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WHSmith Illuminated Globe

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Brand: WHSmith / Type: Science

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2010 15:17
      Very helpful




      I hava an eleven year old nephew and at Christmas I am finding it increasingly difficult to buy him something that I think will suit him. However, last Christmas time I was having a conversation with my sister and she mentioned that she only had a world globe left to get for my nephew. Before she had even finished the sentence, I nominated myself to buy this globe for him saving myself a nightmare time trailing around the shops without a clue.

      Actually, trying to find a world globe that was of a good quality and a reasonable price proved more difficult than I had first imagined. My nephew has slight learning difficulties and so I wanted to buy him a globe that would capture his intrest. Most of the globes I come across were really small and flimsy. I wanted something that was a lot more sturdy and would serve a purpose for years to come.

      A trip around the shops had proved fruitless. So I decided to shop via the internet. I went to the WHSmith internet site. I wasn't really impressed with the variety of world globes for sale. They were quite expensive and either too large or too small. However, there was one globe that was slightly above the price I had wanted to spend but offered everything I was looking for in a globe for this special little boy.

      What first attracted me to this globe was the fact that it was able to be illuminated. I was really pleased with this element as I felt it would increase the novelty factor and promote my nephew's intrest. I am pleased to say that this illuminated feature has really been a success with my Nephew. He loves to switch this globe on at night and look at the different countries. He also loves to leave the illuminated feature on, as it creates a great moody atmosphere in his bedroom.

      To light the globe, there is a easy click switch on the wire connected to the adapter which plugs into the socket. The bulb is inside the globe and is included and fitted within the price of the globe.

      The other reason why I fell in love with this globe was because it appeared to be sturdy and durable. I also liked the stainless steel effect arch and thought that this was a modern look, which for an eleven year old boy is very important. Also it was not too childish. I feel it was very age appropriate for an eleven year old. Although, I could have got away with a more childlike globe, I wanted something that he could put in his bedroom for years to come and not feel embarrased.

      The size of the globe is around 15 inches. Which is substantial enough a size. I don't like the small globes as I feel they are too tiny to be of any use. This size I found to be very effective. This is because it does not take up too much room in a bedroom. Infact it fits neatly onto my nephew's computer table. This is very handy as he can use this globe as a useful resource tool when completing his homework.

      This globe is not too heavy and can be moved around with ease from one area to another. It is also very sturdy and able to withstand a great deal of handling.

      My nephew has had a great deal of benefit and pleasure from this globe. Which is so very satisfying. As a family we have been so impressed by his continuing growth of knowledge of countries and where they are situated within the world. I really feel that this globe has sparked an intrest in this subject, which in turn has made him eager to use this item in order to promote his learning.

      I have played a couple of games with my nephew by utilizing this globe. I found that by interacting, we were able to have fun whilst gaining information at the same time. One game that he really enjoyed playing was trying to find the name of a place that I said, on the globe. I found that this was excellent as it not only taught him where these places were but also improved his reading skills.

      The print and graphics on this globe are clear and easy to read. I also felt pleased with the quality of the brightness of the colours on this globe. It was so attractive and impressive. I personally feel that it is this great visual quality that makes this globe so appealing and fun.

      I would certainly recommend this globe to anyone who has a child who has become intrested in the world around them. I feel that by giving this globe to a child you are giving them a gift of knowledge. It will also make them much more aware of the importance of environmental issues. My daughter has fallen in love with this globe and has already put a request in for one for Christmas. I will be ordering this very same globe with no hesitation what so ever.

      I paid just over £17 for this globe. I find that in reflection, this price is very good value. I think that it is well worth the cost as it a particularly well made and inspiring globe. You can pick up globes cheaper, but if you want a good quality globe then you can't go wrong with this.


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      31.12.2006 11:32
      Very helpful



      Good early globe


      With Little Miss constantly asking where places are and wanting to know their position in relation to where we live, we decided it was about time she had a globe. They are used frequently in the classroom, so I figured it would be something she would have come across, and would know vaguely how to use.

      We decided on this one, because it was reasonably priced and light in weight, (if it falls, it won’t do any damage) and best of all, it lights up.

      ~~THE GLOBE~~

      The globe itself looks like a globe!

      It stands about 15” from its black base to the top, so won’t be taking up too much room.

      The on/off switch for the light is on the wire and is the type typically found on lamps.

      The globe is apparently shows a political map when illuminated, but at the moment, this is of little relevance to our needs. What is important, though, is that all major cities, rivers and seas are clearly marked and we can now find countries with ease. There was a bit of confusion as to whether or not we cross seas to get to other countries, and now it is much easier shown, rather than on a 2 D picture.


      The globe does come fully set up, with a bulb inside, and ready to use. This is a bonus, because It does annoy me when I buy something and then have to buy the extras, which I have usually forgotten.

      There are full instructions for changing the bulb, which seem to be quite simple to follow. You simply pull the arc out of the North Pole hole, then the South Pole hole, and the bulb can then be easily located and changed. I have had a go at opening it out to have a look, and it is simple.

      There are also safety instructions for changing the fuse and disposing of the plug should you need to, so there is everything a safety conscious person could need.

      There is a warning, which should be heeded; although it can light up, the globe should not be used as a night light, probably because it would heat up


      This cost £17.99 from WH Smith, so good value

      ~~WHO IS IT FOR?~~

      It suggests that the globe is for ages 8+. However, Little Miss is nearly 6, and she understands factors such as the earth being a sphere and the fact that countries could be “underneath” us! I think it is useful for younger children, depending on when they start to ask questions about countries they have visited, and when they show an interest in the world in general.

      ~~WHAT I THINK~~

      For our needs, this has proved a good buy. It was reasonably priced, and is quite child friendly (if a globe can be child friendly). It’s not heavy, so if it falls, it is unlikely to cause damage to little toes. However, it is robust enough to withstand a fall onto a carpeted floor- we know, because it’s fallen! The light switch is easy enough for little hands to turn on and off, and if reminded, it does get switched off!

      The names of the countries are quite small, but even had they been large, we would still have had to read the names because she is obviously too young to be able to read some of the more complex names.

      For a simple to use, ready assembled globe, this is a good buy. We have been able to locate the major cities, rivers and seas, and Little Miss can now find some of her holiday destinations, and has realised that there is in fact a lot of water on planet earth.

      Recommended if children want or need to have an understanding of the earth and countries.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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