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Aero Honeycomb

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Brand: Aero

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    1 Review
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      03.05.2003 22:40
      Very helpful



      Are you after an Aero? Got the munchies for some Crunchies? Can't decide which one to have? Sick and tired of stupid questions? For those of us who, never mind the major resolutions in life, can't always decide on matching socks, I've come up with the perfect solution. Simply place an Aero, with a Crunchie bar on top, into the microwave, give it 30 seconds of radiotherapy and, VIOLA! OK then, maybe not one of my better ideas, unless your vision of choco-heaven is administering 3rd degree burns to your fingers by scraping a slushy, slobbering mass of gooey, congealed chocolate (with attendant additives) from that revolving plate thingy. Back to the drawing board (and the French phrasebook). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: I wouldn't recommend the above method as a viable alternative to simply buying a ready-made version, but if you do this, please remember to remove the foil wrappers thereby avoiding any unnecessary expense and unwelcome danger. Plus, it's a nightmare trying to separate the foil from the chocolate. JUST DON'T DO IT! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- From the earliest days of binge eating and unhealthy diets, man has constantly struggled to solve the problems of marrying the chocolate covered oxygen of an Aero bar with the honeycomb of sugary stickiness that is a Crunchie bar. Well, since around 2001 anyway. Which leaves us with this interesting question.... WHY? Obviously some foody boffin-type thought there was a crushing need for this product - a hungry craving that must be satisfied. Someone, somewhere was driven by the urge to placate the palates of we, the ever-increasing consumers - to give us new, exciting flavours and taste sensations at an affordable price - and handsome profit margin. Those thoughtful people at Nestlé came up with the answer, or rather an
      answer: AERO HONEYCOMB • The Unwrapping • Aero Honeycomb doesn't come in the guise of an ordinary Aero bar - a sort of flattish, standard chocolate bar design, but more like a chunky, log shape very similar to a Crunchie bar. Amazingly, it's about the same size as a Crunchie and even more freakily, the wrapper is a shiny golden colour - just like you know what. Are you sensing a pattern here? I'm sure Cadbury's, the makers of Crunchie, don't see any conflict of interests though. The wrapper also gives us the usual nutritional and calorific information (497kcal per 100g) as well as a list of ingredients which, I have to say, is one of the shortest lists I've seen. On the front of the wrapper is the standard logo, the word Aero written in bubbly chocolate style and a red-lettered 'honeycomb' surrounded by orange lumpy bits. You've got to hand it to Nestlé though, being able to sell us air, or to be more precise, nothing, covered in chocolate - it's a testament to their marketing genius, or our gullibility. • The Devouring • So what's it like? Surprisingly, it's like biting into an Aero with a thin Crunchie on top. Well, that's a slight exaggeration. The Aero part is like....er....it's like an Aero, only thicker. Soft, creamy, fluffy and bubbly, air never tasted so good. But remember how I inferred that the wrapper was uncannily similar to a Crunchie wrapper? - Of course you do. Well that's where the similarity stops. The honeycomb pieces do taste of honeycomb (is that a flavour?) but they aren't really very honeycombed. Because of their texture, I was reminded of eating tiny little stones and pieces of grit. (When I say reminded I'm not being literal, as I don't actually remember ever having eaten grit.) It's nice enough, but the honeycomb pieces are a little on the calciferous side of tasty and spoil it so
      mewhat. • The Verdict • At 99p for a four-pack, these are decent value and overall not too bad. I like Aeros, but I found the honeycomb pieces to be substandard. It might be better, if you have the need to simultaneously consume some bubbly chocolate combined with golden honeycomb, to buy an Aero AND a Crunchie and be done with it. Maybe my fusion idea wasn't so damn crazy after all! To sum up, it's not bad, but not brilliant. Would I eat it again? - humff, crinkle, munch....sorry, what was the question? DISCLAIMER: I haven't used ® or ™ logos in the appropriate places because if I had, this review would have been literally littered, logo-wise. We can safely assume that: Cadburys®, Nestlé®, Crunchie®, and Aero® are all suitably covered under copyright© and trademark™ rulings. We can also safely assume that nobody is infringing these rules, especially not me! Thanks for reading ©proxam2003


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