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Kiddiproof Multi Purpose Lock

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Brand: Kiddiproof / Safety Type: Household Safety & Child Proofing

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2007 21:35
      Very helpful



      Great locks when placed correctly, have saved me my sanity!

      Every morning I used to wake with dread, you see my 2 children share a room, with my 3 year old in a bed, and my 1 year old in a cot and every morning they would wake up early to play. Of course when I say play what I really mean is my 3 year old would empty the wardrobe, drawers and toy box into his sisters' cot. Every morning I would have to spend an hour tidy in the chaos they had created, no amount of telling off, bribery, pleading would get them to stop the daily ritual, on occasion the game would turn into a frenzy as Elsa would throw a book across the room that Christopher ad put in her bed and then he would start throwing them back. There was only a certain amount we could remove from their room and so we had to think of another way of stopping them emptying out all their belongings and turning their room into a war zone. So off we toddle to Toys R Us in a desperate search for some cupboard locks.

      Kiddiproof Multipurpose locks-
      Whilst the multipurpose lock comes to you in one piece it is actually made up in 3 sections, 2 white circular discs and a 7 inch flexible rubber strip. The 2 discs are the locks anchor points and have a protrusion on the front of each where the rubber strip attaches, they also have adhesive pads on the back which is how they are fixed into place.

      Putting the lock into place is simple, keeping it in one piece you have to choose where you want the lock positioned, peel off the backing on the adhesive pad and put the first anchor point into place. Then, keeping the rubber strip taught, choose the location for the other white disc, remove its backing and stick into place.

      To open the lock you need to press down on one of the white discs while pulling on the rubber strip, with a little persistence it will come away from the white disc and you can access the cupboard or drawer that was previously locked.

      The locks come in single packs, on a cardboard backing with plastic covering, all the instructions you could need for application are on the back of the pack.

      Price & Availability-
      The Kiddiproof multipurpose lock comes singularly and is £2.99 from Toys R Us, I have also found them on Amazon.com at a price of £1.49 for 1 (not including p&p)

      Our Experience-
      Since installing the locks I have not once had to clean up the madness caused by my toddler emptying all his units, much to my relief! I applied the locks quite dubiously to begin with not sure if they would work but desperately hoping they would. So far it's going well, there's no more 6 in the morning racket as they throw toys at each other, no hour spent refolding my daughters clothes and searching out all her shoes and socks. I have not had to refill their toy box and in fact the teddies I placed on top the box have not been moved since the locks were applied, usually they were added to the mountain of toys in Elsa's cot as Christopher moved them out of the way so he could get into the box.

      I also used to regularly find unwanted items in my washing machine, or the clean washing all over the kitchen floor, as they had mastered the art of opening the machine. I applied a lock to the washing machine door and although they can just about click the door open they can't open it enough to get their grubby little hands in and cause any trouble. I know they've tested this lock because it's had tiny chocolate finger prints on it. They aren't good at removing evidence yet!

      Applying the locks was so easy, they seem to stick on any surface with mine being attached to wood, painted surfaces, plastic and metal. There is no need for drills or screws so you do not have to damage any of the furniture, that was something I found very important when it came to my daughters wooden My Little Pony toy chest, obviously it's also very handy for appliances like the washing machine as you cant really drill into that!

      Actually opening the locks is the trickier bit as they take some force to begin with, this of course is a good thing, you want them to put up a fight other wise they'll never stand up to the crazed pulling and tugging of a manic 3 year old. You need to make sure you hold down the white disc as you pull on the rubber strap otherwise, on certain surfaces such as veneered wood, the disc can come unstuck.

      I like that the rubber strap is clear, some other locks are solid white which could look unsightly on some surfaces, it is also very flexible and your little one is unlikely to hurt their hands by tugging on the strap. The flexibility also means it is more durable and less likely to snap or fracture.

      It is a very simple system but it works effectively, one of the only concerns I have is the question of will the adhesive pad dry out over time, obviously this is something I can monitor and should I notice any drying I can simply apply new adhesive, but it is one of the few disadvantages this product has over similar permanent products. While the locks can be attached to many different appliances I would only apply it to an oven door if it was a heat proof door, meaning the ovens heat cannot be felt on the outside of the door, I haven't tested one on my oven as that is one of the few appliances my kids aren't interested in (yet) so I cannot say for certain but I do not know how well the rubber and adhesive would cope with the extreme heat.

      There are many uses for these locks, not just as I have done, toy boxes and wardrobes. They would be perfect for food cupboards, medicine cabinets, cupboards containing chemicals and cleaning fluids, ornament display cabinets, even fish tank lids and such like. More then one lock can be used on an item or appliance providing extra reassurance.

      My only other complaint with the lock is they are only available in single packs, which not only means you pay more if you need several but you are also left with an awful lot of card and plastic packaging. While the locks were available in Toys R Us on 3 for 2 it would still be nice to be able to purchase multipacks.

      Over all they are a great little safety feature, perfect for keeping little hands out of danger and in my case keeping mummy sane after not having to tidy a room at 6 every morning. I would highly recommend them.


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  • Product Details

    Will help prevent children from opening doors, fridges, cabinets, drawers and much more, and are suitable for corners and curved surfaces. Tough for little hand to open but easy for adults to use.

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