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Cadbury Dairy Milk Melts

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Milk

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2008 04:00
      Very helpful



      A disappointment from Cadburys.

      Recently I was walking around my local Superdrug looking for some hand wash when I walked past their confectionary selection. Looking at me from a shelf below the standard chocolate bars from so many companies was a Lindt look-a-like blue card packaging with the famous "Cadbury" brand label. I just grabbed this bar of chocolate and chucked it into my shopping basket. I do that at times with no fault of my own as Dairy Milk and I go back to well before I was even five years old! And to a lesser extent, there are some things in life you just don't question, especially if it's chocolate and it has "Cadbury's" written on it.

      Back home, I took some time to look over my new find and was pleasantly surprised to realise that there are three variations of this recently launched bar from Cadbury's although it is not merely a bar but a rectangular cardboard carrier which boldly displays "Velvety Milk," in white lettering at the sides on a blue background. Break open the perforated seal at the back and inside you will find 10 mini bars, all individually wrapped in a beautiful dark laser soft feel blue foil. Each foil wrapper warns that each bar may contain traces of nut in white lettering but they look and feel quite special simply because each bar carries a picture of the main company label and the perforated feeling of the foil itself which hugs the chocolate tightly.

      So I begin to unwrap one of the little mini bars and after the foil has been bunched up into a tiny little flick-able ball, I am faced with a two tabbed rectangle which carries the familiar Cadbury's scroll. What I was initially surprised to find was the fact that each mini bar is shiny and gleaming which I think looks a bit strange.

      Cadbury goes as far to suggest that what the consumer has been asked to pay for here is a truffle filled chocolate bar using the same recipe from the famous Cadbury Dairy Milk stable. I've only been wishing for something like this for years from Cadbury's so I was expecting a lot here having to put up with ("oh, okay then") Guylian's Pralines from time to time; but after a couple of sea shells and squares (if you buy the single bar) I get quite sick feeling like I've had too much as opposed to just guzzling a couple of bits. And I know Cadbury's have their own Dairy Milk praline bar but I find it far too sickly after three or four bits.

      The familiar smell of delicious milk chocolate is here the moment you unravel one of the exquisite foil wrappers. Being two tabbed means you can break one single rectangle off and indulge.

However from my analysis, the innards look like soft truffle but the taste isn't rich, neither is it out of the ordinary. There isn't even a similar truffle taste that you'll get with Guylian let alone Galaxy's Truffle Egg and suddenly I'm pipped to the post trying to find some good things to say about this let alone the taste.

Another downside is just how chalky the whole experience can get if you just consume one bar as opposed to three in one go. Although I wouldn't advise putting the whole bar into your mouth (unless you have particularly wide jaws which can take the width of 8cm per bar) as soon as the chocolate starts to melt in my mouth it leaves a familiar chalky taste of Cadbury's Flake or Chocolate Buttons even though the backs of each bar isn't chalky to the touch.

      There is some "cool" feeling of the truffle centre but not too much to take you overboard.

Although Cadbury's rightly state that the product is a melt in the mouth experience it does detract from the feeling that Cadbury's here are trying to compete with premium chocolate companies such as Lindt and Guylian. If only the centre was just that little bit stronger in terms of properly sliding down your throat with total smoothness and no aftertaste. It can start to get chalky after a couple of rectangles although I don't feel as sick with this type of Cadbury's chocolate as opposed to thicker squares of block Dairy Milk and the Praline version which for me can only be a great advantage.

      Per 100g I paid £1-19 from Superdrug which I feel is slightly expensive for all that you get 8 mini individual bars which at best would be great for coffee/tea time for teachers or people with fast jobs, but to give it such wonderful wrapping and not enough content is unforgivable. 

      Apart from nuts, there are also warnings of wheat and peanuts which this product may contain traces of.
There are two other varieties available; Dark chocolate and a milk chocolate with nuts and of the two, I found the one with the nuts to be no better than Cadbury's venerable "Whole Nut," even though the nut pieces are a lot smaller and more palatable. If there is anything which this product is good at, it's the simple fact that the fingers can be broken up and split for the purposes of a little sweet for lunch boxes. But at the price I just don't think these are really suitable even as a stocking filler.

      As a premium chocolate however in my mind, it is no better than standard Dairy Milk milk chocolate with the only conceivable reason for purchase being the fact that the bars are individual and are covered with classy wrappings. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008.



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