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Ainsley Harriott Chocolate Heaven Bar

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8 Reviews

Brand: Ainsley Harriott / Type: Bar

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    8 Reviews
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      27.07.2012 16:02
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      I highly recommend you try these!

      My mum buys me these chocolate bars from home bargains - I think she pays something like 50p for 6 bars. They are currently available at Tesco online for 99p for 8 bars. I think the price is a bargain for what is a very high quality chocolate bar. I generally like to vary what I eat and don't buy the same things every week but I do always have a supply of these bars and tend to eat one most days.

      Chocolate Heaven bars are wafer bars with chocolate in between the wafer and then chocolate surrounding them.

      The size is just nice for with a brew, not too big but not too small either. They are 133 calories per bar and 7.1g of fat which I think is reasonably o.k.

      The chocolate in these bars is really lovely and a bar really is a nice treat. When I've had barbeques and my mum's gone overboard and bought me loads of bars, I've cut them into three pieces and served them as a part of the BBQ snacks. I've had friends ask me who has made them and comment on how lovely they are.

      I would highly recommend Chocolate Heaven bars to anyone but don't get confused and buy the caramel version - they're not nearly as good (see my review)!


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        12.06.2012 18:47
        Very helpful



        Quite nice but not amazing, sweet and filling.

        I've bought these biscuits a few times from various stores but I most often find them at places like Poundland where they are on offer. I do find the quality of these biscuits does depend on how they have been stored prior to purchase though and often find them quite dry so perhaps it's best to get them at reputable stores. The biscuits are created by chef Ainsley Harriott whose charming smiley face adorns the front of the packet.

        You get 9 individually wrapped biscuit bars which come in a larger outer pack. The packaging is very informative as it shows a close up picture of what the biscuits look like. It also tells you in bold letters that the biscuits are made with 'real Belgian Chocolate'. The back of the wrapper provides more information including full ingredients. These biscuits are suitable for vegetarians and carry the approved stamp. Milk Chocolate constitutes 42% of the ingredients.

        The biscuits are described as 'crisp wafer with chocolate flavour cream filling and milk chocolate chips thickly coated in real Belgian milk chocolate'. I would have to disagree with some aspects of this description. The most notable thing is that the chocolate coating is really quite thin. There is an extra chocolate flavour cream layer at the top of the biscuit to make it seem as though the chocolate is thick. Only at each end of the biscuit does the chocolate seem to thicken out a little bit. The chocolate chips which dot the top of the biscuit are variable to each individual biscuit and I've had some biscuits that literally had two tiny chips on them whilst others have an abundance of them. The other issue is that the wafer is somewhat crisp but it's also quite soft and crumbly. The first word that comes to mind when describing the wafer is not 'crisp' but 'dry'.

        The quality of the chocolate is good and it's sweet and milky. The chocolate chips are a decent size to be able to get a real chocolatey mouthful from them. The chocolate cream has a soft paste-like texture and this blends with the drier wafer and moistens the mouthful. Altogether the wafer, cream, chocolate and chocolate chips work really well together. I would not go to the extremes of saying this is a luxury chocolate bar and that because it's created by Ainsley that it is somehow superior to other biscuits. It is quite unique though - I've not come across any other biscuits like this. I personally like my biscuits to be a little less wafer and a bit more chocolate (especially if they are called 'Chocolate Heaven' bars!) or at least be a bit more doughy. Overall though this is a nice biscuit (but not exceptional) and one that I'd recommend having with a hot or cold beverage.

        Nutritional values are given per 100g or per bar and each bar provides 141 calories and 7.8g of fat. I'm surprised by the fat content given that feels like a light biscuit when you eat it. Information provided says that these biscuits contain milk, wheat, gluten and soya and that they are not guaranteed as being nut free.

        I will certainly buy these again but I am disappointed sometimes as occaisonally they are a bit dry and the chocolate chip layer at the top of the biscuit looks mottled as though it has been exposed to heat or sunlight. I also feel the biscuit name, 'Chocolate Heaven', slightly exagerates the chocolate content and quantity. Other than that they satisfy a sweet tooth and fill the snack gap well.


