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Cadbury Bitsa Wispa Bag

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2 Reviews

Brand: Cadbury / Type: Milk

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    2 Reviews
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      09.03.2014 16:50
      Very helpful



      A good idea from Cadburys.

      The product:

      The Wispa bar was launched in 1981 and was on sale until 2003 before disappearing from the nation's shelves. But it was missed...and in 2007 the bar was back.

      Bitsa Wispa - a variation on the Wispa theme - are exactly what you'd expect them top be. Bits of Wispa.
      The snack describes itself as "cheeky chunks of itsy bitsa Wispa." These chunks are packaged in a 130g recyclable foil bag with an easy tear top and a sticky strip to reseal the pack for freshness. Each of these tiny bite-sized pieces has the bubbly smoothness that you'd expect from the full sized Wispa bar - and they melt in your mouth.


      Milk, Sugar ,Cocoa Butter ,Cocoa Mass ,Vegetable Fat ,Emulsifier (E442) ,Flavourings ,Milk Solids 14% minimum ,Cocoa Solids 25% minimum ,Contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter.

      Allergy Information:

      Contains: Milk
      May Contain: Nuts

      Calories per quarter pack 180kcal, 19% of your GDA sugars, 16% GDA fat, 34% GDA saturates (ouch!) and 1% GDA salt.

      Store in a cool dry place.


      I love Wispa bars - and I love these. I find them incredibly moreish. Personally, I like to keep them cool in the fridge to give that extra crunch. The chocolate is silky, smooth and delicious. The texture is crumbly and bubbly. They're little cubes of joy in my opinion.

      Like so many delicious things in life though, you have to keep in mind that they're not the healthiest choice for a snack. They are a treat rather than an everyday food. If you scoffed a whole 'sharing' bag of these you would exceed your Guideline Daily Amount of saturates. Not wise.

      I find they provide a tasty nibble when you aren't in the mood to scoff an entire chocolate bar. And they are good to share....probably. Sharing these is not easy for me. Hence, my bag is currently hiding behind the cheese.

      Eat responsibly. Enjoy.

      A sharing pack of these (130g) is £1.50 at Tesco, £2.10 at Sainsburys, £1.49 at Ocado.

      Would recommend.


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        02.12.2013 15:06
        Very helpful



        Don't even touch the sides!

        I absolutely love Wispa bars, I always have done, so when a friend mentioned about these 'Bitsa Wispa' I was interested to see whether they'd be as tasty. They are part of the Cadbury's range of snacks, packaged in a purple sharing bag sealed at the top. The packet is one that rips open and comes with a reusable sticker on the back to help reseal the packet for storage once opened. For the record, I neither share nor reseal a pack up - there are 130g of these Bitsa Wispa included and they are all gobbled up within minutes!

        The first thing that I noticed about these bits of Wispa were how small they were compared to my expectations. I was expecting them to consist of fewer but larger pieces. My guess was that they'd each be the size of a quarter of a normal Wispa bar but these are in fact tiny. I'd say they are 2cm long at the very most, 1cm deep and 1cm wide. Although they're described as bits, they are actually finished off very smoothly and are rounded. Each piece looks exactly as a full size bar would but far, far smaller. I would say that (at best guess) there are around 30 in a bag.

        Even though they're tiny, they taste just as moreish and delicious as a full size bar. I cannot possibly eat one or two of these alone, I have to take a large handful and eat them one by one within a couple of minutes. Each one goes within a couple of chews. Although on first glance the chocolate is very bubbly inside, they are actually incredibly rich in flavour. They describe it as velvety and I would wholeheartedly agree with that. I've not noticed any difference in the flavour compared to their full size equivalent so if you like Wispa bars, I would think you'd like these.

        The nutritional information made me laugh a bit. I must just be incredibly greedy. It suggests that a typical serving is a 1/4 of the 130g bag. That is just not possible for me with these. The packaging also states that they will leave you wanted more of Bitsa Wispa. That is definitely true so I'm not sure why their nutritional breakdown is given for such a small amount! Perhaps it's to help make those fat and calorie figures look a bit more bearable as they are both unfortunately very high and therefore have become one of those treats for me that is limited.

        For 1/4 of a bag: 180 calories, 17g sugar, 11g fat (of which saturates 6.7g), Salt 0.1g.

        These are incredibly good - they're currently on offer in Tesco for £1, their usual price being £2 so I will be getting another bag or two for over the festive period. I think £1 is very reasonable although I think £2 is a bit expensive considering how I don't seem to be able to make them last more than a few minutes! I've rated them 4 stars overall - just their full price taking a star off as I'm not sure I'd regularly pay that - I'd probably tend to stick to a full size bar of Wispa instead.

        Thanks for reading :o)


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      • Product Details

        Textured milk chocolates These cheeky chunks of itsy bitsa wispa will leave you wanting more Suitable for vegetarians

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