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Algrens Bilar

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Brand: Algrens

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2010 18:37
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      A yummy Swedish Sweet!

      Bilar is a confectionary famous in Sweden. Bilar means "car" and the candy is car shaped!

      Bilar comes in bags of 160g, and is easily identifiable by its red and yellow logo. There are a whole range of Bilar varieties: chocolate coated, sour and even a salty version!! I will be reviewing the Original variety.

      Opening the bag, these mini gummy or marshmallow cars are in numerous colours: a white, pastel pink and pastel green. They take the form of a longish car and the wheels are defined. They are not immediately obvious to be cars, but if you are told you'd be able to associate.

      They are non-sticky and non-oily to the touch and it is truly gummy. On the back, it says they are soft chewy sweets, but they feel like marshmallows as well- a combination of the two. The texture is really good- it is not hard at all- really really soft! It has a sweet taste, but a hint of sourness or fruitiness- I can't quite tell, but it is addictive.

      I can't really put my finger on what the taste actually is, and in that way it feels slightly artificial, but the texture is sublime! It is also a shame that the different colours do not correspond to a different flavour, because after a while, it really doesn't matter what colour you get, it is all the same! Plus, there is food colouring in those with colour...

      I bought them in Sweden for about the equivalent of £1.20 but they could be purchased from IKEA for only 70p! If I want to restock, I'll know where to go.

      Having been recommended Bilar by friends in Sweden, we went to buy some and it was actually quite nice. Unfortunately it gets a bit boring after eating them despite their amazing texture, and isn't something I'd eat again and again. I'd probably buy a pack every once in a while, but definitely not all the time.


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