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Aero Milk Medium Chocolate Bar

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4 Reviews

Brand: Aero / Type: Milk

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    4 Reviews
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      30.01.2013 19:52
      Very helpful



      Aero chocolate bar 110g


      I just fancied a big bar of chocolate the other night so when I was out getting in a few bits, this was on offer and couldn't resist, so it went into the basket. I have always loved the aero chocolate, especially when I was pregnant with my eldest son, mint aero chocolate and lilt was my cravings. The bars of chocolate was always just a bar, standard size but now they have bought the *share bar*.


      The packaging is quite standard really, the packaging is brown in colour with silver foil inside the packet, the front of the packaging shows the Nestle Aero label, alongside a little quote of *feel the bubbles*. Unlike some packaging this is not hard to open. There is also ingredients count on the front as well, letting you know how many calories, sugars, fat, saturates and salt of each 6 square piece of chocolate, this is a guidance of a adults daily amount. There are no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives which is always a good thing. On the back of the packaging you have the ingredients, address and contact number of the company, best before date, and quotes about the chocolate.


      The smell hits you as soon as you open the packaging a strong of chocolate but one that don't smell sickly. You just can't wait to tuck into the chocolate, the smells tend to draw you in and make your mouth water. As soon as the chocolate goes into your mouth it starts to melt, and when you bite into the chocolate you can feel the bubbles hit your tongue. Aero is different from other chocolate due to the bubbles inside the bar, but taste delicious and can be quite Moorish depending on how bad a chocolate fan you are, although I don't eat much chocolate I do enjoy this and can eat quite a bit of it. I have to say this is one of the bars of chocolate that is really chocolaty and the bar comes in small rectangle like pieces so can easily be snapped off.


      I bought this from my local spar shop it was on offer at the time and only cost me a £1 for an 110g bar of chocolate, and will probably last me a few days as I will only eat it when I feel like it, but knowing me it will be gone by then with my partner nicking it.


      I will probably end up buying this again. I enjoy this one and the mint one, but not too keen on the orange ones, as I don't really like chocolate and orange flavoured chocolate. The chocolate as a rich chocolate tastes but does not leave you feeling sick unless you eat too much then shame on you. I bought the big bar as for the standard size bars your talking like 65p, so for value for money the big bar is better on the pocket.


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        01.11.2011 22:09
        Very helpful



        lovely bubbly chocolate

        I love chocolate and will pretty much eat any, but I try and opt for ones that are on offer to save a little bit of money. I also try and look for multi-packs as individual bars of chocolate now can be very expensive in comparison. So on a recent trip to my local Tesco express store on the lookout for some chocolate bars to go into mine and my husband's lunch boxes I spotted Nestle Areo bars in multipacks for half price. I had not had an aero bar for a while so thought they would make a nice change.

        The Areo bars came in a pack of four for just £1.00, these are the flatter bars of Aero as seen in the picture above not the chunky style bars. The bars are all packed in individual foil wrappers to help keep them nice and fresh.

        The nutritional information for a single Aero bar is:
        Calories - 232
        Protein - 2.8g
        Carbohydrate - 24.9g
        Fat - 13.2g
        Fibre - 0.9g
        Sodium - trace.
        I was quite surprised that the fat and calorie content was so high with the chocolate being so light with the all the bubbles, but I guess that it is still chocolate at the end of the day! The Areo bar also contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

        I really enjoy bars of Aero, they break up easily as there are groves in the chocolate splitting it up into pieces. I have tried to only eat a couple of pieces and put the rest of the bar back but this never seems to work and I end up eating the whole thing before I know it. The chocolate is very light with all the bubbles it contains and tends to just melt in your mouth. One thing I really like about Aero is that it does tastes like it contains more cocoa than some brands of milk chocolate which gives it a richer and deeper flavour while still remaining creamy too. I would certainly recommend these Aero bars they are lovely, bubbly, tasty chocolate!


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          16.05.2011 11:21
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great tasting chocolate bar; soft and bubbly

          Aero was introduced to the UK in 1935 and originally it was actually going to be named Airways


          Aero milk chocolate goes down a treat. It is ever so light, smooth and creamy. The Aero bubbly chocolate means that it is very easy to consume loads! On the front of the 110g bar i have it says 'feel the bubbles'

          I like the packaging actually; with the word AERO printed across the front of the wrapper; it has a partly white background. The letter O has bubbles coming out of it and around the side of the packet are bigger bubbles in a milk chocolate colour.

