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Bloomsberry & Co. Emergency Chocolate

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bloomsberry

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    2 Reviews
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      08.11.2009 17:54
      Very helpful



      Not only for EMERGENCIES!

      I received this as a gift and was shocked to see Emergency Chocolate Written on the front... what was this? Some sort of life saving necessity?? It's all part of the packaging.

      On its simple white card packaging, in large red text reads "EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE". At first glance, I really thought this was something you would find in your first aid kit, or fleeing essentials... little did I know it was all part of its design, until closer inspection...

      I have to say this is one of the best designs I've ever seen on a pure milk chocolate bar! It reads: "For immediate relief of: Chocolate Cravings, lovesickness, Exam Pressure..." How clever is that?

      This proves that packaging could be so simplistic, and it's the effect that counts. This design is amazingly effective, and I would definitely give these as presents. They don't LOOK very attractive, but it's the concept that sells this.

      (I have been fishing on their website for a price [no luck] but found a range of other chocolates which have fantastically designed packaging, so this is definitely a company that is expert in selling their products through the exterior... But of course we need to look at the chocolate itself!)

      So ripping the wrapper open, the chocolate is covered in foil, which again you just rip open to expose this milk chocolate bar. It looks really normal, and I wouldn't even expect it to be branded judging from the looks of the chocolate itself, but this really does not matter, as the taste makes up for it.

      It tastes very milky which is great, and also that hint of "Swiss-ness", which I really can't describe but is consistent in all the Swiss chocolate I ever eat... It's just there... maybe some sort of secret formula only found in Switzerland. Who knows, but it has that extra flavour which makes this superb.

      It has a hint of "Milka", but again, goes that extra mile with this flavouring. Perhaps it's the fact it only has 33% cocoa...

      I love that the chocolate is smooth and can melt in your mouth, but also great if you bite into it. Some chocolate only tastes good one way, but this is great for both.

      I would definitely recommend this chocolate bar based on the packaging alone, but what is inside is as good as the outside, taste wise. Whilst the chocolate itself looks bland, it doesn't need to do anything to justify it, it tastes great.

      If you are ever stuck for gifts, this is a great one, but if not, if you search on their website, I'm sure you'll definitely find something.


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        24.10.2008 14:58
        Very helpful



        Why didn't I think of this, then I'd be a squillionaire!

        I have fallen in love with Bloomsberry & Co.
        I was sniffing around the chocolate aisle in Sainsbury's wondering what to get for both me and my girlfriend to wolf down while watching a film that night and then this little beauty jumped out at me. EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE! What a fantastic idea. Whoever had the idea to produce this is certainly a friend of mine.

        You can choose from either MILK (white packaging like in the picture) or DARK (red packaging) chocolate. I went for the dark one and at 75% cocoa they mean dark. My girlfriend was delighted when I snuck the bar into her hand, the novelty packaging puts a smile on everyones face. It's good for us blokes, because it gets us in the good books straight away :-)

        We both tucked in and agreed that the chocolate itself was very good indeed. Rich and tasty and more-ish.
        While in the shop I bought several other bars by Bloomsberry: BoChox, Girth Control & Marital Bliss. All have fantastic packaging, with cheeky 'directions' and 'warnings'. Amusing and fun. The milk chocolate Girth Control was delicious and I recommend you get some in your life.

        The whole thing with this range of chocolate is the naming and packaging. It IS good chocolate. But the silly designs and novelty value is the thing that makes them unique and so enjoyable.

        I have recently been checking out www.bloomsberry.com and found they have a much wider range than the shelves at Sainsbury's, including DeChox and Oral Pleasure ;-)

        The only downer is, I bought 5 bars of chocolate the other day and it cost me £10! Yes, they are £1.99 each for 100g. Still, they are ideal for presents and with Christmas creeping closer I think I'll be 'stocking' up on these as gifts for friends and family because they are such fun!


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