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BT Digital Baby Monitor 150

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18 Reviews

Brand: BT / Safety Type: Baby Monitors

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    18 Reviews
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      17.09.2013 22:50
      Very helpful



      Lives up to BT's high standards, providing reasurance and reliability for parents.

      When selecting a monitor, I conducted lots of research and decided to opt for the BT150 because its simplicity and functions.

      I paid around £60 at the time, pricing the monitor in the mid-range category when compared against other baby monitors.

      The design of both the monitor and receiver is simple and ergonomic. The receiver comes with a stand-in charger and a clip back which means you can fix it to your trouser pockets as your walking round the house.

      My favourite feature is the music option. The monitor itself has a carousel of calming nursery and these became a staple of by baby's night time routine until quite recently at the age of almost 3. The BT150 also comes with a wire which means you can plug the handset into your iPhone or MP3 device to play your own tunes and also a talkback feature so you can communicate with your baby.

      The reception quality of the BT150 is amazing thanks to the digital technology. I heard of a lot of monitors picking up interferences from background noises, so this was a huge advantage for us.

      Lastly, the monitor records the temperature in the room and communicates this to the handset. Particularly useful when you have a very small baby as room temperature is very important.

      I'm struggling to find any negatives of the BT150. I guess the device is simple, so if your looking for something that monitors your baby's movements, this isn't for you.

      A great device which provides reassurance and becomes a staple routine for baby's bedtime.


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      31.08.2011 23:23
      Very helpful



      Excellent monitor, but the base not charging can be a big frustration

      We bought this monitor to use for our son when his previous monitor kicked the bucket. We wanted a digital as we had previously experienced some problems with the sound on the previous monitor and thought it would provide us with better quality sound. It has some good features - talkback, nightlight, temperature display, temperature alarms (for temp too high or too low), lullaby. The batteries on the parent part actually lasted all night, which was brilliant!

      Our son is currently 5yo. We have the monitor because he has special needs and requires us to monitor him more closely than some other 5yos. The sound quality has been excellent - we can hear him moving about in his room or even breathing if turned up (which is nice as he has asthma as well so we can hear if he's wheezing).

      The talkback has been a hugely helpful feature. We've been using this monitor for quite some time - since he was 3yo, and it's been nice to be able to calm him or answer him over the talkback, especially when it saves constant trips up and down the stairs.

      The temperature display is very helpful, as well as the alarms - especially when the weather is very cold or very warm. I would say this isn't an absolutely necessary feature, but it certainly came in handy. I feel the cold much more than most, so sometimes I don't trust my own "temperature gauge" and having the room temperature on the monitor made it pretty easy.

      The lullaby feature has been used quite frequently - we always have it set to "play all" and let it run through all the sons as that is what our son likes to listen to, especially when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Our 2yo is in the next room, and often we'll play the lullaby and both boys settle, as our 2yo can hear it playing softly from the next room.

      The range is quite good - we've taken it out in front of our house when working on the garden or out in the back garden with no problems at all.

      The biggest problem that we've noticed is that recently the parent charger has stopped charging. We're not sure why. At first it just seemed that sporadically it wouldn't charge and then after a while it just wouldn't charge at all. We're currently using rechargeable batteries and just recharging the batteries ourselves, and not even bothering plugging in the charger anymore with the parent unit. But it is annoying, as it was so much less hassle to just pop it on the charger at night while using it and letting it charge that way, without the fuss of monitoring the battery level and making sure we had a set of rechargable batteries to put in it.

      I've done a bit of digging around online and found that this is a fairly frequent problem with this monitor, which is a real shame, as it works very well. That's probably the main reason we even went through the hassle of the rechargeable batteries, as the monitor itself is so good. Otherwise when it stopped charging, we would have probably binned it and bought something else.


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      09.02.2011 19:37
      Very helpful



      Very useful product, easy to set up and use and good value for money.

      I bought this monitor for when I had my daughter. From the packaging it looked very simple and easy to use and had won a 'mother and baby silver award'. I have always valued products with this award as the products are tried, tested and nominated by mums and dads. As we know these are the people who really know whether a baby product is suitable and does exactly what it says it should!!

      I was really impressed with the simple button functions on the base unit and handset. I am not great at reading manuals and let's face it there's not a lot of people who particularly enjoy sitting down and reading a big manual from cover to cover to find out how to set the date and time- (which you can do on this monitor, however extensive manual research is not necessary!!)

