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Cadbury Boost Cake Bars

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Bar

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    4 Reviews
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      14.11.2013 10:49
      Very helpful
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      A great Boost to my lunch box

      As a family of five, we have sandwiches / a pack up 4 days a week each per week, therefore on my weekly shopping list is always a selection of chocolate biscuits or bars so one can be picked each day out of the biscuit barrel to be part of our lunches. These Boost bars come in a pack of 5, and are individually wrapped (perfect for us) and currently are selling in Asda for £1.49 however I will be waiting before I make my next purchase, as every so many weeks this price will drop to £1 and I can stock up. My local shop often has these in also, when near code and then I can buy for the princely sum of 50p.

      A deep blue colour plastic outer wrapper, with the word "BOOST" shouting out on the front, my boost bars are clearly shown. Once opened, the bars are in a white cardboard tray to ensure they don't get squashed. Each bar wrapper is very similar to the front wrapper.

      I open my bar, they are not dissimilar to a chocolate sponge cake but have a creamy very tasty top section. Those like myself who have strange eating habits... may find themselves separating the sections to eat. The caramel creamy top has biscuit bits inside. The whole thing is covered in cadburys chocolate which feels high quality and tasty. Its a very tasty cake bar and they quite simply fly out of my biscuit barrel.

      Ingredients include;
      Dextrose, Vegetable Oils, Palm Fat, Dried Skimmed Milk, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oils, Sugar, Palm Fat, Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup, Tapioca Starch, Salt, Raising Agents, Emulsifier, Fat Reduced Cocoa, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, MILK Fat, Vegetable Fat, Dried Whey, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Coconut Fat, Sweetened Condensed MILK, Water, Humectant, Salt, Flavouring, Water, Glucose Syrup, Dried Whole EGG, Dried Whey, Soya Flour, MILK Protein, Preservative,

      My Boost bars contain wheat, eggs, milk and soya /soya beans. They may contain Nuts but do not contain dairy cream. They are suitable for Vegetarians.

      The bars are 39g each and equates to energy 800kJ, 190kcal
      Fat 10.6g of which Saturates 6.6g
      Carbohydrate 21.4g of which Sugars 17.1g
      Fibre 0.8g Protein 2.1g Salt 0.20g

      Prduced by Cadburys, their contact address is;
      Cadbury Cakes
      Premier Foods Group Ltd
      PO Box 66093
      W4 9EX

      I'm awarding 5 stars, as at the price I pay (waiting till £1 or less) represent excellent value for money. They are a tasty lunch time treat and are a very popular choice in my house.


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        30.12.2011 23:24
        Very helpful



        A yummy cake bar for both Boost and cake fans.

        Biscuit Boost bars have to be one of my favourite chocolate bars so I was delighted to see that Cadbury now make a Boost in the form of a cake bar. I have tried other chocolate inspired cakes and biscuits and I have to say I have been more disappointed than pleased with the results in general. I bought these when they were available for a special introductory offer of £1 in Sainsburys, so I thought I wouldn't lose much by giving them a go.


        The cake is made of a chocolate flavoured sponge topped with chocolate cream in which there are shortcake type biscuit pieces. This is topped with caramel and the whole cake bar is then covered with milk chocolate. Each bar is individually wrapped within the main plastic package. While I would usually be annoyed at this level of packaging, I can see that it has a purpose here. A bar of this size is ideal for snacking on the go and the wrappers keep each bar fresh if you don't use them all at once. They are smaller than the chocolate bar [about 7.5cm long] but they are about as fillling to me, as they are sweet and I would not feel like a second. Once removed from their wrapper, they give out a strong chocolatey aroma which is really appetising.


        I would say both yes and no. They can not obviously be absolutely identical or there would be no point to the new product. The main difference to me was the inclusion of the chocolate sponge base. I was disappointed that this didn't really have a chocolatey flavour but I liked the fact that it has a light texture. I think it works well as a base for the creme above. The creme is soft and creamy and replaces the chocolate filling that is in the standard bars. For me, this isn't a good thing as I absolutely love the smooth crumbly filling of the latter! The lovely combination of textures it brings with the chewy caramel is one of the main reasons I buy the chocolate bar so often. If you are the same, you may find the cake bars a bit disappointing.

        The taste of the cakes is no letdown though. It is amazingly similar to the chocolate bars. I would say that the caramel is less chewy but this makes the cakes easier to eat, so it is an improvement in my mind. The chocolate layer also seems thinner but as the creme is very sweet, I think this prevents the bar being too sickly.


        I would say yes, as the layers taste nice individually as well as in combination. They are certainly sweet though and one cake bar is more than enough for me. The chocolate coating might be thin but it does have a proper chocolate taste. The crisp biscuit pieces complement the thick chocolate creme perfectly and keep the texture interesting. As mentioned above, to me the sponge base lacks additional flavour but it isn't horrible. The caramel is not too thin and has a butterscotch aftertaste that is lovely. The cakes are certainly sweet though and so one bar is more than enough for me. If you have more of a sweet tooth you might be able to manage more!

        They are easy to eat and and not as messy as you may think when you see that they have a creme filling. I didn't need a tissue to clean my hands with which is a bonus if you are going to eat them on the go.


        I have seen these for sale in most supermarkets over the last couple of months. When not on promotion the price seems to be around £1.45. You get 5 bars to a pack so I think this represents reasonable value for money. I am happy that if I buy a pack of these I can safely leave them in my cupboard to snack on occsionally without worrying that once I open the pack the uneaten ones will go stale. This adds to their value too for me, as I wouldn't finish a pack in one go!


