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Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Egg

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    6 Reviews
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      16.04.2012 10:13
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      A yummy easter egg

      One of the several Easter Eggs me and my husband received from our families was a Dairy Milk Egg. We both love chocolate but neither of us like chocolate which contains nuts so this was ideal for us, whilst the Dairy Milk Easter Egg might seem a bit plain compared to some of the ones you can purchase now for us it was ideal and you cant beat Dairy Milk chocolate.

      The Dairy Milk Easter Egg comes in a rectangle cardboard box which is both dark and light purple in colour. The front of the box has the Cadbury logo towards the top and a large splash pattern across most of the box, this is designed to look like milk pouring from two glasses, this is to reflect the Cadbury logo. Also on the front of the box is a picture of 3 Dairy Milk bars, this shows you what you receive inside the box along with the Easter egg. There is also an egg shaped hole in the front of the box, this allows you to see the large egg which is inside the box. On the back of the box is all of the product information, this includes the ingredients and nutritional information for both the hollow egg and the Dairy Milk bars, it also contains information such as allergy advise and also the contact information for Cadbury should you need it. Some of the information such as the ingredients is written in gold writing which against the dark purple background of the box is quite hard to read, this is not very useful if you suffer with allergies and need to read the ingredients before buying or eating the egg.

      Inside the box you get a clear plastic tray which holds the contents of the box in place which also helps to protect the egg and stop it from breaking. You also receive 3 Dairy Milk Chocolate bars, the same as those you can purchase in the shops. The Large egg is basically a hollow chocolate egg, this has a pattern on the outside of it and comes wrapped in dark purple foil with Cadbury written on it in silver, the egg is just plain chocolate but you cannot fail to mistake that it is Cadbury chocolate, the hollow egg is of a reasonable thickness, although I always think that these sorts of things should be a bit thicker, it has a lovely creamy taste to it and the quality of the chocolate is excellent as with all Cadbury chocolate, it is no different to that which makes up the Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars. Also inside the box you receive 3 Dairy Milk Chocolate bars, as I have mentioned these are the same as the ones which you can buy individually in the shops, they come wrapped in the distinctive dark purple foil/ plastic type wrappers with the Cadbury logo and words Dairy Milk written on them, I think with this egg the content is quite good as you get a fair amount of chocolate for your money

      Nutritional Information
      All of the nutritional information is written on the back of the box in tables, this is clear and very easy to read, you also receive the nutritional information for both the hollow egg and also the Dairy Milk chocolate bars separately which is very handy.
      Hollow Egg (Per Half Egg)
      * Calories - 265
      * Protein - 3.8g
      * Carbohydrates - 28.4
      * Fat - 15.0g
      * Fibre - 0.4g
      * Sodium - 0.05g
      Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar (Per Bar)
      * Calories - 260
      * Protein - 3.7g
      * Carbohydrates - 27.9g
      * Fat - 14.6g
      * Fibre - 0.3g
      * Sodium - 0.04

      Looking at the nutritional information I do think that the hollow chocolate egg is quite high in calories and fat per half egg, especially compared to the actual Dairy Milk chocolate bars, personally I would have thought the hollow egg would have been a lot lower in calories and fat etc compared to the bars as you do not seem to get as much chocolate in a half of the large egg as you do with a Dairy Milk bar, this could just be me though as I do think the eggs are quiet deceptive. For me this is not something I would eat on regular basis purely due to the calorie and fat content, however as a treat and when shared with someone the content is not too bad.

      As I have mentioned on the back of the box is all of the allergy advise, this includes both the hollow chocolate egg and also the Dairy Milk bars. The information states the following
      Hollow Egg
      * Contains milk
      * May contain nuts and soya
      Dairy Milk Bars
      * Contains Milk
      * May contains nuts, cereals and soya
      This information is clearly written on the back of the box and appears inside yellow squares which really makes it stand out against the dark purple background, this is much easier to read compared to the ingredients which are in gold as previously mentioned.

      The Cadbury Dairy Milk East Egg is available in a variety of shops including most major supermarkets. Over Easter I saw this egg being sold on offer for just £2.75 which I thought was excellent value for money, it was advertised as being half price. Personally I thought £2.75 for 3 chocolate bars and a reasonably sized chocolate egg was quite cheap, however the week before Easter I noticed that the exact same egg had gone up in price to almost £6.00, personally I feel that this is a bit too expensive. Whilst you do get a reasonable amount of chocolate within the box and also it is Cadbury chocolate I feel that £6.00 is very over priced, if you were to buy the chocolate bars separately and worked out how much chocolate was in an egg I'm sure it wouldn't add up to £6.00 worth of chocolate. It was quite obvious that as it was very close to Easter Tesco had put the prices up as they knew people would still buy the eggs, I was glad that I purchased all of mine whilst they were on offer!

