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Asda Milk Chocolate Flavoured Cake Covering

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Brand: Asda / Type: Milk

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    3 Reviews
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      15.04.2010 13:46
      Very helpful




      Mmmm chocolate!


      Asda Milk Chocolate Flavoured Cake Covering is a big block of chocolate designed for baking. The purpose of the chocolate is that once melted, it can be used for cake coverings and crispy cakes amongst other things.


      The chocolate comes in a foil pack (check local recycle) which is different from the pack shown in the picture and indeed on the Asda website. The pack above is the one I used when I was a child though the newer packaging is different.

      The pack is mainly brown to symbolise chocolate. The front of the pack is very basic and is designed to look like a chocolate bar. Information of the front includes the Asda name, the product name, stating this is suitable for vegetarians and that as it is an Asda brand, contains no artificial colours or flavours. The back of the pack is just as basic and has a clear description of the ingredients, meal ideas, cooking instructions, allergy advice, nutrition, storage and Asda details.


      The chocolate itself is a large block which is split into smaller pieces by lines. This allows the user to break off the pieces easily. The underside of the block is quite rough and bumpy which is different from what I remember. You can clearly tell this is baking chocolate as the smell is a clear giveaway.


      In order to use this chocolate, it will be have to be melted. This can be done on the hob.

      -break the chocolate into small pieces and place in a heatproof bowl
      -place the bowl over a saucepan of hot (not boiling) water. Ensure no water enters the bowl
      -stir the chocolate as it melts until it is smooth
      -avoid overheating

      Once you have melted the chocolate to a smooth consistency, you need to use it fairly quickly to avoid it setting.

      *Ingredients & Allergy*

      Sugar , Vegetable Fat , Whey Powder (Milk) , Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (6.0%) , Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins) , Preservative (Sorbitan Tristearate) , Flavouring

      Contains milk and soya
      May contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.


      Store in a cool dry place.

      *Nutritional Information*

      This is chocolate so its clearly not going to be healthy!

      Each 100g contains

      2.1g protein
      37g sugar (oh my)
      34g fat

      *Availbility and Price*

      Asda exclusive product. A 300g bar is available at the cost of 40p or 2 for £1? Don't understand that to be honest but thats what Asda online is telling us! Can be found in the aisle alongside the baking products.


      Asda have a try me, love me promise meaning if you are not 100% satisfied with what you have purchase, you are entitled to a refund and replacement.

      Asda Stores Limited
      LS11 5AD

      0845 300 1111

      *My Opinion*

      When I was a child, I loved nothing more than baking with my Gran. The usual was fairy cakes and pancakes though sometimes we pushed the boat out for parties and made crispy cakes! Asda Milk Chocolate Cake Covering was always our choice of chocolate mix and alongside Kelloggs Rice Krispies, they made the perfect little party cakes. Although my son isn't even 2 yet, I like to make cakes with him and we had fun with these last night! Rather than make crispy cakes (I ran out of cupcake cases) we opted to make one big crispy cake!

      Like I said before, the packaging as changed since I was a child and is a little boring now compared to the one showing you the crispy cakes! But I won't judge a chocolate covering by its cover! The actual block has the baking chocolate smell, you know the one, doesn't smell like cheap chocolate but is no where near Lindt standard chocolate! For 40p what do you expect?

      The chocolate is smooth on top and fairly bumpy on the underside. It is easy to break apart and put in my bowl. I filled up my saucepan with hot water, put my chocolate pieces into the bowl and popped it on top. I honestly couldn't resist trying a piece even though very sickly but smooth and moreish! The chocolate took around 4mins for me to melt it whilst stirring and it was completely smooth and looked how you would expect..brown and chocolatey!

      I used my dish towel to remove the bowl and mixed in a good portion of Rice Krispies. The chocolate clung to the them and mixed in nicely. I used the 300g bar and this did really produce a mass of melted chocolate heaven. Once I had enough Rice Krispies in my bowl whilst leaving some chocolate for sticking purposes, I poured it into a baking tin and popped in the fridge to set. Of course, I did leave some in the bowl for me to scoop up and was certainly impressed with the taste of the melted chocolate compared to the pieces before.

      The cake set overnight and looked very appealing and chocolately this morning! The chocolate had covered well and the crispy cake did not crumble when I tried to cut myself a piece. It was not overly sweet and did the job nicely. I am not keen on chocolate covered cakes so haven't tried this on sponges or anything but I am sure it would be lovely.

      For 40p this is a bargain, it is easy to prepare, kids can help with mixing and makes delicious little cakes for treats or parties. I would highly recommend it!

      PS If anyone wants a bit of my cake, drop me a line and I will pop some in the dooyoo lounge :)


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        17.12.2009 22:55
        Very helpful



        But Its only chocolate flavoured ....

        For a friend's birthday recently I got roped in to makinga birthday cake, as I did "such a good job of Jake's Mr Bump Cake" back in October. This particular cake was to the theme of a chocolate coloured torso.

