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Asda Chocolate Raisins

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Brand: Asda

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    3 Reviews
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      21.05.2012 19:39
      Very helpful



      Asda Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins.

      I have been craving chocolate raisins for a few days and haven't been able to find any in my local shop so when me and my boyfriend popped to Asda to do our monthly shopping I thought it would be a great idea to get some chocolate raisins from there. The Milk Chocolate Raisins cost me just 86p, and I thought this was very good value and I didn't mind paying this as I couldn't seem to find chocolate raisins anywhere else.

      ~ PACKAGING ~
      The chocolate raisins come in a very simple and rather plain looking bag. The bag is made from strong plastic and is blue and black in colour. On the front of the pack is a large clear section and you can see the chocolate raisins inside the packet. In large letters on the front it states that the product is Classic Favourites Milk Chocolate Raisins. On the front it also states that the bag contains 200g and that the product is suitable for vegetarians. On the back of the packaging it gives you storage information, a list of ingredients and nutritional information.

      When I first opened the bag of raisins I could smell the slight smell of milk chocolate but it didn't smell too sweet or strong. I could also smell something else which must have been the raisins. The overall smell of the product was fairly pleasant and certainly didn't put me off eating them. The raisins are all different shapes and sizes. Most of the raisins are the same size and the same shape, how-ever I did notice a few that were slightly larger than others and more rounded. When looking at the raisins, I couldn't actually see the raisin itself as the milk chocolate totally covered the raisin. Some of the chocolate which covered the raisin had some slight cracks in them. The raisins looked very appetising with their shiny coat of milk chocolate on them.

      ~ TASTE TEST ~
      The packet is easy to open, and it's just like opening a bag of crisps. I took a few of the raisins and popped them into my mouth. My teeth sank into them through the chocolate layer and then into the juicy raisin which felt soft as I bit into it. The chocolate crumbles off slightly and as I chewed the raisin the chocolate started to melt and mix in with the raisin which tasted delicious. The raisins didn't taste too chocolately which was nice as this didn't make them too sweet or sickly. I loved the overall taste of the raisins and they left a slight sweet after-taste in my mouth.

      As a guide the product contains approximately 5 servings.
      Nutritional information per 100g:
      * Energy - 430kcal
      * Protein - 5.1g
      * Carbohydrates - 66.4g of which sugars 63.8g
      * Fat - 15.1g of which saturates 9.2g
      * Fibre - 4.2g
      * Sodium - 0.07g

      The product contains milk and soya.
      May contain traces of nuts & peanuts

      I think the Milk Chocolate Raisins are really good value and they taste great. Although there is a nice layer of milk chocolate on the raisins this didn't make them too sickly or sweet and I really enjoyed eating a small handful of these as a snack at work. I do find the raisins very more-ish but I always manage to stop myself from scoffing too many, before I feel too bloated. These raisins are just as good as other brands and as these are such good value these would be my preferred brand of chocolate raisins. I highly recommend these to others as they make a great snack so long as you don't eat too many. I give them 5 out of 5 stars.

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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        06.10.2009 10:08
        Very helpful



        Raisins covered in milk chocolate... from Asda

        As part of my main grocery shop at Asda, mini packs of sweets/ treats have started to creep into my shopping trolley. My sweet purchases are usually in the Asda own brand confectionary range and feature in the 3 bags for £1 offer. However these are usually very sweet and sugary so at my most recent shop I decided to opt for Chocolate Raisins as although sweet they are a slightly more nutritious option that sugar coated jellies that I have been secretly munching my way through bags of....


        Asda Chocolate Raisins come in a 70g bag. This is bright purple plastic with a red trim. There is also an image of a cartoon chocolate raisin on the front of the bag. The packaging is quite fun and with the character on the front makes the product look like that it is aimed more towards children.


        If bought as a single bag Asda Chocolate Raisins cost 39p for a 70g bag. The Chocolate Raisins are part of the 3 bags for £1 deal where you can buy 3 bags of this product or mix with other products in the Asda confectionary range.

        ***Chocolate Raisins***

        Chocolate covered raisins do exactly what they say on the packet; raisins covered in milk chocolate.

        When you open the bag you are immediately hit with a delicious sweet smell of chocolate. Immediately this scent made me want to dip in and taste the sweets.

