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BT Baby Monitor 250

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Brand: BT BABY / Type: Baby Monitors

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2013 22:05
      Very helpful



      Good quality monitor with good clear sound and useful functions

      I bought the BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier in January 2012 and it has worked brilliantly for me ever since.

      The Monitor comes in two parts, the large rounded baby unit and the parent unit which is about the size of a portable telephone. The baby unit has to plug into the mains and cannot be charged. That sits in the baby's room and has a variety of different functions. Firstly it obviously listens to the baby, but it also acts as a thermometer for the baby's room. It changes colour according to the temperature of the room, ranging from blue for "too cold" to yellow "normal"; to orange "too warm" and red "hot". The top of the monitor is lit up as a nightlight, and the nightlight is whatever colour the temperature of the room happens to be at the time. The only way you can change the colour is by changing the temperature.

      The monitor also has a "light show" function whereby it shines pictures of stars and moons in a random pattern on the ceiling of baby's room for baby to watch as they fall asleep. Obviously it needs to be dark in the room otherwise to enable the lightshow to be seen. Then lastly, you have the option of either playing a pre-recorded tune, choosing from nature sounds such as Womb Noise, Whale Song, Calm Waves, Bird Song, Lake Sounds, Ocean Sounds, Summer Night and Vacuum Clean; various Classical music, various Lullabies or you also have the option of attaching your iPod or MP3 player and playing your own music through it, which is quite cool as it means you can use it as a speaker when you aren't using it as a monitor!

      The parent unit shows you the exact temperature of the baby's room, and also whether it thinks it is "Too Warm" or "Hot" or "Too Cold" etc. The parent unit can be charged (it sits on a small base unit which is plugged into the mains and charges up, it can then easily be lifted off if you need to go off into another part of the house or garden). The parent unit also has a light display showing the noise being made in the baby's room, and you can also hear whatever song you are playing. You can partly mute the noise so that you only hear it when it makes a noise, or you can fully mute the noise from the parent unit. You can still see the light display which tells you if baby is making a noise. The parent and baby units have to link together to hear each other, but you can always tell if you aren't linked because the baby one will beep (I have it set to beep anyway) and the link lights will be red instead of green if they aren't linked.

      You can change the song or the volume, turn off or turn on the light show and nightlight or adjust the brightness, or turn off or adjust the brightness of the nightlight and change other functions of the setup all through the parent unit. You can also press the "Talk" button on the parent unit to directly talk to your baby without having to actually go to their room, so if you are just trying to settle them or soothe them you don't have to keep going up and down the stairs. Well that is the theory anyway - unfortunately it doesn't work with my son :-)

      The last little gadget the monitor gives you is a bright torch on the parent unit. I have never had to use it for anything but my son likes playing with it anyway! It also comes with a little bag to put the whole lot in if you are going travelling anywhere.

      That is all the functions that the BT monitor can offer. I like it for the fact it is a crystal clear sound and the parent unit is very portable. The clip that goes on your belt could be better designed, but the unit stands up easily on its own so I just usually carry it with me then put it down next to me. The menu functions and buttons are all really easy to use, and as my son is one of those babies who loves white noise, I love the way you can play the nature sounds through the monitor. The lightshow is really cute too and I always put the lightshow, music and nightlight on for my son.

      The things that I would change are only minor - I would have the baby unit to be rechargeable, because I do put my son to bed downstairs in the daytime, and if I go out to the shed or upstairs I like to have the monitor with me. Its a bit of a nuisance having to unplug the monitor and plug it back in all the time, and noisy, I am always worried I am going to wake him! Also the power supply to the monitor is a little dodgy - it works if properly pushed in, but if you knock it sometimes it will turn the whole monitor off. Those are the only negatives.

      I believe it to be a really good buy, and I am very happy with the monitor overall. I expect to be using it for years to come as the quality is very good. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.


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