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        13.03.2010 18:36
        Very helpful



        At the bargain price I paid, unmissable

        Seeing as it's the weekend, I think it's a suitable time for a chocolatey review. Admittedly in my book weekdays are *also* suitable times for chocolatey reviews, but let's not split hairs here. Now, the cult of Ainsley Harriott is not one in which I have generally become caught up. I quite liked him in his original incarnation as a mildly amusing feature on breakfast telly years and years ago, but I tend to think that he's since been overused. Still, perhaps the chocolate wafers to which he has given his name - and indeed likeness - will redeem him a bit. Belgian chocolate, too, which ought to be a plus.

        I was lucky enough to pick up a packet of these things (containing five bars) in my local B&M discount store for just 49p, which however you slice it is tremendous value considering that the average supermarket will be trying to flog them - and, so it would seem succeeding - at something between two and three times that mark. The wrapper looks fairly classy, being kept to a light brown/dark brown combination that fits chocolate very well. On the back is the usual guff from Ainsley (or possibly his ghost-writer) about how "scrumptious" this stuff is. I note that the chocolate is 20% cocoa and 20% milk, which is much the same as Dairy Milk - a good sign in my book.

        So, on we go now to that ever-popular attraction, the nutrition information section. I think it might be a good idea to advise anyone who is likely to be worried about their calorie intake to look away now. Each of these bars weighs a mere 25 grams, yet into that small space they manage to pack 133 kcal, which actually makes Chocolate Heaven very slightly *higher* in calories than the average bar of solid chocolate! On the plus side, it's not only vegetarian but officially approved by the Vegetarian Society. Milk, wheat, gluten and soya lurk within, and there's the usual "there shouldn't be any nuts in this but we don't want to get sued" disclaimer about those.

        Inside, the bars are individually wrapped. This might be seen as slightly wasteful on packaging, but on the other hand it means that there's no need for any sort of internal tray. On balance, this way is probably the better. Each bar's wrapping is very simple: the brand and product name in light brown on a deep brown background. With a little bit of practice (what a good idea!) it *is* in fact possible to open them without squishing one end of the bar, but the wrapper is snug enough that it's not a complete doddle. I would guess that they'd melt fairly easily in warm weather, too, so watch that if you take one on a picnic this summer. (I know, I know, I'm being overly optimistic about us actually *having* a summer this time round.)

        The bars are conventionally cuboid in shape, with chocolate chips (under the chocolate itself) dotted around the top. Chocolate Heaven smells wonderful: extremely chocolatey and indulgent, and able to provoke intense mouth watering without much trouble! Thankfully, this luxury does continue when you pop one in your mouth. The initial bite is slightly disappointing, without a huge amount of interest to it, but as you continue to chew a superbly rich flavour quickly comes through, with quite a strong taste that is reminiscent more of dark than of milk chocolate. This lingers especially at the sides of your tongue and is very nice indeed. Those Belgians certainly know their stuff in this department!

        Overall, I was impressed by the Chocolate Heaven bars, and even at their normal price of over a pound I think they represent good enough value for me to award them the full five stars. In truth it's more like four and a half, but that lovely rich taste compels me to err on the side of generosity in this case. At the 49p I paid, however, they are one of the bargains of the year, and you should on no account pass them by. Unless they're the last ones on the shelves and I'm waiting behind you, of course!


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          24.01.2010 17:24
          Very helpful



          These are great for bingeing on!

          PRICE: 99p for a pack of 8, at my local Morrisons

          NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per bar):

          Calories: 133
          Kj: 555
          Protein: 1.9g
          Carbohydrate: 14.0g
          (of which sugars): 8.4g
          Fat: 7.7g
          (of which saturates): 5.1g
          Fibre: 1.1g
          Sodium: 0.02g
          Salt equivalent: 0.05g


          Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, flavouring, vegetable oil, fat reduced cocoa powder, milk proteins, skimmed milk powder, water, wheat flour, salt, sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, cocoa mass, whey solids from milk,


          Contains cows' milk, wheat, gluten & soya
          Although produced in a factory which doesn't use nuts, it cannot be guaranteed that the product is nut-free


          I'm not a wildly biscuity person, and until recently have never tried anything from the Ainsley Harriott range of foods. His Chocolate Heaven Bars caught my eye in Morrisons a week or so ago, mainly due to the very reasonable price of 99p for 8 bars.

          Ainsley Harriott Chocolate Heaven Bars come in a brown and gold coloured sealed cellophane pack which bears an image of his smiling face on the front, together with a couple of the bars. The rear of the pack shows nutritional information, ingredients list, recycling advice, storage instructions and a quality claim which is put across as being written by Ainsley himself.

