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Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Toffee

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    3 Reviews
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      25.07.2013 22:43
      Very helpful
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      Sweet treats

      Despite my reviews of late I do actually have a healthy diet even though I'm reviewing some sweetie naughtiness again!

      Cadbury Popcorn 130g:

      'NEW to our great range of Cadbury sharing bags tasty toffee popcorn generously coated in Cadbury Milk Chocolate.'

      - www.cadbury.co.uk

      My Findings:

      Going down to Tesco for a treat for me and my friends for a movie night and I spotted these beauties on offer. As I love an offer (I am female after all) I couldn't help myself but to purchase two packs.

      Opening the bag up I was surprised to see how big the chocolate chunks were, it was real toffee popcorn covered in a gorgeous layer of Cadbury's milk chocolate! Yum. Looking into the bag sadly it was only filled half way which I guess is no shocker has the package if often misleading.

      Each popcorn chocolate piece is of average size and has a nice soft crunch when you bite in to one. I do like popcorn and adore chocolate so a nice little match from Cadbury's. Each popcorn has a milk chocolate coating just like Cadbury's Dairy Milk. Normally with something like this the coating would be very minimal but surprisingly enough it does have a good layer.

      When biting into the yummy treat the chocolate is smooth and the popcorn is soft with a slight crunch. Then you get the chewy toffee which lingers somewhat in an aftertaste. I think this is great move by Cadbury and something different to add to there snacking range.

      These comes in a large re-seal-able bag, you tear the top of the bag and when you want to close it up again there is a sticky strip you use to close the bag up.

      Nutritional Information:

      Per ¼ bag

      160 - Calories
      18.7g - Sugars
      7.6g - Fat
      4.4g - Saturates
      0.18g - Salt

      So as you can see they are certainly not a healthy snack! But even thing in moderation I personally think is fine as this is something you wouldn't eat everyday.

      Allergy Information:

      Contains - Milk, Soya and may contain Peanuts, Nuts and Wheat.

      Price and Availability:

      I paid £1 per bag from my local Tesco store however normal price will be £1.99 which I personally think is over priced for what you get in the bag. £1 for me is the right price and even though I really liked them I wouldn't pay over £1 for them


      Taste wise I really liked these and could easily sit and eat the whole bag, luckily I was sharing. The size is the down as you purchase a large and it is barely half full! They were a nice chance for our movie night and yes if on offer would purchase them again.

      Four out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Additional Information:

      Suitable for vegetarians



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        12.05.2013 10:11
        Very helpful



        Cadbury chocolate popcorn

        What an amazing combination, chocolate and popcorn, two of my favourite snacks and mixed together they are irresistible!

        You will find this amazing snack from Cadburys in those big bags that are meant for sharing, the type that you pull the top off and then can reseal again with a little sticky tab but because I am the only one in my house that likes them I don't have to share them and I never get round to resealing them because I can eat a bag in one sitting!!

        The popcorn pieces are wonderful and large and are covered in a nice layer of yummy Cadburys chocolate. Underneath this chocolate you will also find a nice sweet layer of caramel to really give them an extremely moorish flavour.

        What I like about them is that they are fairly big pieces of chocolate in each little bite and because they are popcorn and chocolate there are all different shapes and sizes and have quite a nobbly texture to them which makes them really fun to eat. The popcorn is nice and sort of crunchy like popcorn should be and the Cadburys chocolate is wonderful and sweet.

        Per 1/4 of a bag there are 160 calories so if like me you can eat a whole bag then you have just eaten a whopping 640 calories, eek! Great for a treat but perhaps you shouldn't eat the whole bag although one word of warning, the last bag I had I actually left quite a few for another day but forgot to seal it up and the popcorn went a bit chewy and soft so if you are going to leave some be sure to seal it up.

        A wonderful tasty treat.


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          15.04.2013 18:37
          Very helpful



          A nice treat for lovers of popcorn and chocolate

          I love popcorn, and I love chocolate, so a combination of the two is bound to get my attention! While I was shoppping in Sainsbury's recently I saw that Cadbury now produce a bag of chocolate covered popcorn, and as it was on a half price offer for £1, I decided to try it. That price was for an 130g sharing bag. Being a kind friend, I did share it out on a movie night.

          The bag is re-sealable, which is very useful because popcorn that has gone a bit soft always tastes horrible to me. The re-closing strip does actually work to keep the contents fresh too. The packet itself tells me that the snack is made from toffee popcorn "generously coated" with Cadbury milk chocolate, and gives the usual nutrition information.

          When I first opened the bag, I was met by the delicious aroma of chocolate. It reminded me of opening a bar of Dairy Milk, which made for a promising start. There is also the gorgeous buttery "cinema smell" of the corn. The pieces are all different sizes and shapes, which doesn't matter at all to me, as some are nice and large and none are tiny! The smooth chocolate coating is really substantial, and it completely hides the corn underneath. It has a tasty milky flavour, and makes a great contrast to the harder and chewier corn pieces. The centre has quite a good toffee flavour, but it isn't as strong as Butterkist's toffee popcorn in my opinion. Perhaps that is a good thing in one way, because the Cadbury popcorn is sweet enough for me without the extra toffee flavouring. I do find it very moreish, and the first bag didn't last very long with my friends and I picking at it. The only disadvantage that I can see, is that when I snuck some into a warm supposedly air-conditioned cinema screening, the chocolate melted quite quickly. This made it messy and difficult to eat. The same thing would have happened to any chocolate though. I will stick to regular popcorn in the future outside the house!

          Like many popcorns, there are some unpopped pieces of corn in the bottom of the bag. They are extremely hard, and although there is a warning on the bag to look out for them, I do think they are easy to miss if you pick out a handful of corn. For this reason, I would always tip the popcorn out into a serving bowl , so I could check through the pieces and remove any nasties.

          I am sure that the addition of chocolate makes this version of popcorn less healthy than a plain kind. Based on one person eating a quarter of the bag, the product contains 20.8% of an adults RDA of sugar, and 22% of your recommended maximum of saturated fat. So it isn't something I would want to eat everyday, as nice as it is.

          I would recommend this snack to popcorn and chocolate lovers, especially if you can get it for a bargain price. I think the pound that I paid is good value, because the bag was really full. I think the standard price of £1.99 is a bit steep though. You could always coat your own popcorn in melted Dairy Milk if you want to experiment. It works well, and tastes delicious! Apart from the price, I do recommend the Cadbury version though. It tastes great.


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        • Product Details

          NEW to our great range of Cadbury sharing bags tasty toffee popcorn genourously coated in Cadbury Milk Chocolate. Contains: 1 x 130g Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn

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