      The base unit:
      The base unit which stays in the child's room has a lullaby function where you can either repeat one of five lullabies you choose or have all five to repeat- I always choose this function so there is less repetition (only down side is you will be humming the tunes everywhere, my husband was singing them in the shower last week!!) Each lullaby cycle lasts about fifteen minutes and volume can be adjusted.
      There is a record your own message function so perhaps if you were not putting your child to bed, they would still be able to hear you say good-night to them. Although I like this function I haven't got over the 'hearing the sound of my own voice' phobia yet!!! Perhaps one day I will!
      The base unit has a soft light that I use to check on my daughter and still provides a dim comfort light rather than complete darkness which I like.
      The base unit can be battery operated or plugged into the mains. The cable from the mains to the unit is quite long which is good.

      Most importantly there is a sensor which detects noise from the base unit and this is displayed using a coloured LED bar. There is a mute function so you are still able to detect whether your child is crying through the coloured bar without actually hearing their cries.
      The handset displays the temperature of the child's room and you can set a warning beeper if the temperature rises above or below the range of temperature you can set yourself.
      The handset is small, light and has a pocket clip if you are on the move around the house.
      The best thing about this handset is that you are able to control the base unit from it. So if your little one is upstairs and you realise you have not put the light on or the music has stopped you can control this from the handset- so no additional trips up the stairs. Obviously it goes without saying that you will need to check your child at regular intervals throughout the evening.
      There is a great little 'talk' button which has a similar function as a walkie-talkie, this is used more so between my husband and I at the moment-'have you put the bins out/is the back door locked?' is often discussed via the handset and base unit when one of us has gone to bed but I am sure as my daughter gets older it will also be used to communicate with her too!!
      The handset has a long battery life and re-charges very quickly, I have never run out off battery.
      In regards to feedback or cracking sounds from the base unit, it is fairly minimal; the base unit is always very near my daughter so I don't need the volume on the handset to be very loud therefore I have never noticed any annoying buzzing sound. There would probably be some buzzing if you placed the base unit well away from your child and had the volume very high on the hand set.

      I haven't had much experience with other baby monitors and obviously a lot of them will have similar functions to this one but this is because I have been completely satisfied with this one, well worth the money.


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      02.02.2011 22:42



      Well worth the money crystal clear sounds, no feedback, brilliant monitor

      With my first child i bought a fisherprice lights n sounds baby monitor, it was cheap and chearful...big mistake, all i got was terrible feedback from other monitors in the street and whatever else could get through it! So with my second i decided to try a more upmarket one-more money but i wanted one that was quiet!!
      First impressions were good, clean,neat and easy to set up!
      Turned it on and NO FEEDBACK, crystal clear, ahhhh bliss!!!!
      I absolutely love it, it had tunes to play to babies, talk back, thermometer, vibrate, select volume, wireless, the list goes on!
      My fave thing about it is the recharge base, then to be able to take it around with me whilst in the garden or around the house!
      The only one thing i would pick at is that the volume could do with going a tad higher, but other than that, really DO consider this!!!


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      18.01.2011 11:17
      Very helpful



      Excellent baby monitors would fully recommend.

      I purchased the BT Digital baby monitor 150 for £69.99 from Argos and for what the product does I regard them as very cheap.

      The product includes a parents unit and a baby unit, both of which come included with the relevant leads and charging bases. The parents unit takes 2AA batteries which are fully rechargeable when in the base. The baby unit takes 4AA batteries which again are charged when the unit is plugged into the mains.

      The parents unit is small and sleek, a good size to carry around in your pocket or attach it to you if you are doing the cleaning up as it has a big clip on the back.
      When you push the power button on the unit the link buttons will come on and flash until it has paired up with the babies unit.
      There are two buttons with arrows on one up and one down, if you push these when not in the menu it controls the volume. The display is a blue LCD and is clear and bright.
      When the menu is pushed it gives you these options;

      1. light on :- this turns the night light on the baby unit
      2. lullaby:- This turns on the lullabies on the baby unit
      3. sound alert:- A beep comes on to alert you if there is activity in the room or the temperature is too high or low, this option allows you to turn the alerts off.
      4. sensitivity:- at sensitivity 5 it will pick up the slightest noise in the room
      5. temperature:- What temperature you want the alerts to sound at
      6. Timer: - This can be set for a number of reasons, to time in between your baby waking up or how long they have been asleep etc.
      7. Vibrate: - self explanatory, it vibrates as well as sound alerts you if there is any activity.

