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Pepe Rear Child Seat

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Type: Children's Bike Seat

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2011 14:29
      Very helpful



      Good overall item for those non serious cyclists

      As a fairweather cyclist with one 7 year old and a toddler I didnt want anything too elaborate, or to be honest, expensive for a childs bike seat. It needed to be robust, safe, three point harness and easy to remove from original bike and rear mounted. I had discounted front mounted purely on the fact that I am not very tall and would not have been able to comfortably get my arms to the handlebars and safely steer the bike.

      After a little bit of surfing I found the Pepe Pink Rear Child Seat on offer for £17.00 at Toys R Us. The normal retail price for this item at TRU is £19.99. The chair ticked all the boxes on price, durablility and safety, plus the padded seat gave extra comfort to my daughters bottom and there was a recess at the top to allow for the cycling hat, therefore not pushing childs head forward uncomfortably.

      the seat itself can be mounted on either seat pillar or on top of a carrier - but this is only on standard frame bikes, not the ones with the suspension springs or non cylindricul pillars - this must be taken into account when purchasing. The strong over-the-head 3 point harness, that fixes just in front of the child groin was adjustable but also stated to be child proof. It is also fitted with wide adjustable foot guards to accommodate the growth of your child. Maximum weight load for seat is 22kg. The cycle comes with one only pillar lock, but additional can be purchased from manufacturer.

      Duly purchased I got it out of the box and then stalled. Maybe I was expecting a miracle but I couldnt make sense of the section that locks to the seat pillar or how it was fixed. So, along came the husband complete with ratchet set and, after about 20 mins, fixed the pillar lock to the bike. I am not bad with a took kit but would not have been able to do this myself and it can be a bit of a 2-man job when fixing to hold the bike still and upright so you fix the pillar lock on level, therefore ensuring a safe ride for your child.

      With the pillar lock in place, the two pronged bracket that is attached to the front of the seat seat itself just slides into the 2no holes and away you go. It is very easy to fit your child into the seat, the harness comes over the head and really is child proof in the lock, definately need to have adult strength to open it. The foot rests are also good as they allow movement so child isnt pinned in but not so much that they would cause you a problem whilst cycling. If you wish to remove the seat there is a quick release button that you press to unlock the seat bracket from the pillar lock, slide it out and you are done. My little girl thoroughlly enjoys going out in her pink seat; she is comfortable, safe and supported, doesnt get too hot or complain of leg/bottom etc ache and isnt positioned so close to my back that her view is obscurred.

      My only word of caution is that this seat is not suitable for rough terrain as their is quite alot of bounce movement, front the front bracket, if you go over rough ground, or down hill at constant speed. My daughter thinks its fab when the seat bounces slightly every wheel rotation when zooming down our village hill so it doesnt cause them any discomfort but you do need to reduce speed to stop bouncing.

      All in all, for the money I paid and the type of use I require this seat does the job well, for those more adventurous then a more sturdy, and higher priced seat may be advisable.


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