        The taste of the sweets is fantastic. The chocolate is sweet and creamy but not overly sickly. This milk chocolate covering on these Asda sweets is not quite as tasty as Cadbury's chocolate as it is not as creamy but does not taste cheap and leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth like some cheaper milk chocolates do.

        The raisins inside of the chocolate covering taste fantastic. These are sweet and juicy and do not have an overly bitter or tangy taste to them but are not at all bland. My only issue with the raisins were that the bag contained a large number of particularly small raisins. The larger chocolate covered raisins tasting perfect however the smaller covered raisins were overpowered by the milk chocolate taste as the pieces of fruit inside were so small it was just like eating pieces of milk chocolate. Obviously you cannot ensure all pieces of fruit are the same size but I did feel that with the Asda product in the two bags of chocolate covered raisins I bought there were significantly more tiny raisins than with other brands I have tried.

        The texture of the raisins and the chocolate together is very pleasant. The chocolate is firm but melts in your mouth very quickly, which I prefer as often the chocolate on some brands of chocolate covered raisins is too hard and spoils the taste of the fruit inside. The raisins are very sweet and juicy and more importantly soft which works well with the chocolate melting in your mouth.

        **Nutritional Information**

        Per 70g bag:

        295 calories
        44g sugar
        10.6g fat

        I would probably eat a bag of these sweets in three sittings therefore as a sweet snack these are not the worst treat you could choose and they do satisfy a sweet tooth craving and although chocolate covered are reasonably low fat if eaten in a number of sittings. The packaging also states that these contain no artificial colours or flavourings.


        A great sweet snack for adults and children. The milk chocolate covering the raisins is tasty and creamy , not quite as tasty and creamy as Cadbury's milk chocolate but does not taste cheap and greasy like some cheaper milk chocolates do. The raisins inside are soft and naturally sweet without having an overly bitter or tangy taste . However I what I did find disappointing that from the two bags I bought, both had quite a lot of very small chocolate raisins inside. This defeated the object of having raisins covered in chocolate as the pieces of fruit were so small you couldn't taste them it was just like eating tiny pieces of chocolate... thank goodness the chocolate tastes good!


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          08.01.2009 13:30
          Very helpful



          A lovely tasting chocolate raisin

          Now my Dad loves chocolate raisins. He has done for as long as he can remember, which is certainly longer than I can remember. He's not too particularly about what brand of chocolate raisins they are either, which is always a bonus, and so last time I was in Asda I popped down the sweet aisle and picked up a couple of bags; one for him and one for me - I had to see what they were like too of course.

          Asda's Chocolate Raisins cost 36p a bag but can be bought on offer 3 bags for a £1 along with any other sweets on offer. (ignore the picture dooyoo has provided) The bag in question contains 70g of chocolate raisins and is a bright a fun looking purple in colour, which is certainly eye-catching on the shelf. The front of the bag also has a picture of a chocolate raisin with arms and legs that seems to be trying to jump out of the bag. The fact that they are free from artificial colours can also be found on the front.

          Turning the bag over you can find a full ingredients list, storage instructions and Asda's policy as well as allergy advice - these may contain traces of nuts and do contain milk and Soya - and a nutritional list, which I have reproduced below.
          Values per 100g
          Calories - 422
          Protein - 5.1g
          Carbohydrate - 66.4g
          Of which sugars - 63.8g
          Fat - 15.1g
          Of which saturates - 9.2g
          Fibre - 4.2g
          Sodium -0.07g

          Opening the bag you are immediately met by a very sweet chocolate smell. This then begins to be infiltrated by a slight fruity scent, which is presumably and hopefully the raisins. The bag itself is quite full, which is again another bonus and despite some irregularity between shapes the chocolate raisins are roughly all the same size and shape.

          Popping one into your mouth the chocolate coating immediately begins to melt leaving a very soft and juicy raisin behind that can then be savoured and enjoyed. The effect is the same whether you pop one or a handful of these delicious treats into your mouth. The chocolate coating is in my opinion just about the right thickness. It is relatively creamy and melt beautifully.

          I cannot recommend these highly enough because they truly are a lovely little treat. Asda have certainly got things spot on when they made these, as they could easily pass for a more expensive version. If you like your chocolate raisins these are certainly worth a try.


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