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Safety Type: Household Safety & Child Proofing

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2009 10:07
      Very helpful



      If you had kids, you may need them.

      I don't have kids, so this product wasn't intended for me, when I have bought it from eBay, but when I have seen it how it works and how efficient it is I just had to write something good about it.

      There is variety of product that are, very similar to this one, but they all work on the same principals - thro magnets. You put the "lock" on the door or front plate of the drawer and the "obstacle" for the bolt on the appropriate place on the inside of the cabinet or drawer and you are set. Now the cabinet can't be open until someone puts the appropriate magnetic key on the front side of the cabinet, approximate on place where on the other side of the board is magnetic lock. You are able to open the cabinet as long this key is on that place. If you are planning to use your cabinet often you can disengage the lock and engage it when you wont, to protect it again. And, the best thing is, that there isn't any holes on the outside of your cabinets. One key can unlock every magnetic lock in your house.

      You can use this kind of lock on doors thickness to more than an inch. My lock had even a special extensions that you use when working with different thickness. It also had a very good template, you just stick it to the cabinet and close the door, when you open it again, part of the template stayed on the cabinet itself and part on the door. This way you know exactly were to drill. Now instructions should be a little clearer. They are very small and very clumsy for some. I have read a lot of negative comments about it. But if you take some time, you can install the lock with no problems. First one takes a little longer, but the rest are then easy.

      Good protection, against dangerous content of drawers.


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    • Product Details

      Helps prevent access to cupboards. Release mechanism is activated with a separate magnetic 'key' which can be stored out of reach. Once locked, cupboard boor is secure without any visible evidence on the door face.

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