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Kiddiproof Plug Shield

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Brand: Kiddiproof / Safety Type: Household Safety & Child Proofing

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2010 16:16
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      Stupid Idea...... Don't Bother!

      I was given this a couple of years ago, my sister was just starting to get about for herself and my mate said these Plug Shields were brilliant. She gave me 3 actually and I used them all in my room because they're designed for the plugs that are just left on the floor, there are loads of plug sockets in the rest of the house but only a couple in my room so I've always got a few unused plugs and cables floating round.

      They're stupid..... let me tell you that now! The shields do the EXACT OPPOSITE for what they're supposed to do. Since my sister was a baby I've liked having her mooching around in my room while I'm on the computer or doing something else, I'm pretty aware of safety as well and any dodgy stuff is well out of reach. If a safety gadget works I'll definately use it, but within a DAY of having these plug shields I knew they wasn't going to help keep my sister safe at all and might actually do the opposite.

      The thing is the shield is shaped just like a plug SOCKET so as soon as my sister noticed that she was straight over there pulling the plug out and trying to fit it back in again! I remember watching her for a few minutes laughing that she'd sussed it out.... and then I thought oh god, I hope she doesn't start trying that with the proper electrical sockets on the wall! She'd never even noticed the plugs until I started using the shields, and then she wouldn't keep away from them! That's making things KiddiFRIENDLY not KiddiPROOF!

      They're quite sturdy and it's not majorly easy to pull the plug out, it can be done though by a child and I know that because even though I've slated the shields here I have actually KEPT one on the plug of a lamp that is broken and will never be repaired but I don't want to throw away. My sister sometimes goes to the plug and since she was 2 she's been able to pull the plug out of the socket and now she can do it pretty quick. They're not ugly and just make the plugs look bulky more than anything else, they're made out of that cheap plastic that looks like it would get dirty quick if you handled the shields all the time but the one I kept still looks ok because it only really gets touched when my sister decides to play with the plugs!
      I think they're a stupid idea, and even the little plastic loop that keeps them attached to the cable of whatever plug your want to use it for. It feels like it's got a good grip but when you take the shield off the plug it just slides down... and it's one of them things that seems to slide down easy but is a pain in the you know what to pull back up!

      Not recommended.... they make a child look at plugs and sockets even if they've never noticed them before!


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    • Product Details

      Prevents children from playing with plugs.

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