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Lloytron B850 Baby Monitor

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Brand: Lloytron / Type: Baby Monitor

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2013 14:51
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      A basic unit but does the job

      When my daughter got to six months she went into her cot in her nursery. I didn't want her becoming too attached to sleeping in her moses basket in the same room as us, plus the moses basket got too small. That didn't stop me worrying though and we were given this Lloytron B850 baby monitor so that we could keep a close eye on her. As it was a present, I have no idea how much it cost and unfortunately I can't find it anywhere on sale, Amazon stock it but it's not available at the moment.

      Setting Up
      The kit comes with a main unit that stays in our bedroom, a camera unit that stays in my daughter's nursery, a wall mount bracket and a set of instructions. The units are white with a section of yellow running around them. It looks pretty similar to most baby monitors available, there's not really anything that stands out. To set up, both units need easy access to a socket as both have mains adaptors that need to be plugged in. We are lucky in the sense that both rooms have sockets in the perfect places for it, but it could pose a bit of a problem for others because the wires from both units to the plug aren't very long. It is a wireless unit in the sense that no wires are required to run between the two bedrooms.

      Once both units are plugged in, the best wavelength setting on the main unit needs to be determined by pressing the four wavelength buttons. This is entirely dependable on the house layout and any type of interference as to which is the best one. We find number one works best for us, although it still causes a little interference. My husband is insistent that it is caused by our wireless internet router, even though the main unit is kept upstairs and well away from the router downstairs.

      Using the Monitor
      The interference isn't to the point that it is unusable, the picture quality is ok although I have to move the main unit around to get the best reception on it, so we don't use the wall mount - if I don't move it, it buzzes a lot and this drives us insane overnight! The picture is useful, although there is an option to turn this feature off but still pick up the sound from her room. The sound only option is something that we use more than I expected. The brightness from the picture overnight in a dark room is too much and my husband thinks it's like having a little lamp on in the corner! The brightness is adjustable but we do have it on a lower setting. The picture we receive is not in full colour despite it being advertised as such. I'm not sure whether this is because we don't have the optimum reception for it or whether the picture would be like this anyway.

      The screen is a 2.5 inch LCD screen so gives a decent sized picture. I find that the range from the camera unit is ok, although it doesn't cover the full length of the cot so sometimes she is out of view on the picture as in the night she wriggles from the bottom of the cot right up to the top. Obviously if I adjust the unit, the picture will then be picked up in the right place but this isn't something I'm going to do overnight! The camera has a tilted feature so it can be moved to get the best picture but it is quite limited. I have tried to move the camera back to get more onto the picture but then she looks a bit too far away. Overnight, the camera uses an infra red night vision mode and this covers up to 3 metres. We definitely still rely more on the sound feature than the video feature.

      The sound is adjustable, so we always turn our volume up overnight, thinking that as we're asleep we need it to be set quite high in order to wake us up if she starts crying. Then we just turn it down slightly during the day for any afternoon naps she might have. There is a on/off switch on the side of the monitor so it's easily turned off completely when not in use but I then have to make a conscious effort to remember to switch it back on.

      Other Features
      The range when not obstructed is 100m, it has a belt clip for carrying and an earphone socket although these are not things I've ever used. I don't really see the point in the earphone socket personally, but someone else might think it's a great feature! There is also meant to be a sleep function that is voice activated although I don't know how this works as I've never tried it out.

      The baby monitor is quite a basic model but does everything that I was after. I really liked the look of the ones with a built in video feature as well, just as I felt they offered extra piece of mind that I could not only hear when she was gurgling but I could also see her. It's been particularly useful over the last few weeks when she's started to stand up in her cot, I can now pop the picture on to see if she has stood up so I know when to go in and try to coax her to lie back down! I rate the unit 3 stars, as I think it's got a lot going for it but isn't without problems too.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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