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Boots Shapers Double Chocolate bar

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Brand: Boots / Type: Bar

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    2 Reviews
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      23.03.2009 14:48
      Very helpful



      Low calorie, but high in sugar chocolate snack..

      ~*~ Introduction ~*~

      While waiting to queue up to pay for my goodies in Boots today, I noticed to my right there were a number of things that were reduced, and one thing in particular caught my attention the small pile of these Shapers Double Chocolate bar having had a few bars out of the shapers range I though I would give this one a chance, having liked the others.. Plus with then being reduced to only 10p - could I resist a bargain?

      Not likely!!

      So while I sat waiting for my boyfriend to arrive I thought I would have a munch away on this, stop me being slightly peckish at least for half an hour anyway..

      ~*~ Packaging ~*~

      These little chocolate bars come in a two tone pale a darker brown plastic wrapper similar to those you would find on most chocolate bars.. The wrapper has a photo of chocolate chunks in melted chocolate which within itself looks very tasty, there is the usual 'Shapers' logo with a little description below it of what the chocolate bar is.. Even better for the company it shows the 'Free From' information so it is quick and easy to fin out if you can munch on this without having any allergic reaction or anything nasty!!

      ~*~ Look, Smell and Taste ~*~

      Well when I peeled open the packet safely so not to ruin the nutritional information, I noticed that similar to the other bars in the shapers range the bar is around 4 maybe 5 inches long, and relatively flat, with ripples across the top.. Which you can actually see the nougat inside through.. It is not exactly what I expected it to be, thinking it would be in chunks.. However it appears I was wrong!

      As soon as I opened the packet, all I could smell was a very strong aroma of chocolate, given the first smell you would not expect it to be a nougat bar, just a very strong solid bar of chocolate.. However now I think about it, it does smell a little like a milky way bar..

      When you first bite into this chocolate bar, you hit the very thin chocolate on top, which is not a great quality chocolate, but never the less isn't too appalling tasting.. The nougat underneath, even though you knew it was there, is still quite a surprise, being used to having totally solid chocolate bars.. The nougat as well as smelling like a milky way it also tastes nice and fluffy like a milky way.. So the taste is very sweet, but is reminiscent of childhood, eating milky ways.. The aftertaste it leaves isn't all that bad actually, after a few minutes, the taste is gone.. Which stops you wanting to eat another one I guess...

      ~*~ Nutritional Information ~*~

      Suitable for vegetarians..
      94 Calories per bar..
      1.4g of Fat which saturates..
      0.2g of Salt..
      14g of Carbohydrate which sugars!!!!
      0.2g of Fibre..
      0.1g Sodium..

      ~*~ Overall ~*~

      For 10p it is a bit of a bargain but with it being 47p normally, considering the amount of sugar that is in it, it's a bit of a rip - off, as it is meant to be a more healthy alternative, it seems worse than some of the chocolate on the shelves.. The taste itself is really nice because while it is chocolatey it doesn't last all that long, not giving you reason to want to buy one after the other to get a decent chocolate fix.. I have to say the amount of sugar, makes this chocolate bar such a no for me, because for something that is meant to be healthy, it is full of sugar, making up for the fat no doubt, which is still quite high, the only low thing about this chocolate bar is that it has only 94 calorie s..


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        28.06.2008 08:00
        Very helpful



        Quite a tasty light snack!

        I've recently been on a serious drive to lose weight, and alongside doing lots of exercise I've also been looking carefully at what I eat. All the biscuits are gone (no more biscuit reviews for a while!) but I do feel that every so often that I do deserve a bit of a treat. As I wrote about in a previous review, I have recently rediscovered the Boots Shapers range which is a good tasty range of lunchtime food that is low in calories. Having already tried the lemon and yoghurt snack bar I thought I would try the tempting sounding double chocolate bar! Now, double chocolate is not normally a phrase that I associate with dieting, so I was very interested to see whether it did taste good and if there was any compromise on taste.

        The bar comes in a chocolatey coloured wrapper and has a rather tempting picture of melting chocolate on the front. The description tells you that it is a chocolate nougat bar coated in milk chocolate - hence the double chocolate. It then tempts me even further by stating that it's chocolate heaven times two. At this stage I can't help but wonder if it's setting itself up to fail - can any diet chocolate bar be that tasty? Well there's only one way to find out!

        Just a little more about the information on the wrapper first though. Most dieters will want to know the amount of calories this bar contains - only 94 calories which means that you can indulge without the guilt! There are also 2.4 grams fat, 1.4 grams saturates, 0.2 grams salt and a fairly worrying 14 grams sugars. These nutritional values are represented in a traffic light system - the calorie amount is green so that's alright but be aware that the amount of saturates and sugars get an unhealthy red! The wrapper also informs that this bar is free from artificial colours and flavours and there are no hydrogenated fats. There's also a big 'V' in a green circle telling you that it's suitable for vegetarians.

        These well wrapped bars also have a long shelf life - the bar I bought in June has a 'best before' date for the end of October! Not that I'm likely to wait that long before eating it!

        Once opened you see a slim bar covered in smooth milk chocolate. There is also quite a strong chocolate smell when you first open the wrapper but this does not linger. If you break into the bar you will see a light nougat encased in the chocolate - it does not look too dissimilar to a milky way. When you bite into it you will discover a quite sticky consistency and a mild chocolate taste. You do continue to get a slight aftertaste after you have finished the bar which is quite pleasant. It tastes nice although a little chewy but I don't think it quite lives up to its promise on the packet - but I don't think I really expected it to! It is a reasonably tasty snack though and does seem to satisfy a hole particularly if you feel like indulging in something other than fruit

        You can only buy these in Boots and on it's own a 23 gram bar costs about 45 pence. However, it can be bought as part of a £2.99 meal deal which includes a sandwhich or salad as well as a drink and a snack. This seems to add up to fairly good value. Also, as it's Boots, if you have an advantage card you can get reward points too.


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      • Product Details

        Reduced calory chocolate.

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