        I did not want to use brown food colouring to dye icing and besides that I could not find any. So the next logical thing was chocolate. Having used this 'cooking chocolate' before I knew that this was decent enough to use again.

        I class this as cooking chocolate as it is not actually milk chocolate, just flavoured as milk chocolate.

        Anyway, I broke the 300g bar into cubes (already scored out) into a glass bowl and popped in the microwave for around 3 minutes, checking and stirring every 20 or so seconds just to make sure it did not burn. Once fully melted I allowed the 'chocolate' to cool slightly until when it just starts to turn back into a paste consistency and then used a palate knife toe scrape the covering onto my already shaped torso, complete with thighs and everything in between (wearing red swin trunks). I smoothed over as much as possible and then shaped out a 'six-pack'. Quite talented me, I really did not realise!

        The cake was served later that day and the chocolate had set solid again. It cracked with the pressure of the cake cutter, rather than cutting smoothly, so it was a bit devastating to destroy my creation.

        This chocolate flavouring is sweet and taste okay for its use but it sure has an artificial flavour to it. I have previously used it to make cornflake rice crispie cakes and it had the same artificial aftertaste then. This product is versatile and could be used in many baking recipes.

        Per 1/3 of a bar (100g) is 569 calories and 37.0 fat, which is ridiculously high. The current price at Asda is 58p or 2 for £1, which can be combined with certain other items from Asda's homebaking range.

        Overall this was an okay product which served its purpose adequately. I was complimented on the cake lots too!


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          02.07.2008 18:03
          Very helpful



          ASDA cake covering

          I don't shop in ASDA much because it's a bus ride away and I'm lucky enough to have three supermarkets near to me -even if they are small- but I took a trip to ASDA the other day to get some top-up shopping.

          I noticed that their chocolate cake covering was only 54p for a 300g bar. I occasionally make cornflake cakes, and usually buy Lidl's chocolate which costs 24p for a 100g bar. As this works out cheaper (only 18p per 100g), I decided to get a bar, and I'm glad I did...

          Returning from ASDA, I went to put my shopping away, and realised I had left the freezer door open and everything had defrosted. I was so annoyed, especially as the freezer was full. I always keep something sweet in the house, as I have a sweet tooth, but by sods law I had bought ice-cream for the first time in months, and of course it had defrosted, so I had nothing to satisfy my sweet cravings.

          The next day I was dying for something chocolatey and decided to make cornflake cakes with the chocolate.

          ~About the product~

          This is a milk chocolate flavoured cake covering by ASDA. Note the word 'flavoured'. I believe that means that it is just a product which has been flavoured to taste like milk chocolate, whereas products described as 'Milk Chocolate Flavour' would actually contain milk chocolate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure I saw that on watchdog once!


          The cake covering comes in a blue foil wrapper. It features a picture of some rice crispy cakes on the front, and the back gives product information, as well as information on how to prepare, and ideas on how to use it.


          This can be used in any recipe that requires cooking chocolate. Obviously it is described as being cake covering, as it can be melted and spread on top of a cake, but I only really buy it to make cornflake or rice crispy cakes, because I'm a big baby!

          ~What I thought~

          I was hoping this would be good, as a while back I bought a bar of Tesco cooking chocolate and it was awful. It may have been something I did, but it just didn't melt properly and went into little lumps.

          When I took the chocolate out of the packet it looked like any other chocolate and was divided into several little squares. They recommend putting this in a heatproof bowl, and placing over a pan of hot water to melt, but I always do it by sticking it in a bowl and putting it in the microwave for a few minutes on the defrost setting.

          I found that the chocolate melted easily - no little lumps with this one, it looked smooth and creamy, like melted chocolate should look. It had a nice chocolately smell to it too, and I decided to try a little bit before adding the cornflakes - just to test it! It tasted a bit strange to be honest, although it was mainly a chocolate flavour, but I did think it had a little bit of an artificial taste to it too, but then sometimes chocolate can taste totally different when it has been melted, so I tried not to judge too soon.

          I made the cornflake cakes and put them in the fridge to set. I managed to get eight cakes out of the half of the bar that I used.

          Once I took the cakes out of the fridge and tried one, I found that the chocolate did taste a lot better now that it had set. It tasted slightly sweeter than normal chocolate, but I no longer thought it tasted artificial, it just had a bit of a sugary sort of taste. For the price it was great, although I sometimes buy Supercook Scotbloc, which I must admit is a bit nicer than this one.


          This costs 52p from Asda.

          ~Nutritional Info~

          Obviously being chocolate this is not very good for you, and the nutritional figures are pretty shocking...

          Per 100g (third of a bar) there are...

          571 calories
          2.1g protein
          37g fat


          For the price this is a nice cooking chocolate. Like I said, I prefer Scotbloc, as the taste of this one is a little bit sweet, but then I generally prefer dark chocolate anyway, so that may be why. Other than that, the main problem is that it's high in calories.


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