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Cadbury Orange Snaps

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Orange

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    2 Reviews
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      31.01.2010 13:37
      Very helpful
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      Delish, Delish, Delish!!!

      I brought myself a box of these Cadbury Snaps the other day to eat while I was watching a film... the film was crap but the Snaps were delish!!!

      They are shaped like Pringles and come in a plastic tray that is held in a box like you can see above. The wrapper that comes round the tray is marked so that you open it up the right way or you'll end up dropping the chocolates all over the floor.

      The Snaps are very thin and that's wicked because it means they melt mega quick in my mouth and the flavour is gorgeous. They are as strong as the orange in a Chocolate Orange but because these are made by Cadburys the chocolate is loads nicer and creamier.

      I love all the Cadbury Snaps I've tried but I think these ones have just about got the edge because of the delish orange flavour. The orange doesn't take over from the taste of the sweet creamy chocolate but it's a lot stronger than I thought it would be. I love most orange chocolate but this one is even better than usual, I reckon it's because of the chocolates being so thin because the flavours are sort of concentrated into a smaller amount of space.

      I love letting the Snaps melt because I love the flavour that comes slowly out of the chocolate, but I also like chewing them because of the delish crunchy sugary texture of them. They're proper moorish and I can never stop once I've opened a box of Snaps, and these orange ones were no different..... I demolished the box in about 30 mins and then wished I had brought 2 boxes because I could have eaten more! lol

      There doesn't seem to be that many Snaps in a box but that's probably because they're so thin and I eat them so quick that they disappear quick! I reckon you get between 20 and 30 thin chocolates in each box and that's not bad now I think about it, actually I'm glad you don't get more because I reckon I'd end up making myself sick!

      The normal price for these is about £1.75 and I think that's a bit of a rip off for what they are, it's the box that makes them look bigger and if they were sold in bags no way would anyone pay that much for them. It's lucky that a lot of shops by me sell them for £1.00 or £1.15 because that's a much more reasonable price.



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        05.01.2010 17:15
        Very helpful



        See review.

        After finally getting through to my mother in law, that my daughter doesn't actually like the bags of jelly sweets that she brings up every weekend for my children she decided to bring the sweets that I will now review, for them to try....and boy were they a hit!

        The product I will now review is - "Cadburys snaps - orange".

        These particular sweets come in a vertical standing box, that for some reason, in my mind anyway, didn't actually hold very many sweets, I was pleased to be corrected!

        The box bears the obligatory Cadbury's purple colour with a stripe of orange down the side, for obvious reasons!
        There is all the relevant information that would find on the box, brand name (Cadbury), product name (Snaps), description and a picture of the product held within.

        To open the box there is a small perforated "thumb hole" that you press in and lift, this gives you a neat flap that can be pressed back in, though it would not make the box airtight enough to keep the sweets fresh, though in my house they never lasted that long!

        The inner layer is again foil wrapped for freshness, within which you will find the snaps held within a plastic tray, segmented into three "wells" that hold piles of Snaps.
        This I assume is to stop the Snaps from breaking before getting to eat them, and it does work, I have yet to find a broken one.

        The look of these chocolate treats is again reasonably different from the norm. The shape of each piece is oval and bent slightly upwards, very similar to a Pringles crisp, though unfortunately not quite as big!
        Through the chocolate on the top (the side with the sides bent upwards) has a very visible layer of crisped rice going through it, though even with thee being as thin as they are, the crispy layer is not visible through the base.

        The taste is of course delicious. The chocolate is as you would expect from Cadbury's, creamy and smooth, with there being a very distinct scent and taste of orange, though not over poweringly so.
        The crispy layer adds a little crunch and texture, though not the definite "Snap" that the name suggests, this does not however spoil any enjoyment you will get from eating these.

        In the box you will be faced with a good amount of Snaps, around 30 -40, though please feel free to correct me numbers wise, I would have counted but they were stolen and eaten so quickly once opened, I have had to make an educated guess!

        The nutritional information is as follows -
        Per curve,
        15 kcal,
        2.0g carbohydrate,
        1.7g of which sugars,
        0.9g fat,
        0.5g of which saturates.

        Allergy advice states that these may contain traces of nuts and wheat.

        For more information visit - www.cadbury.co.uk

        Price wise these will set you back around £1.40ish, though have seen them much cheaper.

        These are a lovely treat that myself and my kids have really enjoyed, the fact that these are stated as being "thin and light" is neither here 'nor there to me, as a confirmed chocoholic I could eat a box in a sitting anyway!

        Thanks for reading x


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