      The talk button on the side of the parent unit allows you to talk to the baby and it comes through to them on their baby unit.
      On the other side there is a torch button so it saves you turning the room light on and disturbing your baby if you need to go into the nursery.

      The lights on top of the parents unit light up from green to red, the louder baby is the more lights you have on.

      You have full control of the baby unit from the parents unit and gives a range of 300 metres.

      The babies unit is shaped like a dome, and like the parents unit this has functions the same as the parents unit, lullabies, nightlight (dimness and brightness of this) and temperature control.

      I find the battery life is really good as long as the monitors get a good charge overnight.


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      25.08.2010 20:44
      Very helpful



      Would have received 5 stars if not for battery problems

      Before baby number 1 arrived we did lots of research on what monitor to buy. The BT150 came out as top in a lot of reveiws. The Mp3 plug in appealed as we thought we could play lullabys from the mp3 player!

      When it came to putting the baby to bed on his own of an evening, we duely plugged in the monitor and put the parent part on the highest volume and sensitivity settngs. The sound was perfect, crystal clear and we could hear him breathing, even when it was held to my ear!

      We used the lullabies as part of our bedtime routine and the night light on it was always just enough to be able to see what I was doing with a fee during the night.

      At first the charge was always good and would last the night before needing recharging. But as time went on this got shorter and shorter before it stopped charging on the unit. We ended up having to use rechargable batteries and have two sets on rotation. This happened when my son was around 18 months old but it hadn't be in proper constant use until he was about 4 months. If this hadn't happened ths would have received 5 stars as it was brilliant. It was easy to use, sounded fab and kept my mind at ease. The battery problems let it down.


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      29.06.2010 01:29
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Overall a good quality product that I will purchase again.

      We bought this monitor when we had our son. My husband researched all the products available at the time and this one came out top although slightly more expensive than the others.

      The monitor itself is stylish looking and should fit with pretty much any décor. The material used to make the monitor and parent unit it are of good quality and the rubber covering over the buttons make it easy to keep clean - a big plus with children about!

      This monitor has many good points including;

      * Very clear sound both inside and outside the house
      * Easy to master controls (although there is a handy instruction booklet).
      * Room temperature - with alerts for high temp and low temp which you can set yourself
      * Battery alert - lets you know at least 30 minutes before the battery actually runs out
      * Alert for loss of power/connection to main unit- valuable to us as our little boy is asthmatic and this has alerted us to a power cut in the middle of the night.
      * Night light on the main unit - bright enough to see in the room at night., but not too bright to keep our son awake. However there is also a torch on the parent unit which when pressed mutes the sound of the monitor - therefore allowing you to enter the room without getting feedback over the monitor and waking your baby.
      * Handy belt clip to attach the unit to a belt or pocket whist in and out of rooms.

      It is possible to switch on various features on the main unit via the parent unit they include the light on the main unit and lullaby's. The lullaby's can be played to get baby back to sleep without having to enter the room. There is also the facility to record your own message/lullaby which can be played when the baby sitter is in charge!

      Bad points for us

      After 18 months of use the batteries in the parent unit wont hold a charge. We upgraded them to better set of batteries but it didn't make much difference as a few months on the parent unit will not charge at all. We have since found this problem has happened to a few people with the same monitor. This may be due to the fact that we have used this monitor every night all night for approx 2 years due to our son having problems with asthma. Although this would not stop me buying this product again. Indeed we are going to buy a new one for baby number 2 - however we will also be buying the extra 3 year replacement cover.


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        15.06.2010 16:50
        Very helpful



        Well done BT on a fantastic baby monitor

        I had got loads of vouchers from work before I went on maternity leave, instead of buying her more clothes etc we decided to wait and get something decent and something we needed later on. We looked for ages for a baby monitor and then in the end we settled for BT Baby Monitor 150 just before our daughter turned six months old and she was ready to venture into her own room and her own cot.

        BT isn't a manufacture that I thought I would purchase this product from as I've not been so lucky in the past when it came to BT products, but this one had so many good reviews, value for money and features we thought it had to be worth the £100 in vouches I handed over to John Lewis. (Since then the price has dropped to £70 - £50 pounds).

        The thing we noticed when we opened the square cardboard box it came in that the monitors are stylish looking, yet practical. Comes with a great travel bag for ease of travelling without damaging. Both monitors are white in colour with soft grip technology, both very easy to clean with a duster. They can be placed anywhere and doesn't look out of place around the home, it's not an untidy looking monitor and does look and feel expensive, and the quality of both sets are second to none.
        There are two monitors within this pack, a Parent Unit that is portable and stays with you and Baby Unit that is the biggest device of the two and it stays in your baby's room.