          Inside the pack, each bar is individually wrapped in small sealed cellophane packs which are brown with gold writing. The product also claims to be made using Belgian chocolate.

          As you've probably gathered by now, I'm not the type of person who can open a bar of chocolate or a pack of biscuits which contain chocolate, without devouring the whole contents at one sitting - it's just a simple case of lack of willpower, but this only occurs when the product is truly delicious, as prior to sampling, I hoped Ainsley's Chocolate Heaven bars would be.

          The bars are log-shaped, and measure approx. 4" x ½" having a depth of about ½". On opening each individual bar, a lovely, sweet chocolate smell wafts up that is a little candified, but appetising all the same. The chocolate on top has a very slightly rippled effect, and the bars (when unwrapped) bear a strong resemblance to Blue Riband.

          On taking the first bite from the first bar, my teeth lightly crunched and as the bar broke, it made a satisfying, sort of crispy, wispy and light snapping sound. The inside is made up of thin yet densely packed layers of a very light-textured wafer sandwiched with a chocolate flavoured paste in which a few finely scattered tiny chocolate nuggets are embedded.

          The bar is superb to chew on, as it is very crispy and though the texture of the bar is dense, I got an immediate impression of a floaty lightness. The chocolate does have a slight Belgian flavour, and mixes nicely with the wafer and chocolate paste inside - plus, though the bars are very sweet, I didn't find them unpleasantly so.

          Of course, one bar wasn't enough for me - I did find them rather moreish - and after a short while, I discovered that I'd managed to polish off the lot, being glad that I'd bought two packs. I used a bit of willpower and managed to save the second pack for the next day.

          My overall opinion of Ainsley Harriott's Chocolate Heaven Bars is that they are of very high quality and deliciously wispily crisply chocolatey dreamy......I certainly shall be buying them again, especially if they remain at the low price of 99p per pack. I can't say that there was specifically anything wrong with or a down side to this product, other than maybe I'd like the outer layer of chocolate to be a bit thicker, and their resemblance to Blue Riband Bars was maybe a little closer than I'd like. Of course they are extremely high in fat and calories, but that's to be expected from a food item of this nature and quality.

          This product comes highly recommended by me and is a lovely chocolatey treat that is a snip at 99p for 8 good-sized bars.

          Thanks for reading!

          ~~ May also be published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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            03.10.2009 17:51
            Very helpful



            As Above

            There aren't many TV chefs I am over fond of. I'm sorry to generalise but many appear full of their own importance. For this reason, unless I am really forced to watch a Food programme I often give them a miss. However there is one Chef I have a lot of time for, and that is Ainsley Harriott. I find him very down to earth and most importantly, full of fun. He obviously enjoys cooking and this comes across.

            For this reason I tried his Chocolate Heaven Bars. They come in a beige and chocolate covered wrapper, with a picture of him and his signature on the front - smiling as usual. He describes his 'Chocolate Heaven Bars as a scrmptious combination of crisp wafer, chocolate flavour cream and milk chocolate chips, thickly coated in the finest Belgian Chocolate'. I'm certainly not going to disagree with him.

            The Experience

            I really enjoyed the experience. In each packet you get 9 bars. I ate 5 of them, to the disgust of the others in my house. As you bite into the bar the top part is were you will find most of the chocolate. It really is thick and you notice the quality of the chocolate straight away. Then as your bite follows through you hit the wafer, filled again with chocolate. Absoloutely delicious. They are all individually wrapped to keep them nice and fresh.

            Beligian Milk Chocolate (42%)
            [Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Flavouring]
            Chocolate Flavour Cream Filling
            [Hydrogenerated Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Fat REduced Cocoa Powder, Milk Proteins, Skimmed Milk Powder]
            Wafer (12%)
            [Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Milk Proteins, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins), Salt, Skimmed Milk Powder, Raising Agents (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate)]
            Milk Chocolate Chips (9%)
            [Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Whey Solids (Milk), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins), Flavouring].

            Nutrition per bar (26g)

            Energy 141kcal
            Protein 1.9g
            Carbohydrate 15.7g
            of which sugars 10.0g
            Fat 7.8g
            of which saturates 5.3g
            Fibre 0.05g
            Sodium 0.02g


            A fantastic filling little snack biscuit. Oozes with quality chocolate. Looks rich looking and yet the wafers make it seem that much lighter. Great for kids and grown ups alike. I usually buy about 9 for £1, so you are talking about 10p ish a biscuit. As they are individually wrapped they can stay stocked in your cupboard for a long time.MY best Before date had5 months left on it.


