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Cadbury Big Race Bar

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Bar

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2011 13:05
      Very helpful



      A waste of money

      At the start of this year Cadbury launched their all new "Big Race" bar as part of their Spots vs Stripes promotion; in the lead up to the olympic games. I'm lucky enough to work in an industry where we sometimes get freebies; if the client loves us!

      We did a project for Cadbury back in June which lead to a crate of Cadbury Big Race bars being delivered to our offices; it's not very often this happens, I assure you! We received something like 25 boxes of 30 bars and I managed to sneak a few boxes home and try out the new big race bar. To start with this is quite a different chocolate bar to anything Cadbury have previously released. It's simply a Wafer texture that's covered in chocolate; nothing that would ever make Willy Wonka batter an eyelid.

      The Taste:
      To put it quite simply, the taste is really average and I was surprised considering that indulging in a bar of dairy milk or a crunchy makes for a tasty pastime. When you first bite into the bar you can really taste the dryness of the wafer and even after the chocolate has melted into your mouth your left with this horrible dry wheat aftertaste. The taste doesn't even compare to the smooth creamy chocolate of dairy milk, or the honeycomb goodness of a Crunchie; For anyone that eats Crunchies; you have to bite the chocolate off first and then eat the honeycomb! Even though the bar is covered in smooth cadbury chocolate, everything else inside the bar seems to overpower it and create this god awful taste in your mouth. The bar says it contains cereal; this is probably where the dry taste comes from.

      After I had worked my way through about half of the two boxes I had, I can well and truly say I hated the taste of these chocolate bars; I was giving them away to friends and anyone who wanted them. We still have boxes of the chocolate at work because no-one wants to eat them. The Price of this chocolate bar can average from around 50-80pence in most supermarkets and convenience stores.

      Nutritional info
      265 Kcal
      Fat: 15.1g
      Fibre: 0.9g
      Protein: 2.6g
      Carbohydrate: 27.9g

      Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Dried Whey, Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Wafer, Wholemeal Flour, Treacle, Hazelnuts, Salt, Biscuits, Soya, Dried Skimmed Milk, Barley Syrup, Potato Starch.

      *Warning* This chocolate bar contains nuts: even though the name doesn't suggest it.

      For someone like me that doesn't eat chocolate that often, I would not waste my money or my moment of chocolate indulgence on this bar: not when theirs at least 10 chocolate bars out their that taste a million times better for the same price or cheaper. Even though it's half the calories of a bar of dairy milk, it's also a quarter of the taste. So for someone that may be dieting and has allowed themselves this one treat of the week, would you really want to disappoint yourselves with a chocolate bar that tastes like cardboard?

      It seems that cadbury just needed a new product to launch for promotion, rather than creating something new that would make their brand that little bit greater. I personally think they should have spent their time creating a new "spots v stripes' wrapper for the dairy milk bar.

      Would I recommend this?
      Only if you were stuck on a remote location and all you had to eat was these bars, even then I would be thinking twice. It also says on their website that the chocolate bar is good for running. Is it just me or should it be a crime that these brands can sponsor athletic events?


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