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Cadbury Chocolate Fudge Cones

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Fudge

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2009 17:18
      Very helpful




      When we had some hot weather the other week - no we really did honest - I really fancied some ice creams so I went to Iceland to have a nose. I spotted a deep purple box of Cadbury Chocolate Fudge Cones for just £1 and HAD to try them. Don't get them confused with the fudge bars you can buy as these are nothing to do with them.

      The box alone is elegant and sleek with a deep and provacative purple back ground with orange swirls and a picture of the tops of two of these cones - Stunning! All we are told on the front of the box is Cadbury Cones - Chocolate Fudge Cones, the box alone was dreamy enough so I couldn't wait to try the cones inside.

      These cones are crisp biscuit cones filled with fudge and chocolate flavour ice creams and fudge flavour sauce.

      Each of these delectable delights contain;
      196 calories
      9.0g fat

      Each cone comes neatly wrapped in it's purple and orange wrapper with a see through plastic lid on top. I carefully peeled off the wrapper and took off the plastic top.

      The cone is quite a dark golden colour but I couldn't wait to have a bite - I had to get past the ice cream first though. It was a cream and light brown in colour all mixed together forming twisted swirls. I glided my tongue along the ice cream and was surprised at how sumptuously soft it was. It was airy, light and fluffy yet ever so tasty. I could taste the chocolate but it was ever so light and subtle and the fudge ice cream added a simple sweetness that made it taste stunning together. Although a light and fluffy ice cream there was plenty of it and it travelled right the way down to the bottom of the cone so I was well impressed.

      After I slowly devoured the ice cream and made my way through soft and smooth fluffy flavoursome ice cream I came to the biscuit cone which had a gratifying crunch. The biscuit mixed with the ice cream was dreamy.

      As I came towards the bottom of the cone I was pleased to find a fudge flavoured sauce and plenty of it too - it was stunningly sweet, soft and delicious, it tasted just like toffee and it was swirled around the ice cream at the bottom. I then came to a solid, smooth chocolate layer in the depths of this luscious cone.

      I found these ice creams to be luxuriously exciting indulgent treats. All the flavours complimented each other perfectly and tasted stunning together. I really enjoyed the light, fluffyness of the smooth ice cream and the crunch of the biscuit was brilliant.

      You can buy these cones in Chocolate, Chocolate and Fudge as well as Chocolate and Mint, I havn't actually seen the Chocolate ones but next time we have some hot weather, next year perhaps, I will definitely be trying the Chocolate and Mint.

      Definitely a £1 well spent!


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