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              21.07.2009 17:08
              Very helpful



              Would recommended these

              I LOVE most things chocolate, so when I saw these bars recently in the supermarket with the words 'Chocolate Heaven' emblazoned on the front, I just had to buy them (purely for dooyoo research of course *cough*).

              So what are they?~
              They are a pack of 9 individually wrapped chocolate bars, from the famous tv chef's food range.
              Each of the chocolate bars has several layers of wafer which alternates with mouthwatering belgian chocolate, Mmm.....

              Do they taste nice?~
              Well whoever thought of calling them chocolate heaven certainly nailed it on the head! On opening the wrapper you are greeted with a seriously chocolatey looking bar. It doesn't have an over powering smell but you can detect the belgian chocolate straight away. On biting into it there is is a mixture of the crispy wafer and very soft chocolate - nice combination.

              Price and packaging~
              As stated they are individually wrapped bars - the bars wrapper are a plain dark brown, whilst the main wrapper is pale yellow and brown with a small picture of the man himself and two bars looking scrumtidilyumptious (yes I am aware that's not a real word but it does sum up how tasty these are). The words 'Chocolate Heaven Bars' are in large letters above the picture.
              It does have printed on the pack the price of 99p, which for 9 bars I would have happily paid. The fact that these were on offer in my local Iceland store for only 79p made them seem even more appealing!

              Nutrional information~ Per bar:
              Energy - 141kcals
              Protein - 1.9g
              Carbohydrate - 15.7g
              of which sugars - 10.0g
              Fat - 7.8g
              of which saturates - 5.3g
              Fibre - 0.05g
              Sodium - 0.02g

              My verdict~
              Not being a big wafer fan I was wary of these though the initial words 'belgian' 'chocolate' and 'heaven' won me over. I was very impressed with these and ate three in one go, as I wasn't sure the first or second time whether I really liked them (yeah right!).

              *Contains cows milk, wheat, gluten and soya.
              *No nuts in recipe or used in factory where made, but cannot guarantee no nut traces in any ingredients used so allergy sufferers take note.
              *Suitable for vegetarians

              Summery~ These are very moreish and I will most definitely be buying them again!


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                02.10.2007 10:50
                Very helpful




                A lot of people will know of Ainsley Harriott as the chirpy and rather loud TV chef, probably best known for hosting 'Ready, Steady, Cook!' Well, I was also very pleased to discover that he has his own food range which you can pick up in most supermarkets and even more delighted to discover his Chocolate Heaven bars!

                You can buy these delicious bars in multi-packs usually containing nine bars but there is a special offer at the moment where you can get eleven bars for only 99 pence. (The usual price is £1.69 which I do think is a bit steep - however if you can find these bars on offer then they are well worth investigating!)

                The multipack is a rich chocolate colour which is very tempting before you even open them up. Each bar is also individually wrapped with the same chocolate colour wrapping. On the main pack's wrapping you get all the usual nutritional values and the most important thing to note is that each bar contains 147 calories and also 9g of fat. I guess these are a little on the high side so not the best if you are trying to watch your weight but not too bad for an occasional treat!

                When you open up one of the individual packets you find yourself with an average sized bar covered with lovely belgian chocolate. I like the appearance because the chocolate is quite rough and nobbly as opposed to being all smooth and flat. You could say that it has quite a rustic appearance.

                When you bite into the bar you discover that it is actually a wafer biscuit with lots of thin layers all sandwiched together with a rather nice chocolate cream filling. These all go together very well but to top it all, hidden under the chocolate layer are some chocolate chips as well. It is these that contribute to the nobbly appearance. It is quite a nice crunchy experience and the blend of the crunchy wafers with the smooth filling works really well for me! Also the chocolate covering has a lovely 'melt in your mouth' effect!

                I really enjoy the taste as well. The chocolate comes through very well and although it is milk chocolate it has a slight bitter taste which I enjoy. This means that the overall chocolate taste is not too sickly which you might expect from something that claims to be 'chocolate heaven'! There is also no strong smell as well which I prefer because sometimes I think the smell of chocolate can be quite overpowering. My four year old daughter is sitting here sharing one with me and she tells me that it is 'lovely' and that she loves it! I have to share her sentiments as well!