        Before you start monitoring anything you have to charge the device up for 16 hours before switching the parent unit on. The parent unit comes with two AA rechargeable batteries, which is a plus as this is something you always have to pay extra for.
        It states in the manual once the parent unit has charged it can give 14 hours of continuous performance. This was true at the beginning but not so much nearly two years down the line, but BT does warn you of this in their manual. The parent unit gets charged in a base unit that it sits on.
        Once the parent unit has charged you can plug in your baby unit, a good thing instead of just using the mains for the baby unit it can also run on batteries, so you have a choice, good if there is a power cut you can still rest assured you can still hear your baby at all times. The baby unit takes four AA batteries.

        This monitor boasts of digital sound quality with high definition sound. It is wireless up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors, if it ever does go out of range it will beep and let you know.

        When everything is plugged in and ready to go, both devices have to talk to each other first and connect together. You know when this is happening as you will hear three short beeps every 30 seconds, but this is telling you at this time there is no connection to both units and it will say No Connection on the unit. When there both connected the parent unit lights will turn green.

        The parent unit has loads of features, including a digital display, although it is digital it is not in colour but this is not a problem. On the side of the device there is a small square button that when pressed down and kept down you can talk into the monitor and your voice will be heard through the baby unit. It has up and down buttons to either flick between settings of songs, light etc and it also increases or decreases the sound you wish to have it at. Menu button that takes you to well, the menu, and a mute button. The top of the device sees eight LED lights that change colour with sounds, green is light sound and red is high sound, it also shows you a sensitive level.
        The other side of the unit shows you a touch once pressed down for a few seconds, great for night when you go into your baby's room and don't want to switch the light on. I have also found it useful at night to get up the stairs with no lights on.

        The digital display also gives you lots of features, including, speaker sound, tells you if the volume down or on mute, if you have a full battery or if it is running out of power, tells you if the night light is on your baby's monitor, a symbol tells you if lullabies are playing. If the temperature is too low or too high, tell you if you have it on a timer (you can time when you want lullabies playing etc) and a symbol tells you if you have vibrate on, if you want the device on mute but for it to vibrate when ever your baby cries etc you can do that.

        The baby unit has just as many features as the parent unit; the baby unit includes features such as, microphone, which is voice sensitive, power on and off button so in the morning if you wanted it off for the rest of the day you can, link light that tells you if it is connected to the parent unit, record button, which is a great feature but not one we have used. Maybe a lot better for babies under six months maybe, you can basically record yours and your partners voice so when your baby cries instead of going in and checking up you can press this (as well as on the parent unit) and your voice will be played to your baby to help comfort.
        Page button, this is used if you have missed placed the parent unit, this nifty feature helps you to find it. Brightness button, this is used for the built in night light; you can decide how bright you want the light to go. Up and down buttons for volume, play and stop button for lullabies, an lullaby button that switches through all the different soothing tunes for your baby to sleep to and last but not least the digital display, there are five melodies to choice from and each one will play for 15 minutes, or you can play them all or just one if you prefer. A brilliant feature also lets you record your own song or story for up to two minutes, which after can be deleted and you can just record another.
        The backlight of the display switches off 15 seconds after the last button is pressed.
        The baby unit digital display, displays all the same as the parent unit. Both devices show temperatures of 7c and 33c. The temperate is a good feature, you need to use your own common sense and decide what is best for your baby but it is a good indicator if your baby's room is too hot or too cold so you can take the correct measures with clothing and bedding to keep your baby comfortable through the night.

        Personally I leave the baby unit on all the time and switch the parent unit off in the morning, but I don't always. If I do though when you switch the parent unit on the LED lights will all come on at the same time and go off within a few seconds while it connects with the baby unit. When its connected one LED green light is on for a second or two and then goes off, until it detects any sounds.
        My daughter goes to bed at 7:30pm every night and straight away the parent unit is switched on as well as the lullaby Twinkle Twinkle, even though there are our other lullabies this is the one my daughter favours the most.
        At the beginning the parent unit stayed full charge until we went to bed at 11pm, which is great. But like BT say over time the charge will die down, now a year and a half later we switch it on at 7:30pm and he battery charge goes at around 10pm. We have simply changed the batteries for some more new rechargeable ones and we're cooking on gas again.
        Every sound can be heard with perfect quality, I have never had a bad reception when using this and I can hear my daughter cry, sniffle when she has a cold or if she is simply moving about in her cot.
        In the summer, warmer months we've been outside and the parent unit has been with us, the signal is fantastic outside, just like we're inside. I am honestly say I can not fault this product.

