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Bosieboo Child Out Of Distance Monitor

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Brand: Urchin / Safety Type: Baby Monitors

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2008 17:47
      Very helpful



      A great concept product that perhaps needs more thought into development but is certainly a handy

      Bosieboo out of distance monitor

      I wasn't actually looking to buy this product at all, But as I receive all the daily offers from Grabitnow.com I have to admit it captured my attention. It only cost £8.44 free p&p but as with all grabitnow items that is a one time only limited offer.
      It possible to buy this product elsewhere and at the time of writing this review the online retail place can be anywhere from £11.49 + £3.00 p&p on a buy it now at eBay uk
      Or £14.99 + £4.95 p&p at Urchin.co.uk
      I personally would recommend seeing whether any come up on auction at eBay in order to get the best price as you never know you may grab yourself a bargain.

      Ok so within a matter of 2 days I received this item and have to say as a packaged product it impressed me. The box is plain white with a picture of the product and clearly defined makers logo on it. I certainly could be in no doubt that the contents had been safe in transit as it was encased with in remoulded foam to make it snug and secure.

      Ok the box contains:
      The small transmitter unit
      Large receiver unit with detachable belt clip
      Mains adapter for charging up the units
      3 AAA rechargeable batteries (these are for the receiver unit)

      I ended up doing what I am renown for and that is try to use a product before reading all the instructions first.

      In order to use the product you have to charge it first for 16 hours, this is done by placing the rechargeable batteries into the receiving unit then attaching the transmitter to the receiving unit through the lead that reside within both units then plug the charger into the wall. This gives you ample time to read the instruction manual before using the product and to be honest you will need it, I found it tricky to work to begin with.

      I was really hopeful that this would be easy to set up and use as the last thing you want when you have young kids on the loose is a product that is difficult to set up. You can choose between long range and short range. Plus there is a few distance settings within those ranges also should you require it. As my child is older (7) and has special needs I used the long range method. I found it to be useful as you get an icon bar on the receiving unit like mobile phone transmitting bars to show how far away your child is. Each little bar equates to around 3 metres in distance. He did try and test this to its limit but was never really what it stated on the box as more than the full distance of 50 metres before the alarm started ringing.

      I also ended up attaching the receiving unit to him so he knew that he was to far away from me and every time he was bleeping he had to come straight back to me, for us this seemed to be a more effective method, I am not sure how it would work with a younger child but anything is worth a go when you are out shopping and your darling children have a bad habit of disappearing from sight all to often.

      You have to set the product up each and every time you use it or it switches on and off which to be honest I did find a bit of a hassle. I think if they had included a few more buttons to aid the settings , instructions wise I think it was clear enough to read but in practise it takes a little bit of getting used too.

      As for the design it looks like a the receiving unit looks similar to a mobile phone and the black, green and white colouring is pleasant, the transmitter unit is white and green with a friendly little pair of eyes which I am sure most kids wouldn't be put off wearing. Both units have a belt clip attachment and they did stay put when in use which was a god send as my son tends to run about like a Tasmanian devil at times.

      I am over all happy with the product and can see me using it time and time again when out and about with my son, I would say that it was worth the money I paid for it but I suppose had it been more expensive I certainly would not have bought it. I found it a tad confusing to work until I had gone over the instructions or used it enough times to get it to set up quickly enough. Certainly not enough buttons for my liking and perhaps could have done with an alarm function on the transmitter to so that the child would be aware as well as the adult that they where out of range.

      I would like to state this it not a product that replaces good old fashioned parental responsibility but we all know what its like when you have children and toddlers that can just vanish in the blink of an eye whilst you are out . So it is a very handy tool.

      Another little use for this product that I found handy was attaching it to my dogs collar when out at night and they were off the lead. I have trained them to come back as soon as the alarm had gone off. Took them a good few times doing it during day light but they now respond well to it and it gives me more piece of mind especially with the darker nights approaching.

      A great concept product that perhaps needs more thought into its development but is certainly a handy thing to have.


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    • Product Details

      The furthest setting range for this item is 50m from 5m.

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