                So overall I do really like these chocolate bars although I have to admit they are not my favourites. However, as an occasional treat they will be very satisfying, and if I can pick them up again on offer I'm bound to be eating them again at some time in the future!


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                  02.04.2007 22:04
                  Very helpful



                  Small chocolate covered wafer biscuit

                  Taste with your eyes. Mmm. Picture this for me. On the wrapper I see 2 large chocolate bars or should I say wafers, the one has been sliced – that is how I know it is a wafer! Four layers of biscuit, sandwiched together with chocolate flavoured cream, some chocolate chips, sprinkled on top and coated in Belgian chocolate.

                  Got the picture? Tastes good? Well let’s find out. Stop dreaming!

                  Reality:-after struggling to open the wrapper, I select one of the nine bars. This is seal wrapped in brown coated paper with “Chocolate Heaven bars” printed all over it, and immediately I foresee another struggle! By the way it weighs 25g, and surprise, surprise it opened easier than the packet! I sniff – Mmm. The chocolate smells chocolaty. Good start! But wait a minute, it looks smaller than the picture. Handy ruler soon tells me that it is 7.75cm x 2.5cm x 1.9cm. Not as big as I thought judging by the picture. Already disappointment is creeping in.

                  Nothing for it, I must taste it. Should I bite as I would normally or slice it as on the picture? Well I’m lazy, I want to get my teeth stuck in to it, not have to get a knife.

                  Typing paused. Well that was quite alright BUT! There was a lot of biscuit compared to the cream and it was rather crisp and not very tasty, quite dry in fact. I had to take a second bite to refresh my memory. The chocolate tasted good, but I never noticed the chocolate chips, although glancing down at the remaining bit of Heaven bar there is a lump on top, so maybe that is the chip! I pop the last bit in my mouth and munch. Yes, I’m down to the last bit already! 3 measly bites, I’m quite ladylike (at times!) and only bite small mouthfuls and I found that my Heaven bar was rather small.

                  General Information.

                  These are sold under the name of Ainsley Harriott, well known presenter of Ready, Stead, Cook, and have an address of Rivington Foods Ltd Wigan. On the back of the wrapper are a comprehensive list of ingredients, and I’m pleased to see Belgian Chocolate is the main ingredient with 42%. They do contain cow’s milk, wheat gluten and soya so will not be suitable for several people, but the warning is clearly there. They do state also that they are made in a factory with no nuts on site but cannot guarantee that they are all nut free. Strange? But I suppose they cannot guarantee products brought in are unaffected. They are approved by the Vegetarian society though.
                  My LITTLE treat, contains a huge 7.8grams of fat! 141 calories. Over 25% of the saturated fats for my daily intake! Amazing, I suppose that is the lovely Belgian chocolate as the filling wasn’t overly generous.

                  Described on the packet as “My chocolate Heaven Bars are a scrumptious combination of crisp wafer, chocolate flavour cream and milk chocolate chips, thickly coated in the finest Belgian Chocolate. You’ll not be able to resist them.”

                  Well sorry to disappoint you Ainsley, I can resist them. I had tried these before and thought they were quite nice, and when I saw them again in Tesco’s I thought I would treat myself, but was perhaps my taste has changed, or has the recipe? They are reasonably priced though at 98pence for 9 bars.


                  Disappointing. I love Belgian chocolate and enjoy all sorts of chocolate treats, but I was really disappointed that my Heaven bars didn’t live up to the picture. The chocolate could not be described as “thickly coated”, as I could see the pattern of the wafer through the biscuit. I only noticed one chocolate chip and I could not describe the wafer as scrumptious.

                  My husband wasn’t impressed either and said pick up some Penguins next time please, as at least I feel as if I’ve eaten a chocolate biscuit when I have a penguin, and they have some jokes and facts to enjoy! Which reminds me “Why do Seagulls fly over the sea?”
                  “Because if they flew over bays they would be bagels!” Sorry, it was on the penguin wrapper!

                  Heaven according to my dictionary is the vault of sky overhanging the earth, a dwelling place of God and a place of supreme happiness, contentment and pleasure. Well, I’m afraid my Heaven bar must have been naughty in a former life as it didn’t take me on that journey of pleasure to the place on high. My feet are firmly on the ground, and the rest of the bars sitting in the cupboard, still it’s better for my waistline that way!
                  Here endeth the review on Heaven Bars according to jo@145.


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                  Delicious wafer layers, sandwiched between chocolate cream filling topped with real chocolate chips.

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