        This BT monitor comes with a 12 month guarantee from date of purchase, which we have never had to use within the time we've had it, which is just over a year and half we've had no problems with it what so ever. This monitor is easily portable, which is good as it's been all over the place, the furthest place being St. Ives, which was a six hour drive there. It arrived in perfect condition and continued to work perfectly.

        This is a fantastic monitor that does everything you could possible ask for. It is something we will be continuing to use and something I would defiantly use in the future.


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          23.03.2010 22:15
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A fantastic top of the range baby monitor with lots of functions.

          The BT Digital Baby Monitor 150 - the next model up from the BT 100. This monitor retails at £69.99 but can often be found cheaper if you shop around online.

          This monitor uses digital DCET technology and features Hi-Def Sound. It comes with a baby unit and a parent unit. It also comes with 2 power adaptors which plug into the baby unit and into the base for the parent unit. The parent unit has 2 AA rechargeable batteries which charge up when you place it in the base. The power adaptors are exactly the same so when you go on holiday you only need to take one with you - as long as you charge the parent unit before you need to put the baby unit into use.

          This monitor has a number of features which I will discuss

          The baby unit is round and has the buttons set around the top half of it.

          You can set the Nightlight and alter it's brightness from dim, bright or really bright.

          You can start lullabies and set it to either play one lullaby over and over or play various ones in a sequence.

          It has a bright blue LCD screen which shows you the room temperature, the name of a lullaby currently playing and if using batteries it shows the battery life remaining.

          Parent Talk Back

          The Parent unit has a button on the left hand side marked Talk, pressing this button allows you to interact with the baby unit. I use it to reassure Jack when he wakes up crying and I can't get to him immediately. It calms him down hearing my voice even though I am in another room.

          The Parent unit has a button on the right hand side marked Torch, pressing this button actviates the torch which beams from the top of the Parent unit. When in Torch mode the Parent unit defaults to Mute so that you can use it to go and check on baby in the night.

          Switched it on/off

          Mutes the sound coming through

          Allows you to scroll through the Menu

          Up/Down arrows
          Navigate through the Menu

          Allows you to make changes in the Menu

          The Menu
          The first option is Nightlight - you can turn the nightlight on the baby unit On or Off.
          The second option is Lullaby - you can start, pause or stop the lullabies.
          The third option - is Sound Alert. You can turn alerts on or off, alerts bleep when the room temperature is too hot or too cold or if the battery is low.
          The fourth option is Sensitivity. You can set how sensitive the monitor is, 5 is the most sensitive and stays on permanently so you can ever sniffle and movement. 1 is the least sensitive so would only activate if baby was really crying.
          The fifth option is Temperature. You can choose whether to have an alert on or off and you can set a temperature range, once the temperature drops below or goes above your range you will be alerted if you have the alerts switched on.
          The sixth option is Timer. You can set a timer to Countdown, Countup or set the Time. These are useful if you need to give medications ata a certain time or simply want to time the length between feeds.
          The last option is Vibrate. You can set the unit to vibrate as well as make a sound alert.

          You can do pretty much everything from downstairs, so if baby becomes restless I tend to start the lullabies and he goes off to sleep again. I can activate or deactivate his nightlight or I can talk to him from teh comfort of the sofa!

          The parent unit has LED lights on the top which light up, the louder baby gets the more lights light up. Full blown crying gives you lots of reds! Useful if you are watching a film and have the unit on silent.

          The monitor has the function of linking to an MP3 player to play your own songs or Mum/Dad's voice but this isn't a function I have used so cannot comment on it.

          The battery life on the parent unit is really good. I tend to charge it one night and then the following night I have it on downstairs from 7pm and it stays on until 7am the next day. Even though Jack is in the next room I have it on unless he is being talkative at 5am and then I pop it on mute!
          I have the Sensitivity set to 3 - means I don't hear every movement but I do hear him moaning in his sleep so can sometimes pop his dummy in before he wakes fully. I did have it set to 5 when I first had it but I soon got annoyed with hearing every sniffle.

          Overall, I think this monitor is A* - well worth the money (especially when someone else pays lol)


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            16.03.2010 11:26
            Very helpful



            A great looking & sounding monitor, has deffo been worth the money

            As I do love a good gadget, I spent ages researching what type of monitor would be best for us. Never having used one, I wasn't sure what to look for and the features on this certainly looked impressive & cool- you can actually plug your ipod into it to let baby listen to your individual taste in music- what more do you want?

