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Baileys Original Irish Cream Truffle Bar

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Brand: Baileys / Type: Truffle

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    5 Reviews
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      04.12.2013 18:24
      Very helpful



      Tastes Delicious!

      I have an insatiable sweet tooth so I bought some of this Bailey's The Original Irish Cream Truffle Bar in a local 'everything for a pound' store recently. I thought it was a bargain and after consuming the chocolate I can testify that it's much better quality than it's price tag would suggest!

      The product comes as a 90g or 3.1 oz sized bar which is foil wrapped and contained in a outer cardboard sleeve. I like this packaging as you can fold the foil over after use to keep the remaining chocolate totally fresh. You can also close the cardboard packet back up so you don't expose the chocolate to anything in the environment. The packaging is designed to look like the Bailey's alcoholic drink so the overall design is very grown up and sophisticated. It looks so nice I would consider giving these as stocking filler gifts to friends and family. There is a picture of the actual chocolate on the outer cardboard sleeve and this looks very appetizing.

      This product is made by the company Lir whom I'm not at all familiar with. They are described as "award winning chocolatiers" though, so I assume they provide high quality products across the board. They describe their Bailey's bar as containing "smooth milk chocolate" with "deliciously creamy Bailey's flavoured centre".

      Ingredients are printed on the back of the pack in several different languages. The product contains 9% of Bailey's The Original Irish Cream Liqueur. The chocolate contains 37.5 cocoa solids and 14% minimum of milk solids. Allergy advice is that this contains milk and soya. The alcoholic content of the chocolate is <0.5% and as a result it is not suitable for children to consume.

      Nutritional values are also printed in list form on the back of the pack. Per 100g (the whole bar is 90g) there are 575 calories and 40.7 grams of fat.

      The chocolate is designed to have large rectangular pieces (about an inch long) which have a raised segment which is filled with the Bailey's flavoured cream. The chocolate pieces are big enough to mean that one segment is very satisfying. The chocolate itself is of a quite good quality. I do think it is very slightly waxy in texture but the flavour of it is very sweet and cocoa rich. The Bailey's cream centre is toffee coloured and has a strange mousse like consistency which is very soft and velvety. It also has a cool sensation which is rather unusual. The alcoholic flavour is very intense and authentically Bailey's Irish Cream. Overall the combined sweetness of the chocolate and the intense hit of the liqueur flavour is marvellous and very moreish although the chocolate flavour is not quite as noticeable when eating this as the liqueur flavour.

      I enjoyed eating this very much and I would describe this as being a high quality chocolate that adults can enjoy. As I say, I found this at a pound shop and I think it's excellent value for money. I would certainly buy this again and would recommend to anyone who likes a more sophisticated chocolate bar!


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        08.01.2013 22:15
        Very helpful



        Mildly Alcoholic Chocolate Bar

        Following one too many Bailey's drinks on a night out a few years ago, I have steered clear of Baileys for the last few years until last Christmas when my partner bought a handful of bars of Baileys Truffle chocolate. I felt enough time had passed for me to re-visit the classic "Bailey's Taste" and seeing as it was in the form of a chocolate bar, how could I resist?

        What you have here is a 90g bar of milk chocolate made by a company called Lir 'The Irish Chocolatier' whom I had never heard of before. The packaging is card and inside the chocolate is covered in foil and comes in quite large squares approx 1 inch square. As the squares are quite large, it is far too easy to eat an entire bar in one go.

        The chocolate tastes of good quality, and the soft centre (very soft runny centre) is smooth and creamy with that Baileys taste. The pack verifies that the product DOES contain alcohol (less than 1%) so the pack has a warning in small writing on the back that it is not suitable for children.

        These were selling for £1 each on offer in a local newsagent last month. My partner and I got through a bar of this whilst watching a movie the other evening and could easily have polished off a second bar- so it is quite moreish and more creamy than sweet (I was a little worried it would be sickly, but it was more a creamy sensation with the lovely milk chocolate taste that I was left with for a while).

        Technical info:
        Ingredients- your usual chocolate ingredients ie: sugar, cocoa butter... the ingredients list 11% Irish Creme Liqueur (but the alcohol content is under 1%- so I guess they mean less than 1% ABV). Cocoa solids 33% (very good), milk solids 22% minimum.

        Allergy Advice:
        Contains milk and soya, may contain nuts.

        Calories 506 per 100g (so a 90g bar is about 455 calories). 17.5g saturated fat per 100g (very bad!).

        Overall, if you are a fan of Baileys, you will love this. If you don't like Baileys, avoid like the plague. If you are on the fence and don't mind Baileys, I can recommend trying this bar as I can take or leave Baileys and I enjoyed this.


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          08.01.2010 21:40
          Very helpful



          lovely naughty chocolatey treat!

          I joined the Baileys lounge club online ages ago and just before Christmas a bar of this and a miniature bottle of Baileys dropped through my letter box - lovely surprise and totally free of charge woohoo!! The miniature is long gone but I have managed somehow to save the chocolate.... until tonight!

          The chocolate comes in a cardboard box - brown, edged in gold with a picture of the chocolate in question and some liquer - looks as though its being poured over the box! It has a very luxurious look and feel about it.

