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Cadbury Praline Flake

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Brand: Cadbury's / Type: Praline

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2008 14:55
      Very helpful



      Unique crumbly flakey chocolate.

      'Only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate' I am sure that most of use can recall the wonderful flake adverts a few years back with good looking female laying in a bath eating a flake, but are flakes really the crumbliest flakiest chocolate, well we shall see.

      Now I don't have the traditional flake but a flake praline so flake has moved on and branched out at bit by the looks of things.

      Flake is made by those chocolate geniuses at Cadbury's and this time with the Flake Praline they have done themselves proud.

      The basic shape of the flake praline is the same as the traditional flake and upon opening I can see there is a only a slight difference, the bottom is completely flat and I think slightly wider than the traditional flake. The other main difference is that there is a lovely coating on the bottom and about two thirds the way up the sides of the flake which is chocolate and hazelnuts, which I assume give it the 'praline' flavour.

      The top of the flake where there is no coating you can see the traditional flake ripples which are unique to this product and no two bars will be identical due to this ripple effect. Biting into my flake I can now see that the praline coating is of a reasonable thickness, not too chunky nor wafer thins with small bits of hazelnuts visible. The rest of the interior of the product is exactly like a normal flake.

      The all important taste, gorgeous Cadbury's chocolate with a hint of hazelnut which crumbles initially and then starts to melt in your mouth; however, I am not convinced about the praline flavour as this is not strong enough for me to get excited about. I normally absolutely adore any chocolate with praline in it and love Nutella due to the intense hazelnut flavour but here I find it sadly lacking in hazelnutiness (OK its not a real word but it works). Don't get me wrong this does not detract from the whole chocolate experience as this is Cadbury's chocolate and as such the actual chocolate is of the standard you would expect and most definitely identifiable as Cadbury's.

      Personally what I was expecting was a flake type product with a centre of soft praline, maybe with an outer coating of chocolate to keep it all together or even a layer of soft praline somewhere you have made this more attractive to me. I was disappointed with the only attempt at adding the praline flavour was made with the outer coating of chocolate with a few chopped hazelnuts which I have now got stuck in my teeth and will be heading for the dental floss in a minute.

      Overall an average product not really worth 45p in my local shop but it does have that crumbly, flakiness to it and does leave a mess behind even if you eat it carefully, I still managed to miss the wrapper that I had opened out with some of the crumbly bits.

      Now this is by no means a healthy treat with 205 calories per bar, 19g of sugar and 12.58g of fat these do eat into your guideline daily amounts in a big way, especially the sugar as 21.1% and the saturates at 33.6% - aaargh lettuce for the rest of the day I think. Full information can actually be found on the wrapper which give the amounts and percentage of you recommended daily amounts for you so you don't have to work out how bad you have been and I do find this useful though maybe I should read the wrapper 1st next time.

      The wrapper is of the foil kind and not recyclable which is a negative for me as we try to recycle as much as possible in our house/

      Not sure whether I will buy this again as there are other chocolate treats available that contain less calories etc that I like so we will have to see.


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