            It certainly has lots of useful gadgety type aspects, on top of the ipod funtion, it has a few songs built in that you can play remotely to the baby (to be honest, I found them a bit tinny and more annoying than soothing) it also has a night light function that can be set at different levels and- best of all- a talk back function to let you speak to baby without going in and disturbing them. I have found this absolutely worth every penny, as when my LO is crying, I have found sometimes all he needs is to hear a couple of words from me and that will reassure him and send him straight off. (Plus toddlers & kids love using it as a walkie talkie- keeps them amused for hours!)

            The other brill gadget on this monitor is the temperature monitor. It lets you see at a glance if baby is too hot, as you can set the levels you want for too hot and too cold, and it will flash blue when it reaches them. This is such a reassurance during the panicky 'am I doing it right?' newborn stage, as you know how many blankets to put on them.

            Downsides- THE BATTERY! Honestly, the amount of times the parent monitor woke me up during the night far outweighed the times the baby did! It beeps when the battery is going down (normally at half 3 in the morning), it also beeps when it gets too hot or too cold (make sure you turn this alert off if you want any sleep!) So my recommendation would be to make sure you keep it plugged in overnight.

            Overall, looks great, the sound quality is fab (I have never had any scary interference crossed line incidents, thank goodness!) and the remote functions and gadgets, such as the torch will keep the techie fans happy too.


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            29.10.2009 14:33
            Very helpful



            Good product I would reccommend

            I chose this monitor mainly because it was digital, we did have an analogue monitor to begin with but the interference was really bad and we kept getting woken up by the static! I looked around and found the BT 150 seemed to do the job and more!
            Now BT isn't usually a make I would have chosen as I don't really associate it with baby products but having read a couple of reviews and looked at prices I did opt for this one and I am pleased with it.

            + Price +

            I bought mine from Amazon for £55 but I think it's now down to £50 there, shop around as I have seen it as high as £70!

            + What's in the Box +

            Baby Unit + Mains Adapter
            Parent Unit + Mains Adapter
            2 x AA rechargeable batteries for parent unit
            Charger for parent unit
            Aux audio lead
            Travel Bag
            Wall mounting bracket for baby unit
            Instruction Booklet

            + Features +

            (Taken from inside the brochure)
            Digital sound quality with hi-def sound
            Wireless range up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors
            Out of range warning
            Link light alerting you when the link is lost between units
            5 Lullabies or record your own facility with voice recording
            Aux connector
            Talk back feature
            Adjustable night light
            Torch on parent unit
            Mains or battery operated on both units
            Room temperature monitor
            Timer facility
            Paging facility (if parent unit misplaced the baby unit has a pager facility)
            Sound level indicator
            Mute function
            Battery low indicator
            Belt Clip
            Travel Bag

            There are quite a lot of features and I have used them all to see how they work but really if the monitor was cheaper and didn't have half the facilities it would be just as good as they aren't really needed.

            + Overview of some of the features +

            Outdoors use - during summer we spent a bit of time in the garden so it was handy to be able to take the monitor out with us, and what helped us with this was the fact that the parent monitor has rechargeable batteries so we didn't have to carry the adapter everywhere which was a problem with our 1st monitor.

            Lullabies - Have used this feature however the sounds aren't great and what is annoying is then you hear the sounds really loud through the parent monitor but can't hear baby, however there is a mute function so you can still see the sound level on the parent unit too.

            Talk Back - We have used this but only myself and my partner to talk to each other through it, so not really what its intended for!

            Torch on parent unit - This is handy if you need a little light to look for a dummy under the cot! So there is no interference when you take the parent unit near the baby unit, whilst the torch is on it turns off the link between units which is good.

            Timer Facility - You can set the time and then a countdown for feeding time for example. The only part I don't like about this is when you turn the parent unit off it then loses the time so you would need to re program each time.

            Aux Facility - I plugged my ipod into the baby unit and it works fine, nice idea and extra touch but I've only used it once to test it and the volume isn't very loud at its highest.

            Temperature Monitor - I do quite like this feature, its handy to know when you're worried about what to dress your baby in and also you can set a maximum and minimum limit on the temperature so when it goes above/below your set levels you will be alerted this was particularly useful during the summer months when it got very hot in our house!

            Travel Bag - I like this, it keeps everything together and we often need to travel to in laws so this does come in handy for us.

