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Cadbury Bliss Hazelnut Truffle

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Truffle

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    2 Reviews
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      27.03.2013 20:22
      Very helpful



      An hazelnut chocolate that doesn't taste of the nut at all.

      I would have thought that the odds of my finding a chocolate product made by Cadbury that I really didn't like were quite low. I flip between prefering Dairy Millk and Galaxy brands of milk chocolate, but I find that both usually produce a reliably good tasting bar. However, I have just discovered a product from Cadbury that I couldn't finish eating, shock horror. It was the lovely sounding Dairy Mik Bliss Irresistable Hazelnut Truffle Bar. Thankfully I only paid 59p for it [110g] as it was a "Managers Special" at a local corner shop. More like a "managers get rid of it quick" promotion if you ask me!

      The Dairy Milk Bliss bar is range is supposed to offer a more luxurious and tasty selection of fillings that the standard range. It has been around for a few years now, with flavours that seem to come and go. Cadbury say that this partiular bar offers Dairy Milk chocolate with a hazelnut truffle centre. Most of the Bliss bars that I have seen recently also seem to offer the truffle type fillings.

      The bars look nice enough from the outside. They are wrapped in gold foil, with an outer layer of card. I like this packaging because it dispenses with the non recyclable plastic wrap. The cardboard layer is a smart purple with red and gold detail and it looks right for a bar that is suposed to be extra special tasting. On the back comes the bad news that two squares of the chocolate contains 22.5% of your RDA of saturated fat and 11.3g of your RDA of sugar. There is no danger of my wanting more than 2 squares in one go it must be said, but considering the fat content is so high, it is shame that would I had didn't taste more like a treat.

      Each square is larger than the sort you usually get in a Dairy Milk bar for example, and they are chunkier. This leaves plenty of room for the truffle filling which is deep and generous. The outer layer of chocolate isn't that thick though, so while it does taste smooth and creamy like the normal Cadbury version, it struggles to overcome the cloyingly sweet taste of the truffle centre. I am honestly amazed that this filling is described as hazelnut flavoured because I can't detect the slightest hint of the nut. It doesn't even smell of it. It just tastes sugary and vaguely chocolatey. I like the texture of this part because it is soft and mousse like and I can imagine that with better flavouring it would work well in contrast with the more solid outer shell. But as it is, I felt the flavour was sickly after I had ate just one square. I can't say I really enjoyed it, and I ate a few more squares at different times just because I didn't want to waste the bar. In the end I binned it, as even my sweet toothed boyfriend thought it was too sacharine for him.

      I have tried a Bliss bar before - the vanilla truffle one. I didn't really enjoy that either for much the same reason - it was too sugary and too weak in flavour. I thought the hazelnut version would be nicer becuase I absolutely love that nut. Sadly I was wrong. I actually don't think I will bother trying any of the other variations in the range, no mater how nice they sound or how cheap they are. I wouldn't recommend this one because it just doesn't taste of hazelnut at all, and it is over sweet even for a milk chocolate. If you want to sample it for yourself, I have noticed it on sale in places such as Poundworld and B&M for between 49p and £1 - I would try and get it as cheap as possible if I was you!

      [This review is also on Ciao.]


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        25.08.2011 22:23
        Very helpful



        Not one of Cadbury's best!

        Review of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss with Hazelnut Truffle chocolate.

        Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate needs no introduction from me. This well known brand has been a popular brand in the United Kingdom for many years.

        The company introduced 'Bliss' to their stable of block chocolate bars sometime ago and recently the 'Truffle' selection was added to the range. There are a total of three flavours in the range, Hazelnut, Toffee and Chocolate Truffle. As I have only tried the Hazelnut version, my review will focus on this one.

        **Packaging, Size and Appearance**

        Bliss Hazelnut Truffle is presented in a colourful cardboard outer wrapper. The front features the Cadbury Dairy Milk logo and a picture of whole hazelnuts and a square of the chocolate. All nutritional values, ingredients and company information can be found on the reverse of the wrapper.

        The chocolate bar weighs in at 110g and currently costs £1 per bar in Tesco and Asda supermarkets. The usual price is in the region of £1.39. I bought mine on an introductory promotion from my local Tesco Express for 59p and I have to admit that it was an impulse purchase.

        On opening the outer wrapper, the actual chocolate inside is wrapped in the usual foil found on Cadbury chocolate bars. The bar consists of 10 pieces of chocolate, roughly 1 ½ inches square. The chocolate is a much darker colour than I would have expected from a Dairy Milk product, I would describe the appearance as a cross between dark and milk chocolate

        Each square of chocolate contains a mousse-like truffle filling.

        **The All Important Parts - Texture and Taste!**

        I shared this bar of chocolate with my other half. We were both quite eager to try the chocolate, being occasional chocoholics! We tend to either eat no chocolate at all for ages or eat rather a lot in one go!

        On opening the chocolate, I felt that it looked very tempting, dark and glossy, quite classy in fact. We joked that it looked like the sort of chocolate that we'd buy when guests were coming and then eat it all ourselves when they'd gone!

        The chocolate was actually rather disappointing, it simply did not have that melt in the mouth texture I have come to expect from Dairy Milk. This was a different texture altogether, slightly harsh and cloying.

        In my opinion, the chocolate tasted rather like a cheap Easter egg, sweet, yet coarse, with an almost bitter after taste.

        The hazelnut truffle filling was a bit of a let down too, perhaps because the wrapper depicted whole nuts, I had anticipated the filling would consist of whole nuts in truffle. The reality was a smooth, dark brown coloured filling. The texture of the truffle filling was smooth, but rather dry in comparison to other brands of truffle filled chocolate I've tried in the past.

        The flavour of the truffle was pleasant, but I cannot say it tasted of hazelnuts! It was more like a rich chocolate taste, not nasty, but not what I'd call a hazelnut truffle flavour.

        The chocolate was eaten in one go between us and we agreed that it was not a product we'd bother with again, especially at the full price.

        **Nutritional Values and Warnings**

        I am not going to list the entire list of ingredients and nutritional information, I am sure no one really wants to read a review padded out with long lists, so I will be brief here.

        The main ingredients that Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss Hazelnut Truffle contains are:- Milk, cocoa, sugar, hazelnut paste.

        2 chunks of this chocolate will provide :- calories 125, Fat 8.3g, of which Saturated Fat 4.5g, Carbohydrate 10.5g.


        Suitable for vegetarians.

        For those consumers with food intolerances, this product contains: Milk, Soya\Soybeans, Nuts.
        May also contain: Wheat.

        **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

        I never thought I'd see the day when I could honestly say that I did not like a Cadbury product, but that day has come!

        Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss Hazelnut Truffle bar was a bit of a disappointment. The chocolate was not, in my view, up to Cadbury's usual high standards and it was definitely not as good as other products from the company.

        The truffle filling was not as nice as I had expected it to be and was sadly lacking in hazelnut flavour.

        In my opinion, Cadburys have launched far better products in the past and although truffle filled chocolate blocks are a great idea, this simply has not worked for me. I appreciate that we all have differing tastes and perhaps others would enjoy this chocolate, but my opinion is that chocolate lovers would do well to avoid this particular offering from Cadbury!

        Thank you for reading.

        ©brittle1906 August 2011

        N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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