      I would definitely recommend the Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg, you received a decent amount of chocolate inside the box, me and Mark shared this and found that we both had plenty. The chocolate was of an excellent quality and had the same creamy delicious taste that Cadbury chocolate has, the quality had not been compromised at all. I do feel that with these sort of things you do get rather a lot of packaging which could possibly be reduced, however the contents was the main thing and this I was very impressed with. Whilst plain Dairy Milk may to some people seem a bit boring to me it was ideal and personally I love most things chocolaty as long as it doesn't contain nuts, which obviously this didn't. This particular egg would be ideal for a more fussy eater who likes plain chocolate and nothing fancy. The only disadvantage of this egg, which didn't really count for me as I didn't buy it myself would be the price as I feel when full priced it is rather expensive despite the excellent quality chocolate. However despite this I would certainly recommend the Cadbury dairy Milk Easter Egg as you get a decent amount of chocolate which is of an excellent quality and extremely tasty.


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        09.03.2012 22:50
        Very helpful



        The early bird eats the Easter egg!

        I know that it's not Easter yet, but I've already eaten my first Easter Egg!
        My husband says that I should have waited untill Easter, especially as the Easter Egg was a gift from his Granny. My response to that was that he should know better than to give his chocoholic (oops nearly typed alcoholic there!) wife chocolate and then expect her to keep it for a month without eating it! And anyway I haven't given up chocolate for Lent, so I'm allowed it!!

        Anway the Easter Egg I recieved was a large Cadburys Dairy Milk Easter Egg. It's a fairly large sized Easter Egg, an ideal egg to give to an adult. It's also a good choice if you don't know the persons tastes very well as I would imagine that there's not many people that don't like Dairy Milk.
        I've seen these in Sainburys and they are currently on offer in the 2 for £8.00 range, my husband also recieved the exact same egg - which he is saving till Easter! (well he is unless I end up eating it before then!)

        The Easter Egg is wrapped in blue shiny foil with the Cadburys logo all over, the egg itself is a hollow egg made from Cadburys Dairy Milk. It's made from fairly thick substantial chocloate, but it is easy enough to break into smaller pieces with a tap on the kitchen worktop. It's a fairly large egg and the weight on the box is stated at 343g. The Easter Egg also comes with 3 individually wrapped Cadburys Dairy Milk bars.
        As with all Easter Eggs this does have an excessive amount of packaging, but it's not the worst that I've seen.

        This was an ideal gift as I do like Dairy Milk, and it was quite a substantial size. It was also delicious!


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        14.02.2010 01:04
        Very helpful



        THE Best Easter Egg!

        I get one of these Dairy Milk Easter Eggs every year and even though it's not Easter yet I thought I'd tell you about it now because there's no point reviewing Easter stuff on Easter Sunday... it's too late then!!! lol

        The Dairy Milk packaging changes every few years but I've just looked on the website and it's pretty much the same this year as in the photo Doyoo have got up. The colour on the actual box is a bit brighter this year but apart from that it's still the same traditional purple.

        The size I get is usually a medium sized Easter egg with 2 normal bars of Dairy Milk in the box, nothing fancy or exciting but still yummy. The chocolate on the egg is quite thick and no way would I be able to eat it all in one go, it's weird because the egg is quite small but the chocolate is so thick and rich that it's loads more sickly than scoffing a bar of Dairy Milk down.

        The egg is made out of Dairy Milk but there's something about eating egg shaped chocolate that makes it taste stronger and loads richer! lol I know that sounds stupid but it's true and I know I've made myself pukey over a Dairy Milk egg every Easter Sunday for the last 10 years at least! lol

        The Dairy Milk chocolate bars are the same as you'd buy in the shop, the chocolate is mega smooth and sweet. The best milk chocolate going I reckon and that's why I don't think this Easter egg is boring even though all you get IS Dairy Milk. I like it that you can split the egg in half as well because there's nothing worse than having an Easter egg break up into pieces because it's a pain in the arse to wrap back up in the foil. This one is more or less seperated before you even touch it and it only takes a bit of pressure to get it into 2 clean halves.

        This Easter egg is about £2.69 and I know that's a rip off when the box weighs more than the chocolate..... but it's a yummy rip off so who cares once a year???



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          12.04.2009 15:12
          Very helpful



          Well worth treating yourself to one of these

          Well being Easter Day I woke up this morning hoping (or hopping) that the Easter Bunny had been. I mean just because I'm nearly 40 doesn't mean that he can't come to visit me. He is most welcome. I ran down the stairs with the 3 children and there on the settee were a number of eggs in groups for the children. I looked around with a mixture of pleasure and dismay. The pleasure was that the kids were made up. The dismay was that he'd forgotten me.

          Then my own easter bunny (Mrs Stebiz) went over and got my easter egg. It was a lovely Dairy Milk Egg (but with caramel). So the picture doesn't look the same as on here. This cardboard box is a mixture of purple in colour and golden. Well it didn't take me long to open the packaging (all recycable) and peel back the foil on the egg. The egg itself was made of dairy milk and as you would expect it had that lovely milky flavour. It was extremely tasty although it did start to melt in my hands extremely quickly. There was also 2 caramel eggs inside. I've had these on a number of occasions before. They are the same size as creme eggs and very nice - if you like caramel.

          The egg says it contains Soya and is also suitable for vegatarians.
          On the packaging it says it weighs 197g and that per 100g it has 525kcal including 29.7g of fat.