            All of the features and be controlled by either the baby unit or parent unit which is great because then there's no disturbing baby.
            The parent unit can be used whilst its being charged too and the batteries out of the charger last us around 14hours (we've had the monitor around 7mths)

            + My Thoughts +

            Overall I'm glad we purchased this monitor as compared to our analogue one the sound is brilliant, its crystal clear and I can hear all the little sounds my baby makes , it's a very easy to use monitor even with all the features, most of the extra uses have come in handy although they aren't all needed and aren't a must. I would recommend this.

            Thank You for Reading!


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            03.08.2009 00:26
            Very helpful



            If you get one you'll soon understand why it's won several awards!

            Having done a lot of research on baby monitors after the arrival of my daughter we finally plumped for the 150 - it got good all round reviews and had several awards to it's name - always a good start!
            We live in a new build, small but very difficult for wireless signals (mobiles, wifi etc) to penetrate somehow. Working on the principle that the bigger the distance that it should be able to cover the more likely it was to succeed in our house this seemed to fit the bill.
            It is very easy to set up, but I would recommend at least flicking through the manual if you have a moment... Maybe whilst the parent unit is charging? :)
            It has a host of functions from a walkie talkie back to the baby unit (this button is actually badly positioned - if you have 5 thumbs on your hand you could easily press the talk button and startle the baby awake...) to recording your voice which you can then replay remotely to the baby, various tunes that again can be activated removely to help an unsettled baby calm down, thermometer with alarm if low or high temps are breached. Vibrate function if baby stirs as well as VERY good sound quality on the actual speakers. We haven't had any interferince on the signal, but I did get a little confused one day when the people across the road were using a pressure washer to clean their car... I was picking up the sound on the monitor through the open window upstairs although the monitor was a long way from the window!
            I found that it's helped me build up confidence to leave my baby to sleep in her cot without checking on her every 5 minutes as if you position it right and max the sensitivity on it you can actually hear her breathing!

            It's well worth the extra money in my view, yes you can buy cheaper ones but I DO think with baby monitors you get what you pay for...


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            19.05.2009 12:22
            Very helpful



            A great purchase which does the job well.

            With so much choice in baby monitors about it's hard to decide which does the job well. I decided against a video monitor so opted for a good spec digital sound only one. The BT150 which I paid £49 (on offer) from Mothercare was my choice.

            In the box you get the baby unit, parent unit, a charging stand, two ac adapters, a wall mounting unit for the baby unit, two rechargeable batteries, a MP3 connector and a carry bag.

            Baby Unit

            The baby unit can be powered by battery as well as mains, takes 4 x AA batteries. It has a 3.5mm socket and using the supplied cable you can connect up your MP3 player and play your music through the unit, sound quality is fine and does the job, especially if your baby sleeps to certain music, you can also play audio books, so for those parents who don't want to sit and read a story you can let the machine do it for you!

            Other buttons on the baby unit control volume, the night light which has 3 settings - on the highest it's no way bright enough to light the room, more for ambience purposes. A music button allows you to turn on the pre-programmed music (polyphonic). It has a record button which allows you to record 2 minutes of whatever you want, and this can be played instead of the song, maybe your baby is soothed by the sound of your voice. A page button so you can find the parent unit if lost and finally an on/off button. A thermometer probe hangs out of the back of the machine.

            Parent Unit

            The best thing about this monitor is the ability to control the baby unit remotely, so you can turn on and off the night light, turn on the music and switch between the different tunes. So if your baby is starting to wake you can activate the options from the parent unit to try and send him/her back to sleep or at least entertain them for a few minutes.

            The parent unit has a button each side one for talk so you can communicate with the baby unit and the other is the torch - it has a small LED torch at the top which is a nice touch. The parent unit has a belt clip and sits in a charger, battery life I find is fine for a few hours and by opting for reduced sensitivity the battery will last longer. (At the highest sensitivity 5 the monitor is permanently on but if you lower the setting it becomes sound activated so only turns the speaker on if noise is heard). A mute function and vibrate function are also included. The monitor has lights across the top which move to the sound. The parent unit display the room temperature and you can pre-set warning max low temperatures and if the room temperature drops or gets too high the unit will warn you.


            Well the quality and clarity is very good, it picks up every little sound, its very clear. I have found no issues with interference even though I have wireless internet and a cordless digital (BT) phone. The parent unit is situated right next to the home phone and no issues. Distance is great and not had any issues in any of my house or garden - I haven't seen the need to walk down the road and test it!


