educational as well so she is learning without realising it! The games follow curriculum themes but still manage to be fun

      I do not hesitate in recomending this product and although the games are around£17.00 they have lots of mini games and my 4 year old is still happy playing with the game she had at christmas time, indeed my eldest who has a DS suddenly seems very willing to let her Sister have a turn as the Mobigo is really good!

      The games do come with an age range so this product is really aimed at 4-8 years and indeed a friend bought this for her 6 year old and he loves it a really good product with well thought out games.


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      03.05.2011 13:15
      Very helpful



      Fun easy to use, touch screen fun for little hands

      Vtech Mobigo

      My 2 sons age 3 and 4 (nearly 5) have for the past 6 months liked my DS lite and I have bought them peppa pig and a few other children's games. But after one pulled a game out and damaged the DS I said no more. So went on a mission to find something not to expensive and fun for the boys to play with. (and not fall out over)

      I came across many hand held children's games but some didn't seem Child friendly in my eyes.
      Then I came across the Vtech mobigo. Which is the latest "TOY" for children ages 3-8 but can be a little tricky for a 3 year old and I think an 8 year old might get a little board.

      Its like A DS is a ways its hand help and its touch screen. (which children like)
      It's a very educational toy. But its not all "spell this spell that" its learning through games and Fun.

      The game we got with the mobigo was Shrek for ever after and just to give you some kind of idea of the type of fun games. There is bowling and you pull your finger back on a catapult and let go and the ball goes rolling down the bowling lane and knocks down the skittles. (don't know over the blind mice - these will fall over and my children find it very funny) the game then tells you how many you have knocked down and lets you try and get the rest you have missed. It then turns this information in to a sum eg 2+4 =6 and it reads it out. This helps a lot with basic sums.

      As you go along the games your child get points and after your child has achieved a set number of points the console asked your child to ask a grown up to connect to the internet for a price,

      Now downloading was a right pain and it took many times for it to download and load but once it was down loaded it was easy to get the learning journal up and you can see how your child is doing and if there is any areas your child need to work on..

      There is a large range of games out there from Toy story 3 to Dora the explorer Tinkerbell.

      The console dose come in pink for little girls as well as the Blue and yellow.

      The console its self is made from Blue ad Yellow Plastic with Lighter blue rubber handles on the side for grip. The screen slides up to show a hidden qwerty keypad. Which the boys loved.

      You can use 4 AA batteries or you can buy an adaptor (£9.99) also you can buy in car chargers for them now which are great for when your on holiday :)

      This has been smashed on the floor on walls out side many times and is still in good working order.

      Both my children have learnt so much from just spending 15 minutes here and there playing. And its nice to sit with them and play to. And I have to admit iv had to sit and play as well. J


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      26.07.2010 17:11
      Very helpful



      a fab held held computer for your little ones!!

      I recently came across this (and later bought) on an online catalogue for my son's forth birthday as i was struggling to come up with ideas for what to get him.
      As he is starting school in September and needed that little bit of extra help with his learning, spelling etc.
      It cost me just £55 in total.

      It is made by Vtect and is the latest in the computer for kids range, and it is aimed at 3 to 8 year olds, although i don't think an 8 year old would enjoy it much as all the games for it are a bit more suited to younger children.
      It promotes cognitive development,visulisation and memory, concepts of science and basic maths as well as creative and independent play, it also helped with my sons hand to eye co-ordination.

      It is made of blue and orange sturdy plastic and rubber with grips on the side's for little hands.
      Our's has been dropped already and actually just bounces off the floor and still has no signs of wear and tear.
      It is a hand held mini computer with a touch screen and qwerty keyboard which is hidden until you slide the screen up. It has navigational buttons either side of the screen if the child would rather use them instead of the touch screen although my son prefers the touch screen because he feels like he is interacting with the game better.
      It can be connected to the vtect website to upload the child's score and for free downloads.

      It comes complete with the Shrek Forever game to play straight away and i've noticed that there are alot of other titles in the range incl Toy Story 3,Superhero Squad and Dora the Explorer, the other games cost around £20 each which i find good value against other computer games.
      Each game focuses on different aspects of learning so one may concentrate mainly on maths skills while another may be on language and speech development but at the same time they all focus on a well rounded learning experience.

      Now when my son's birthday came and he unwrapped it he nearly started hyperventilating bless him he was so excited!!!

      One bad thing i did noticed was that there was a awful lot of packaging that i don't really think was necessary such as the big flap on the box where you can see inside at the contents .
      Also trying to remove it from the box was murder as there were not only the metal and plastic twirly things but the plastic bits that you have to unscrew-not good when it takes ages to open and you have a hyper 4 year old on at you to do so.

      Anyway while my son was playing it i was watching him making sure he knew what to do, but he was fine the instructions on the screen to show how to use it are SO child friendly and my 4 year old understood it perfectly.
      The graphics are great considering the size of the screen and are big enough for children to see and the screen is sensitive enough that they don't have to press really hard on it at all!

      Overall i think it is a brilliant little console and well worth the money i paid for it it has given my son hours of pleasure and also given me some peace and quiet(which is rare in my house) i have gone on to buy him some of the other games in the collection and they are all of the same high standard with the same levels of easiness and learning although some are harder than others. Considering i paid just £55 for it i am very impressed, and would recommend it to other parents whole-heartedly.


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