        I would recommend these to anyone who likes cakes that are on the sweeter side, whether or not you have tried the chocolate bar on which they are based. If you are an existing Boost fan, then these taste very similar while adding a twist and I think you would enjoy them. If like me, it is the texture as well as the taste of the chocolate bars that is important to you, then you may find the cake bars come a definite second.


        Saturated fat is 6.9g per cake bar which is 34.5% of your RDA. [A Boost chocolate bar in comparison contains 64% of your saturated fat!]. Sugars are 17.6g per bar. In other words this is something for an occasional treat if you are watching your weight!

        Suitable for vegeatrians.
        Allergy information: contains wheat, eggs, soya and milk. May also contain nuts.

        [This review may appear under the same user name on Ciao in the future.]


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          10.12.2011 13:39
          Very helpful
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          the best cake bars I have tried

          I can remember my dad buying me a biscuit boost chocolate bar when I was a child and they became an instant favourite of mine. So on a recent shopping trip I spotted the Cadbury boost cake bars and had to try them. I buy cake bars quite frequently to add to lunch boxes and like to vary which ones we eat so it was nice to have a change.

          I purchased the Boost cake bars from Tesco at a cost of £1.49 for a pack of 6 bars. These are not the cheapest cake bars around but I was eager to try them when I saw them even though I was going against my normal rule of 'if it's not on offer do not buy it'.

          The boost bars come in a blue plastic wrapper that has a cardboard tray inside that holds the six individually wrapped bars snugly together to ensure that they do not get crushed. Each bar is wrapped in a thin blue plastic wrapper which has the Cadbury and the boost logo on the front. There is very limited information on the individual wrappers only a description of the cake bar and basic allergy information. Full product details can be found on the main outer wrapper.

          The cake bar is described as 'a delicious chocolate sponge topped with chocolate crème, crunchy biscuit pieces and smooth caramel, all smothered in Cadbury milk chocolate.'

          These are one of the most substantial and nicest cake bars that I have tried. Some of the cake bars available are a little light and airy and I do not feel like I have really eaten anything when I have had one so feel myself reaching for a second. While the boost cake bars are quite chunky and make me feel like I have had a lovely substantial sweet treat. The cake bar has a lovely combination of textures from the light bubbly sponge, the smooth crème, crunchy biscuit pieces and the creamy Cadburys chocolate. Although these cake bars have all the characteristics of a boost bar they do not really taste like one. This is not a criticism or a bad thing as the bars are lovely and extremely tasty in their own right. I would have liked to have seen a little more caramel in the bar as it was hard to distinguish the taste of this amongst the flavour of the sponge and crème which seemed to dominate. Both I and my husband liked these cake bars very much and will certainly be buying them again.


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            14.10.2011 15:26
            Very helpful



            Give yourself a Boost!

            During my usual weekly shop, I tend to throw a few treats or snacks in the trolley, to avoid us going to the corner shop every night and spending a couple of quid each time on some overpriced muffin or chocolate bars. I look for things that are on offer, new or a bit different, and last time I went shopping these Boost Cake bars jumped out at me because they were new (according to the packet) and they were on offer. Good start!

            The bars come in a pack of five, and they were on offer with two packs costing £2. This worked out at 20p per bar which is good value for something to have in the cupboard to fight hunger cravings. According to the Tesco website the full price for these is £1.45.

            My first thought was that with Boost being my other half's favourite EVER chocolate bar, these bars would be under more scrutiny and pressure than most things I bring home, and I was hoping they wouldn't disappoint.

            The bars come in packs of five, and each one is individually wrapped making them ideal for lunchboxes. The packaging is blue and looks very similar to the Boost chocolate bar, but with Cake Bar written on them, and there's no chance of mistaking the two as the cake bar is a lot smaller in size (about three inches long).

            I needn't have worried about these being a disappointment, as they went down brilliantly in our house! I find a lot of these cake bars that are out at the moment (Galaxy, Cadburys Caramel etc) are nice enough, but don't actually bear a great deal of resemblance to the original chocolate bar. This is not the case with the Boost bars, as they taste very much like the chocolate bar but in cake form.

            The bars have a chocolate sponge base, topped with chocolate crème, crunchy biscuit pieces and caramel, and all this is encased in a reasonably thin layer of Cadbury's chcocolate. I found the combination of ingredients in these bars gave it the unique Boost taste, and it tasted just like the chocolate bar but without the chewiness. When I first bit into the bar, it was harder in texture than I expected, as most of these cake bars are quite soft. I think this was the thick helping of chocolate crème which gave it its firmness, and the recognisable Boost flavour.

            The Cadbury's chocolate covering is quite thin, but this isn't an issue because there's enough lovely chocolate and caramel in the bar to give you a big chocolate hit, and I think if the outside was any thicker it might get sickly.

            Speaking of which, I found these bars to be exactly the right size. A bar of this size wouldn't usually fill me, but this satisfied my hunger and chocolate craving without making me feel like I'd over-indulged. Again, I think this was due to the thick chocolate crème layer.

            Nutritional information per bar is as follows:

            Calories - 190
            Sugars - 18g
            Fat - 11g
            Saturates - 7g
            Salt - 0.2g

            The nutritional information is much better than for a full Boost chocolate bar (which contains 305 calories per bar!), so I would recommend getting your chocolate hit from these if you're watching the calories.
            The bars are suitable for vegetarians.


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