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            18.05.2009 11:23



            An excellent monitor well worth the money, good quality sound

            A baby monitor is probably the best purchase we made and after searching the internet for customer reviews we settled on the BT 150 model which has a parent console and the main part that you leave next to your little one. I think it's excellent. It is easy to set up and after fully charging the parent module is ready to roll.
            The quality of the sound is amazing and there is a choice of volumes so you can turn it up or down depending on the noise level you want. On the highest setting you can even hear your baby breathing!
            The other bonuses is the mp3 plug socket so you can choose your own music to play to your little one or you can use the pre-programmed lullaby tunes. They're a bit tinny but my boy likes them especially 3 sisters one of the songs on there.
            The parent module also acts as a kind of remote control allowing you to turn on or off several functions (e.g. light and lullaby) from downstairs. The one annoying thing is the temperature warning that will beep when the room is too hot but I have found a way to turn this off!
            And the most important feature the walkie talkie function that I can guarantee you will try out even before the baby is born it provides hours of amusement ;-)


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            05.02.2009 23:35
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Can't say I loved it as our had some problems but maybe we just got one with attitude :)

            The baby monitor was a purchase made by dad. He sat at the computer for ages trying to decide which one was best. Given we live in a small house I voted not to bother getting one at all but he didn't listen.

            Finally he made his decision and purchased the BT 150 Baby Monitor. We paid about £65 but I have seen them recently for about £55 so shop around.

            Technical Details

            * Digital DECT technology with Hi-Def sound
            * Rubber key zones on both units
            * Mains or battery powered
            * Rechargeable batteries in parent unit
            * Portable parent unit
            * 2x interchangeable power adapters
            * Sound level indicator LED array
            * Parent talk back
            * Mute function on parent unit
            * Vibrating alert on parent unit
            * Auxiliary input for external audio sources
            * Parent voice recording on baby unit
            * Torch on parent unit
            * Room temperature monitor
            * Backlit black and white dot matrix LCD screen
            * Timer/alerts on parent unit
            * Night light with adjustable brightness
            * Illuminated key zone on baby unit
            * Multiple polyphonic lullabies
            * Fully adjustable volume and sensitivity
            * Range up to 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors
            * Travel bag
            * Belt clip
            * Out-of-range warning
            * Battery low indicator
            * 2x AA rechargeable batteries for parent unit

            The monitor has a temperature gauge on it and if it becomes too hot or too cold in the room an alarm will sound. It is just a beep or two untill you do something about it. In the instructions it says to acknowledge this warning press the check button and the alarm will turn off. I'm not sure if it was just ours or if pressing that button is more like the snooze on an alarm clock, but ours every few minutes would sound again untill the temp was raised or lowered as required.

            The belt hook is really easy to slide onto any clothing and the unit is very light, which is nice as my old one for my first child was so heavy it nearly was pulling clothes off.

            The vibrating alert was a bit of a shock as it vibrated and sounded at the same time. Maybe I pressed something wrong but I hadn't expected that.

            Using the hand or parent unit you can put the music on and use as a walk-n-talk. I tended to use it to shout upsetairs that I needed another nappy.

            There is a light on the end of the handheld bit which I presume is to find things and not have to turn the lights on. Not sure what use that is as if you take that bit near the main unit you'll start getting the high pitched feedback sound. I did however use it to read the gas meter.

            Now and again for some odd reason of which we have not solved the unit works in reverse. As in the sound we make downstairs is suddenly being put right next to sleeping baby. Not my favorite bit as you can imagine.

            Apparently you can plug an MP3 player into the main unit and play your own music. Don't think my music taste counts as a lullaby but still a nifty idea.

            We haven't travelled with it but it has a travel bag and is really easy to pack up.

            The parent unit has a sensor across the top to show how much noise is in babies room, but in our house any noise made makes the light bars light up. I found it constantly catching my eye and a bit annoying. Our house isn't tiny either (Average end terrace, two double bedrooms, two sitting rooms, kitchen, two bathrooms ....).

            These days we very rarely use the parent unit, but the main unit is always on. This way I can use the music bit, see the temp, use the main unit glow light, and not have to hear any alarms or worry that the unit is working in reverse.

            I do like this monitor as it's nice looking and has what we need, but there have been a few glitches along the way. That being said when it works it's brilliant. Would still recommend it even though we've had our ups and downs.


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          • Product Details

            The BT Baby Monitor 150 provides advanced features such as Mp3 plug-in and integrated thermometer, DECT digital technology, polyphonic lullabies, rechargeable batteries and a torch on the parent handset. High definition sound quality!

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