          As you would expect it isn't the most healthiest food on the planet but it is delicious. As it is easter only once a year it is certainly chocolate enjoyed!!


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          10.04.2009 23:32
          Very helpful



          A gorgeous tasting egg, especially for teens and adults.

          We had a tragedy in our house this morning. Sadly, a Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg had a terrible collision with my hand, so I had to do the honourable thing - open the box, devour the whole thing and put it out of it's misery. (The kids won't miss one egg will they?) So, to absolve myself I thought the least I could do was a review of this naughty little chocolate egg.


          The big purple box is instantly recognisable, but much nicer in real life than this piccy does it justice. With the Purple and white 'cadbury' logo, the box is covered in big purple and white swirls, which looks like a close up of the logo. Alongside this, is the trademark image of two glasses of milk being poured into a chocolate shape makes you crave the chocolate before you even get in the box.

          As if to tease, a section of the box is cut away and covered in plastic - showing the purple and white foil egg underneath. The box is quite large, which brings even more smiles come easter morning. Inside, you get a large hollow chocolate egg, and a large dairy milk bar with a combined weight of just under 420gms. Chocolate heaven.


          I know there are many different types of chocolate, but personally I love Dairy Milk. Not as creamy as a galaxy, but not as harsh as a dark chocolate, the Dairy Milk succeeds in being tasty without being excessively rich. The bar with this egg is the usual chunky chocolate, but the hollow egg is much slimmer, and a real treat. There are few things as satisfying in life as bodyslamming a chocolate egg and picking at the remains. :)

          One thing I can see being a downside for some is the lack of variety. With many types of eggs you get a chocolate egg, and a different treat - whether it just be chocolate in a different form. However, with the Dairy Milk you get 100% pure chocolate. Some could find this boring, for me - Perfect!

          The real downside, as with all chocolate, is the calorie content. 100g contains over 500cals, and a massive 30gms of fat. This is not just a sin of Dairy Milk, but all chocolate much to my endless disappointment! But every now and again, you have to treat yourself - especially at Easter when we're all in chocolate town. Personally, I don't think you can go far wrong with Dairy Milk. It's lovely chocolate and lots of it. The perfect formula.

          One final selling point for me with this egg is that Cadbury have recently pledged to going Fairtrade. By this time next year, we will be able to enjoy a fully Fairtrade egg, which for me makes the taste even sweeter.


          If you love your milk chocolate, you will love this egg. 100% chocolate heaven and loads of it. However, it's probably more of a treat for those a little older as you don't get a toy or a selection which most kids seem to really love. I've never seen this one not be a treat with the teens or adults though.

          Hope you all get lots of lovely chocolate eggs, and all have a fantastic and happy Easter.

          ....now does tesco open on Good Friday for a replacement!?


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            10.04.2009 13:06
            Very helpful



            a super egg

            I was a lucky bunny this week as Tesco were offering 2 x large Cadbury's Buttons Easter eggs on offer for £4.99 but when my order came they'd substituted them for 2 x Dairy Milk ones.

            I think these are extra value as the lovely cardboard box (much nicer than shown in the pic) contains not only a good sized egg but also a large block - 230g - of Dairy Milk Chocolate in it's traditional purple wrapping.

            I bought one each for my daughters & the total weight shown on the box is 426g which is a very good size!

            Although it's not strictly the proper day to eat Easter eggs I gave my eldest daughter (22) hers last night & she was generous enough to share some with me & we were NOT disappointed. We somehow managed to eat most of the egg but she's going to use the block to make up her favourite recipes next week (practical as always!)

            The box is lovely & the cut-out oval means that you can see exactly what the egg looks like wrapped in purple foil with the silver Cadbury's logo printed all over it. The thickish acetate which covers the egg itself acta as a good protective cover which should withstand any dropping etc.

            There's a competion which you can enter online (described on the box) & Cadbury's have written 'our story' - 'long ago in 1866 the Cadbury brothers were busy pioneering their drinking chocolate recipe...' - makes interesting reading whilst scoffing (sorry, savouring) the lovely chocolate.

            The chocolate is the famous fine quality, milky & creamy sort we've learned to expect from Cadbury's. The egg itself is traditional comprising 2 parts with some parts being thicker than others - truly yummy & moreish!

            All the ingredients are very claerly listed on the side of the box ~
            milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fat, emulsifiers (E442,E446), flavourings.

            It also states that it conatins milk, may contain soya, nuts & wheat.

            Now for the really bad news....

            per 100g contains the following ~
            calories - 525
            fat -29.8
            carbohydrates - 57.00g
            but there is 7.5g of protein (my excuse for eating so much!)

            Good job it's only Easter once a year & I'm not going to dwell on the negative nutritional side as a good egg is a real seasonal treat.

            - super value if you look around (maybe half price by the time you read this?!)
            - sensible but very attractive packaging.
            - great size egg plus generous bar of Dairy Milk chocolate.
            - creamy, gorgeous chocolate with lovely colour.
            - not bitter but very moreish.
            - recommended but ignore the nutritional values on the box - just enjoy - Happy Easter everyone!


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