          When you open the box you get to the silver foil wrapped bar, unwrap this and you are presented with 12 large chunks of truffle.

          The chocolate is made by Lir - not a manufacturer I have heard of before now. It is made in Ireland. The chocolate is quite nice, and melts easily in the mouth although it is not as creamy as Cadbury which I am more used to. It is smooth, similar to Galaxy although not as sweet.

          When you bite into it the truffle is definately in there - its a light brown colour, smooth and creamy, similar texture to a thick caramel although not the sort that runs out of the middle, and you can definately taste the Baileys. What more is there to say!

          I think they are available from most supermarkets although I have only seen them in poundland.

          These are lovely but wouldn't recommend them all the time as a 100g bar contains a whopping 506 calories and 29g of fat so not the healthiest option. It also contains 1% alcohol therfore making it unsuitable for children.


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            01.12.2009 13:57
            Very helpful




            On our latest shopping at Sainsbury's we bought a bar of Baileys Truffle Bar as well among the other sweets. This particular one is really only for us adults as it contains alcohol.

            Price and package
            The chocolate comes in a brown cardboard box. On the top you can see the Baileys logo then below it is written The Original Irish Cream Truffle Bar. Below the logo and the name of the chocolate is a light brown stripe which looks as if Bailey's liqueur is poured cross this cardboard and there are chocolate chunks in it. It looks delicious. Inside the cardboard box there is the bar of chocolate wrapped in thin silver foil. We bought it in Sainsbury's for 1.39 pounds and the box contains 100 g of truffles.

            The chocolate
            I couldn't count how many chunks are in the bar because my hubby opened the box and ate most of it before brought me the rest. I think there are about 10-12 but I really don't know. So the chunks are quite large and are filled with a lot of filling. The filling is creamy and has Baileys flavour.
            The chocolate is milk chocolate and it is about average quality. It is delicious but it can't be compared to Cadbury. We put the chocolate in the fridge because of the kids so we ate it cold and the filling wasn't runny at all. I loved its taste it is really as you eat Baileys.

            Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Dried Whole Milk, Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur (10%), Cocoa Mass, Glucose Syrup, Humectant (Sorbitol Syrup), Dried Skimmed Milk, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Preservative (Sorbic Acid), Natural Flavourings
            Milk Chocolate contains: Cocoa Solids 33% minimum, Milk Solids 22% minimum.

            Nutritional information per 100 g
            Energy: 506 kcal
            Protein: 6.2g
            Carbohydrate: 54.2g
            of which sugars: 54.2g
            Fat: 29g
            of which saturates: 17.5g
            mono-unsaturates: 9g
            polyunsaturates: 1.1g
            Fibre: 2.3g

            My opinion
            I like all kinds of milk chocolate and this bar was very nice too. The chocolate wasn't the top quality but it was absolutely edible. It was a long time ago I drank Baileys (because of the babies) so it was very nice to have that lovely taste in my chocolate. It contains 1% alcohol which can be felt if you are not used to it.
            I recommend you trying them especially if you have a Poundland in the nearby where you can buy them for only one pound.

            And in addition here you find the Lir legend from the back of the chocolate wrapper:
            "THE LIR LEGEND.
            Lir was a legendary King of Ireland whose four beautiful children were transformed into swans by the sorcery of a jealous stepmother.
            It is a story of deep mystery, magical powers, poetry, love beauty and passion which is perfectly embodied in the indulgent experience of Lir Chocolates. "


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              16.11.2009 23:47
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              I Wonder If You Could Get Drunk Eating This???

              My local Poundland has got zillions of these bars in stock so if you like Baileys you want to get yourself down to your local one and see if you too can snap up a £1.00 bargain on a delish bar of chocolate.

              It comes in a very smart cardboard sleeve and then the chocolate is wrapped in foil to keep it fresh. The pieces of chocolate are quite big and a similar size to the pieces you find in a Lindt bar, the chunks are also quite thick but that's great because it means that they've packed even more Baileys into it than I was expecting!

              The chocolate is quite thick and it's been hollowed out for the Baileys, I don't think it's actually the Baileys you'd get in a bottle because it seems a bit thick but I've not had Baileys in ages so can't quite remember how thick it is! lol It deffo tastes exactly the same as Baileys but has got a bit of a syrupy texture, but that might be combining it with the chocolate that has given this impression.

              The chocolate isn't the best quality in the world. It's milk chocolate but isn't as smooth or creamy as other milk chocolates like the ones Cadburys or even Nestle make. I wouldn't want to eat it on it's own but with the added taste of Baileys it makes it nice and the chocolate is sweet enough to take the heat out of the alcohol a bit.

              I've been back to Poundland today and brought a few bars for stocking fillers because I reckon this bar would be a lot more expensive in the supermarket. You know one thing I forgot to check is whether it's got an alcohol content, I reckon if you ate a full bar of this then you'd get the equivalent of about half a pub measure or less and to be honest the chocolate bar is that rich that I doubt many people could eat enough to get any side effects off it.

              Saying that I remember my mates little sister getting peed out of her head on Jack Daniels chocolate liquers one day so I reckon anything's possible! lol


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