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Boots Diabetic Chocolates

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Brand: Boots / Type: Nuts

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    2 Reviews
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      24.02.2008 01:31
      Very helpful



      A little low fat and low sugar naughtiness

      ~~Belgian Milk Chocolate Wafers ~~

      A couple of years ago now I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I have to say it has been strange trying to adjust and get used to new things. For example: I have tried various diabetic ranges which my daughters have kindly treated me too, some of which are disgusting and leave an aftertaste, others which are absolutely lovely.

      This brings me to the latest pressie off my youngest daughter from the Boots diabetic range, Belgian Milk Chocolate Wafers.

      ~~ The Product ~~

      My daughter bought me two packets of biscuits for me to take to work as I had a few long shifts coming up, so there would keep me going if I became peckish. I looked at the packets which are in the brown packet with blue writing which Boots use for their diabetic range. I really fancied trying these first as I was drawn to the picture on the front showing a stack of small chocolate fingers.

      As you open the packet the lovely smell of chocolate wafts up and I have to say it really does smell good. Each wafer is about 3 in long and approx 3mm thick (no I did not measure it, just estimated it). They are made up of crispy layers of wafer covered in smooth creamy Belgian Milk Chocolate, it is soft yet crispy as you bite into it, so it would be ok if you had no teeth or for a small child. The wafer and the chocolate combined just quite simply melt on your tongue, you can really taste the sweetness of the chocolate, but it's not too sweet that it becomes sickly. I feel that they have the balance just right; there is also no bitter aftertaste which you can get with some sweetened ranges.

      ~~ Diabetes ~~

      The amount of people that have diabetes has grown to over 2 million recorded cases over the past couple of years. It is a condition where there is too much sugar (glucose) in the blood, which causes many problems for the body. Your pancreas creates insulin to help the sugar get around the body and this helps it to work properly, when you are diabetic, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to cope with the amount of sugar in the blood, so medical help has to intervene to help it work. This is the main reason why diabetics need to reduce their sugar intake, as well has keep to a health diet.

      When you have to watch what you eat, for whatever reason, diet, allergies, diabetes etc, you learn to look at the labels for the nutritional information. So here is a little bit relevance to certain areas.

      0.2 g of sugars in each bar
      35 kcals per bar
      2.5g of fat per bar

      They do contain gluten, wheat, egg, soya milk and milk solids, for those with allergies to be aware of.

      They are suitable for vegetarians.

      There is a warning with this product; why would a lovely tasting product like this carry a health warning, but it does. It actually recommends that you don't eat more than 20g of 'polyals in a day. Each bar contains 2.5g, which means that you can only eat a maximum of 8 of the day. What are 'polyals' I hear you ask? Well they are simply sugar-free sweetners, which are carbohydrates and not sugars. These are good for diabetics because they require little or no insulin to be absorbed. Too many of these can act as a laxative, which is not good when you are stuck at work like me.

      ~~ Price and Availability ~~

      Well the price for these lovely treats is £1.99 for a packet; there are quite a few fingers in the packet for that price. Sadly I have not seen these on the web site, but I can get them from my local Boots, but not all branches stock them.

      ~~ Overall~~

      Finally do I recommend these as a treat, yes, yes and yes they are lovely and Moorish, I could have easily munched my way through the whole packet and may have done if I had been lazing at home in front of the TV with a cup of tea, but as I am at work, I did manage to contain myself.

      Boots diabetic food range has been developed with no added sugars, in this range you will find treats such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate bars, gift chocolates and sweets, but please remember everything in moderation.

      Footnote: I looked at this catagory and did not think this fitted in it, but Dooyoo think otherwise so here it is - Lyn x


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        16.01.2008 20:27
        Very helpful



        Chocolate with a nasty kick!

        As some of you may know I have type two diabetes and I am struggling to control my blood sugar - mainly due to stress but that's another story - but partly because I do have an occasional treat.

        Anyway knowing that there would be temptation everywhere at Christmas my husband bought me some diabetic chocolate as a stocking filler so I could have a treat without feeling too guilty about it.

        The chocolate in question is Boots Diabetic Swiss Milk Chocolate with Fruit and Nuts and the same but with Hazelnuts. They also do Diabetic Milk Chocolate with no additions and a dark chocolate variation. There may be more but I haven't seen them yet.

        The bars of chocolate are 100g in weight which makes them each the equivalent of about a couple of standard chocolate bars so not a huge amount then. Each bar costs about £1.50.

        Each bar is contained in an outer wrapper which is brown and shows an accurate picture of pieces of the chocolate at the top. Below are the Boots logo and the words 'Diabetic No Added Sugar Swiss Milk Chocolate with Fruit and Nuts (or Hazelnuts) delicious chunks of smooth milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnuts (or just hazelnuts)'

        So they both look classy and promise an enjoyable treat.

        When the outer wrapper is removed the chocolate is sealed in a white shiny paper to avoid any tampering.

        Then off comes the white wrapper and there's the chocolate in all its glory. It looks good, a nice mid brown in colour and you can see plenty of nuts or fruit and nuts depending on which bar you are looking at.

        The smell is a nice rich, but not overpowering, chocolately fragrance.

        So now it's time to try the taste test. Now my favourite chocolate is Cadburys Dairy Milk and this isn't in that league by a long way. However this chocolate is smooth and tasty with just the right amount of fruit and / or nuts and it isn't too sweet.

        These bars are both suitable for vegetarians but do contain over 500 calories in the bar. So just because they are suitable for diabetics doesn't mean that they are low in calories.

        The bottom line is that whilst it isn't anywhere near as nice as Cadburys it is pleasant enough but I don't think I will ever buy it again. The reason for this is the effect that this chocolate had on me.

        Now I intend to pass on a word of warning. The bars of chocolate are not very big so it would be very easy to sit and eat a whole bar at one sitting - DON'T!!!!!

        When I ate the first bar I began by eating about 15% of it the first night with no problems and finished it the second night. At about 4am the following morning I woke up with very loud strange rumblings in my tummy. I got up and adjourned to the bathroom where I continued to make more and more extremely loud noises and suffered from a bout of diarrhoea although I wasn't actually in pain.

        The next morning I took a look at the back of the packet from the chocolate bar. There it said that we should eat no more than 20g of polyols in 24 hours and the bar itself contained a total of 35g of polyols.

        In the nutrition box on the back of the wrapper a 'serving' is shown as 50g which is half the bar. So if I just eat half a bar at a time I will be OK. Yes? No!

        So when I came to eat the second of the bars I ate half the first night with no effect and half the second night. At 1.30am in the morning following the eating of the second half I woke in real pain. My abdomen was in spasm. I went to the loo and again suffered from diarrhoea although it wasn't as bad but the pains were terrible for a short while. My stomach was still rumbling unnaturally for most of the following day.

        Maybe you are supposed to eat half the bar, wait a few days for it to get out of your system and then eat the rest!

        I do apologise for the graphic description of the reactions caused by this product but as this is a review I thought I should tell you all the gory details.


        I wrote and complained to Boots about the ferocity of the side effects and I got a £15 voucher!


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