          On the back of the wrapper at the bottom is printed the following ' its the bubbles in our AERO milk that make it so enjoyabubble'. I would have to agree with this statement! I like Aero, not only for its smooth and pleasant chocolate flavour but because its light in texture and light on your tummy. Despite its lightness, it isn't light in calorie content. There are 540 kcals in 100g of the product, or 121 kcal in 6 squares. Thats quite fattening. I am surprised at the amount of calories really as you wouldn't imagine it would be all that fattening when it seems so light.

          I bought this large bar at Sainsburys. It only cost a £1.00 which is good i think. Chocolate prices have really increased lately so i am always on the lookout for at least a reasonable cost and bargains when i buy chocolate.


          Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids (25% minimum), milk solids (14% minimum), vegetable fat and cocoa butter.

          Sugar, Dried whole milk, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat, Lactose & proteins from whey, Whey powder, Emulsifier; soya lecithin, Butterfat, Flavouring.

          Now that i have looked at all the ingredients i can see why its fattening!! It could have been made a little less fattening if skimmed milk had been used rather than whole milk; then again, i expect that would have affected the taste/flavour!

          ~~~Other available Aero flavours/brands/different varieties~~~;



          Aero mousse (mint, White & milk chocolate)

          Aero peppermint balls

          Aero Instant Hot Chocolate

          Aero Biscuit

          Aero Milk chocolate caramel

          Aero Bubbleball ice cream

          You can also get Aero bubbles in bags which are really nice but quite expensive in the larger bags

          Personally i prefer the standard Milk chocolate Aero to the mint chocolate one; i just think its tastes nicer.

          I have not tried the Aero milk chocolate orange bar; the reason is, is that i am not greatly keen on orange chocolate. I have however tried the Aero caramel bar and its tastes great.

          I have tried Aero milk chocolate mousse and thats pretty good. The white chocolate mousse and mint chocolate mousse does not really appeal to my taste buds.

          Aero is a good chocolate bar; unique, with a smooth bubbly texture. In my view it deserves a 4 star rating


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            14.12.2010 15:48
            Very helpful




            Right, I'm trying to give up smoking at the moment, and one of the things I've found that works is having a bit of chocolate every time I want a cigarette! As I don't have unlimited money, I need something cheap, and this is the cheapest big bar of chocolate in my tesco's at the moment, priced at £1 for a 120g bar, which is a lot better value than brands such as Dairy Milk and Galaxy.

            The big bar is available in Milk Chocolate and Mint flavours, but I'll be reviewing the Milk chocolate one (although I'd recommend you try the minty one; it's heavenly!). The packaging is mostly brown, with a bubble design, to reflect the bubbliness of the chocolate. There is also some nutritional information on the front, which tells you the nutritional values per 1/5 of the bar (Right! Because you only eat that much at a time!). In the milk chocolate one there are 133 calories per 1/5 of the bar, which means if I'm eating a bit everytime I want to smoke, I'm also going to have to start running every day lol. But this is such a lovely treat, to hell with the calories!!

            There's a decent amount of the chocolate; maybe not as much as some other brands, but it's really sweet and luxurious tasting, so I don't feel short changed. I've obviously scoffed the bar I'm reviewing, so I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly how many rows, I'd guess about 10 or 12. The actual chocolate is really bubbly, something that I don't think any other chocolate bars have. It makes the chocolate really melt in your mouth. I like to suck on the edges of the bit I'm eating because it makes it all gooey and delicious, mmmmm! It tastes really good, and much better than supermarket own brand chocolate. There's no blandness whatsoever, it's really full of flavour, and totally satisfies those chcocolate cravings that hit most of us sometimes.

            It's available pretty much everywhere, from Supermarkets to little off licences, and varies in price, it can be up to £2 in small off licences, but if you go to a supermarket, it really shouldn't be more than £1.20 (but it's £1 in tescos, so buy it there!). I'd highly recommend this product to anyone that just really fancies a nice bit of choc, it satisfies the cravings as it tastes so good, and won't break the bank. I hope this review was helpful, thank you for reading.


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